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The Movie - "Risen"

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Hi Everyone,


I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything positive or negative about this new movie?

Just for me personally, I don't normally see movies about Jesus or the Bible due to much inaccuracy, however

this movie appears to be more about a fictional story of what could have happened back

during the time of Jesus, not about Jesus, but about some unbelievers. So it sounds interesting but unsure.

A family member wanted to go see this with me, but I have hesitations. 

I appreciate any input, thanks! :)

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I've yet to do it Brother Neil. But aside from the obvious 'cross' he's executed on the trailers seem to approach it from a unique /interesting perspective. 


I'm still in awe of seeing the crystal clear 720p Jesus drama on YouTube from another topic. Even though I recorded it with fuzzy lines on my camcorder. 


Plus I'm not in a big rush to see it. My wife said she'd like to see it soon. I'll definitely research it before then. 

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8 hours ago, AH173 said:

I've yet to do it Brother Neil. But aside from the obvious 'cross' he's executed on the trailers seem to approach it from a unique /interesting perspective.


I personally thought even the cross he's executed on also is "unique" in its own way, since they use the T-shaped cross and not the catholic cross (crux immissa). So it does seem like they intended it to be told from a more down-to-earth and less doctrine-based approach. I don't think we should ever expect Hollywood to ever depict Jesus Christ nailed onto a beam of wood.


I have a feeling this is going to be one of the better movie adaptations of a biblical story, though, of course, it will be full of fiction - which you need to add to tell a story based on such little source material as the resurrection of Christ from the perspective of Roman soldiers responsible for guarding his tomb - but I'm okay with that as long as it doesn't contradict scripture or come from any gnostic pseudoepigraphia. 


I also really like the perspective of this film, because I was always fascinated about how quick "The Way" spread to Rome and within Rome.. and I always thought it must also have something to do with the many Romans on duty in Judah in those days, that went home and later heard the full message from Paul. There were thousands of Christians in Rome around 60 AD according to historians, it developed so rapidly that Nero was scared it would shift the balance of power, and yet, Rome is like 3.000 miles away from Jerusalem!!


I really have high hopes for this one!

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2 hours ago, Adelin said:

it will be in April at the local cinema ... maybe I'll go

last time I was at Noah (last year) - not that good :mellow: ... hope this one will be better :)

Noah not good? LOL that's an understatement, bro :D


Noah was sooooooooooooo bad (I didn't watch it but read a synopsis)


EXODUS was pretty bad but still much better than NOAH


But some films are.... I would say "bareable"


Which reminds me, I wanted to check out if that "Esther - one night with the King" is worth watching. It's got Peter Sellars in it

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well I watched this in the theaters yesterday.


I have to say, compared to Exodus or Noah, this one can clearly be labelled "okay"




There is some questionable or false content:

- Jesus is impaled on a Tau-cross (T-shaped cross)

- Mary-Magdalene is hinted at having been a prostitute

- I'm sure at some point it is implied Yehshuah is Yahweh.... later on, though, he is called "Son of God" and that God gave him a body like ours, which is why he eats

- The 11 apostles count Clavius as their "brother" later on when in fact, they did not know gentiles would make up part of the new covenenant at this point

- Clavius is around during the last appearences of Jesus


If you can accept the fact that this movie is pretty much 80% fiction, then you will like this movie. I found the biblical references to be quite accurate (except for the above) all through the film. Sadly, it starts out VERY promising but instead of becoming a movie about a man finding faith, it makes the mistake of becoming reminiscent of a young boy's fantasy about travelling back in time to become a Roman soldier and get to meet Jesus and boy oh boy! to be there when he ascends to heaven. Sort of like... what if a Roman dude had been there all  along, wouldn't that have been cool? Ironically, Jesus says to Clavius at the end "If you doubt although you have seen, how much more will those doubt that did not see?".... I would have preferred the movie if Clavius "faith" had developed based on eye-witness accounts only and a very, very short sighting of Jesus that could just as easily have been a mistaken identity. The bible says that at the sea of Galilee, only the 12 apostles witnessed Jesus ascension. They could have given Clavius that final meeting with Jesus when he appeared to 500 brothers at once.... until then, Clavius could have met a lot of resistance by Pilate and other Roman superiors... given up his career as a tribune despite ample pressure to consider his career possibilities in Rome. They botched a very good opportunity for a great story-line with this film by creating an alternate timeline type of feeling...


On a more positive note, the characters are interestingly portrayed. Pilate and Caiaphas are very entertaining and authentic. The scenery, the costumes and the setting are breathtaking. The apostles and Jesus were portrayed in a very positive light, and yet it all seemed a little bit like they were a revolutionary band of love-bombers that surf in their free-time. "Ya know, dude, it's just like.. the Way changes you! Ya don't wanna live by the sword, but by love... know what I'm sayin'?"


It was definitely okay to see, but due to the fact that they took the plot too far into the realm of fiction in the second half, the movie remains mediocre. I'm giving it an extra point for not being utter garbage like Noah or Exodus.


Final verdict: 7/10  - enjoyable




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12 apostles witnessed the ascension? okay...
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  • 1 month later...

Finally seen it. I'm impressed very much here are my notes in seeing it today. 



He (the Tribune) meets the man of the house or an innkeeper in the desert of Judea and tells him this story.


I like how they frequently use Yahweh, the Romans and Jews.


The great earthquake that brought damage on Jerusalem.


He said it's finished (accomplished), before the earthquake.


Joseph of arimethea is with Nicodemus to take Jesus body.


The Tribune says Yahweh deranges his followers while bathing with Pilate.


Caiphas and group don't have scripture cases on their heads and arms.


It's a large stone that is used on Jesus tomb. And is sealed.


Caiphas has the ephod for the high priest - 12 stones.


Calls Jesus - Yashua


The strings that help move the large stone seems to have burst apart.


Yashua’s followers seem crazed. This Bartholomew (Nathaniel) seems like he's on something.


When Tribune finds the apostles and sees Yashua with them, it is clearly seen that he's not of European descent (not white).


Thomas comes in while Tribune is stunned, drops his sword.


They see Jesus (Yashua’s)  proof of nails and stability of sword in his side.


He vanishes in among them. Tribute is still stunned.


Pilate comes to same dwellings where there were at. And he leaves a note of not to follow him.


Pilate says he will kill him again.


They flee the Romans to capture the 11 apostles and goes to sea of gallee.


They are hungry and go fishing. They are all on boat including Tribune. They catch nothing on a few attempts.


Morning comes,  a figure in a robe walks comes on the beach and says any luck? Try the right side again. They get a large catch in the net. The Tribune sees the miracle catch of fish.


A man steals some food who is disfigured by leprosy and he walks away then turns around and is healed. The Tribune witness this miracle.


They walk to a cliff while birds are there. Jesus takes Peter aside and has the discussion of do you love me 3 times.


Jesus hugs Peter by the ridge of crag. Then goes to night scene. Tribute awakens and see Jesus up staring in to sky and goes to talk to him.


Jesus discusses wirh him what does he want and he restated what he told Pilate of wanting peace and there be no death.


Morning comes,  Jesus goes away and restated acts 1:8 and while facing rising sun he vanishes and a rushing wind comes across them.


They disembark on the beach and still the Tribune doesn't know what to do.


He says he is a believer. To the man of the house possibly an innkeeper


For an account of fiction I like this movie very much. It's not a whole lot accurate in many details but it's a nice movie /story.


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indeed, beyond my expectations :D

I liked it when the main character prayed to Yahweh using His name. The use of Jesus's name in the form Yashua. Seemed to me like an amplification and continuation of this verse:

<< when the army officer who was standing by with him in view saw that he had expired under these circumstances, he said: “Certainly this man was God’s Son.” >>

We cannot know for sure, but we can justly suppose this officer was really interested in the idea of Jesus'resurrection. Just like 'Walk by faith' movie extrapolates the idea of the Christians' flight.

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I have notice the in the past. We can't be absolutely sure, stake or cross, but that doesn't nullify that venerating the cross or the stake is wrong.

Logically it makes as much sense as admirers of John F. Kennedy wearing  a little gold 6.5 Mannlicker-Garcano on a chain around their necks and kissing it when they visit Dealey Plaza. :ecstatic:



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41 minutes ago, Pjdriver said:

Speaking of inaccuracies and the cross in these movies, has anyone noticed that in the Bible Questions section on JW.org the FS does not commit 100% to Jesus Not being executed on a cross. Almost but not quite.


The classic Catholic cross known as the crux immissa is pretty much certainly not the object of Christ's execution, since it  wasn't used in the region in those days as most historians agree. The crux commissa on the other hand can not be fully ruled out but as mentioned above, the object of Christ's execution doesn't matter to the slightest degree because the use of it as an identifying mark is mixed with pagan origins. The true mark of identifying Christians is that they have love among each other. The point in the article reminding Christians to "flee from idolatry" also hits home in this regard.

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Did Jesus die on a cross?

The Bible’s answer

"Many view the cross as the most common symbol of Christianity. However, the Bible does not describe the instrument of Jesus’ death, so no one can know its shape with absolute certainty." 

Making any object an idol is another matter. I was replying to the comment about inaccuracies in movies....such as the depiction  of the cross.

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6 hours ago, Pjdriver said:


Did Jesus die on a cross?

The Bible’s answer

"Many view the cross as the most common symbol of Christianity. However, the Bible does not describe the instrument of Jesus’ death, so no one can know its shape with absolute certainty." 

Making any object an idol is another matter. I was replying to the comment about inaccuracies in movies....such as the depiction  of the cross.

That's why I wrote "questionable" or false content. I am not adamant about the instrument used in the murder of our King being a stake but I know some here may be that's why I wrote questionable.


Back to topic. I liked the fact they used the Tau cross in this movie a lot.

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Watched it yesterday. I enjoyed it much. Allowing for a little artistic license I had almost no problem with it. My main objection was everything took place in a desert. Galilee one the bread baskets of the area desert? As a work of fiction it was well done. 

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