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1 Pet 3:3, 4 says " Do not let your adornment be external—the braiding of hair and the wearing of gold ornaments or fine clothing  but let it be the secret person of the heart in the incorruptible adornment of the quiet and mild spirit, which is of great value in the eyes of God ".


As Christians, we try our best to model ourselves on what Jesus and Jehovah want us to be.  We want to be spiritual people, no matter what our physical attributes are.  But as regards adornment, in this case makeup, there is a wide spectrum of personal choice for whether we choose to wear it and how much.  Thankfully we practise our soundness of mind and are constantly re-examining how we are going in putting on the spiritual personality and all that that entails.  In a recent news article, worldly ladies are finally realising the investment in beauty pays very little dividends.  However, women are caught between a rock and a hard place compared to men when it comes to being taken seriously in this system - especially in the workforce, politics etc.


For instance, Hilary Clinton snapped without makeup was reported on Fox news, accusing her of "forgetting" her makeup and looking "tired and withdrawn". " studies into what employers think of employees wearing makeup have found women who wear makeup are treated more favourably and even earn more than women who don't. " - http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-21/studies-show-that-men-like-women-who-wear-less-makeup/7262952



Alicia Keys speaks of the liberation of having been set free of the constraints of wearing makeup to keep up her beauty. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-23/in-praise-of-the-make-under/7489372


And on the other spectrum, other women argue that women should wear makeup for whatever reason they want to - and go to disgusting extremes to make that point.


Sometimes, I have to admit, I feel the pressure to also wear more makeup than I feel comfortable wearing.  This was so especially when I was younger, but at work it is hard to look under-groomed than the rest of the team.  And at our meetings and at conventions/assemblies it is obvious too that many sisters struggle with the balance.

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I  understand what your saying. ..


9 times out of 10 I don't wear any and those times that I do then I wear hardly any. .that's more to do with the culture here,  you would very rarely see women heavily made up. ..mostly it would be teenagers wearing it. 

You can't walk with God while holding hands with the Devil.

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This is an interesting article, thanks for posting. 

 I personally like a little make up on areas because of ageing begin to disappear or plane change appearance. However, I sweat from my head and neck so much that any makeup would come off due to it and therefore I most times don't wear it.

Oh how I look forward to the time when we are perfect and will not be needing it. 

Edited by loving life

To erase.

Proverbs 27:11- Be wise, my son, and make my heart rejoice, So that I can make a reply to him that taunts me.

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My wife hardly ever wears any makeup. She never has. Not even lipstick. We have four daughters and only one of them ever wore makeup to any extent ... and, now that she is a mother herself, she wears much less than she used to - just doesn't have the time.

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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I love makeup. I don't feel properly groomed without it and it quietly amazes me to see women in public without it- they don't look "finished" to me.  I was stunned to see professional women here in the Northwest-  they looked like they were at a grocery store on a weekend rather than on their high-powered jobs.  To me, it's like going out without combing their hair. 


I'm not referring to heavy makeup more suitable for a stage production or extravagant changes of appearance. But to enhance eyes, even up skin tone, brighten the face...? It takes me seven minutes from bare face to putting on what I wear every day. 


It's all just preference and taste. I don't think any woman looks her best without some makeup, but if they're happy with their own appearance, that's all that matters. :)

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Friday I assisted several brothers  servicing the large HVAC units at the Assembly Hall, one of the brothers (a retired HVAC repairman) needed to look behind some wiring so he pulls a makeup compact out of his tool box to use the mirror. We all recognized it and didn't say anything however a young sister in our group teased him about it the rest of the day  :lol1: 

CAUTION: The comments above may contain personal opinion, speculation, inaccurate information, sarcasm, wit, satire or humor, let the reader use discernment...:D


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In our congregation, we have a sister who´s older than 90 (!) and always wears exaggeratedly much Makeup :lips: - honestly, it doesn´t look good, it just doesn´t look natural... However, some months ago, she had a surgical intervention and had to spend some days in hospital. I went to visit her, looked into the room she was supposed to be in, and almost had gone away, because I didn´t recognized her without Makeup !!! :o

Chrissy :wave:

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