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our phonograph in American pickers show

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Thanks for making it available. The information about the phonograph was certainly interesting. But,I also thought Tatoo Lady's comment about being raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses was interesting too. She was so casual about it!

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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WOW! Interesting. 


A long time ago, 10-20 years ago, I saw the larger record player at a flea market, but didn't buy it. Later I saw a smaller version (Not the same version)  too. Both were at $20.00 each.


I didn't buy that one either. I didn't need to have something else to store away in my small house. 


So that kind of stuff will appear in yard sales or flea markets so keep your eyes open.

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The local Assembly Hall uses old WT memorabilia to decorate the classroom. Check with your assembly hall caretaker and find out if they are interested in any old WT stuff you find at yard sales.

CAUTION: The comments above may contain personal opinion, speculation, inaccurate information, sarcasm, wit, satire or humor, let the reader use discernment...:D


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A number of years ago a sister of the anointed gave me her old phonograph that she had used in service so many

years ago. It is still one of my prized possesions. She also  gave me a number of Brother Rutherford's old record's.

Its very interesting to listen to that today and think that this is the way we once preached.

   I was also interested in the comments of "Danny D " that she was raised a witness. I wonder what she thinks about

it now. At least that old record player served to give her a witness of the innovation the brothers were capable back then

and the modern worth of what they made. But mine is worth more to me than a mere $350.00. As far as I'm concerned,

it is priceless..



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,I also thought Tatoo Lady's comment about being raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses was interesting too. She was so casual about it!


I think she was casual about it since she didn't want her personal drama to color the show. For a time she was very outspoken about her childhood as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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Many years ago we had a Brother in the Congregation that had done phonograph witnessing, still had his player and the records - he used them in some demo's - he also had many handbags from Conventions dating way back and every tract that had been printed up to that time.


When he died, his family, non-Witnesses, refused to give any of his Theocratic library or memorabilia to the Congregation - they destroyed it all.

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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  That is so sad and cruel of them. At the very least the could have sold it and made some money for themselves. Then

it would have still been available for other witnesses to enjoy. But that is probably the very thing they wanted to prevent.

I an so grateful for the sister that saw fit to give me hers. I consider it a great honor. and personally I would not sell it

at any price. It will always remind me of her and all the hard work she did in preaching the Kingdom ( note: her work lead

to the establishment of the Lebanon, Ohio congregation, the3 congregation in which I grew up in.

  Steven - you seem to know a bit more about Danny D's background. since I watch pickers on a fairly regular basis, I'd

appreciate what you feel you could share. did dish just have a bad experience being raised as a witness ? Or did she just

rebel against the whole "religion thing" and all of it's restrictions ? All of her tattoos now speak volumes !



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I will answer my own question regarding "Danny D" of American Pickers and her witness background. In an interview

about her witness upbringing, she said she was raised in a very loving family, albeit very "strict". It is this that she ob-

viously rebelled against. Her name " Danny D" that Mike Wolfe refers to her in the show is not her real name. Her married

name is Danielle Cushman. But the "Danny D is her stage name for her burlesque act. She is also the founder of a

burlesque group". So  when Mike Wolfe refers to her as "Danny D" on the show now, that gives that name a whole dif-

ferent perspective. Something to think about for all you Picker fans out there.



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Note: The show itself is G rated. But I read the reason Mike Wolfe picked her to be his in house rep for his antique

shop. And he wanted someone who had a bit of controversy surrounding her, not just another typicle antique shop

keeper. So that is the reason he asked her to be on the show. Thus his calling her "Danny D" is his sort of inside

joke about her real reputation. He of course is no doubt aware of her witness background. So it appears he chose her

for the show due to her "bad girl" image to bring some notoriety to the show, And at the same time be a ratings plug.

Now knowing that I think for some of us at least, it may cause us to view the show in adifferent light. Each has his or

her own conscience to answer to before Jehovah.



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We get American Pickers show over here in UK and enjoy watching it. Danielle is not a big part of the show, she just sits at their base on the end of the phone. She apparently sells their stuff from their base HQ, but is rarely shown doing this either. It's mostly filming the 2 guys travelling about in their van, joking with each other; visiting interesting or eccentric American Folks who have interesting collections or have hoarded stuff passed down to them from previous generations.The 2 guys offer to buy the stuff and the audience gets educated about the history and value of the stuff they find. . If they start featuring the weird Danielle any more than they do, we will be recording it to fast forward her off. They never discuss her burlesque on the show. I only know of it from a brief mention in an on-line feature about the program on the History Channel or on our Dave channel here.


We find that the American Antique market is more based on bright cheerful collectables or memorabilia compared to what sells as antiques in UK.


We have a similar show here on Quest Channel in the UK featuring a guy called Drew Pritchard and his white van side-sick Tee. They trade from a warehouse base in pretty town under a lovely old castle called Conway in  North Wales run by Drew's wife Rebecca and staff of furniture restorers. UK has the advantage of having a lot of grand centuries old houses/castles. These 2 guys get to rummage about in the castle cellars/attics/out-buildings/stables for different historical artifacts to American Pickers. Again the audience is educated as to the history and value of the finds they discover. They also get to see in some grand old houses and meet the Lords and Earls who live there and discuss how their families acquired the treasures in their houses that are often open to the public now to visit. They also travel to Europe to visit castles and old farmhouses there too.That show is called Salvage Hunters. Drew and his wife have been to our shop in the Cumbrian Lake District and we have seen them at Collector's Toy Fairs where we have a stand/stall.



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