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Post your "Chistmas is Pagan" News Story

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It is interesting when we see news articles that point out things we have known all along.  Post a news article with one you found in thre local news in your area concerning Christmas.  Official news articles only please.


Here is one to get started.


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On ‎12‎/‎23‎/‎2016 at 11:42 AM, futurepromise said:

When we lived in Fryeburg, Maine, the (first in the nation?) Agricultural FAir was held annually  last week of Sept/first week in Oct. My kids were much more tech savvy than I, so I hand drew a pie chart. Title it: Who was born during Fryeburg Fair Week?  Used the info on the HOuse of Abijah (as in this article) and counted forward and back to

reckon the months of  John's and Jesus' birth.  So the refined question became: "Who was born during what would become Fryeburg Fair Week?" and the answer was "Jesus."


I had a conversation last month with my second son, who is again interested in the Bible. :) I asked him the Fryeburg Fair question, and, yes, he remembered it was Jesus.


The lady in the you tube speaks of Jesus being born in the spring, but that was JOhn the Baptizer. Jesus was born six months later in the fall and suffered that sacrificial death in the spring.


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1 hour ago, Old said:

Here is one:


They get the time of Jesu birth wrong but they do make some interesting points.

The conclusion is compelling, especially the last sentence that Christ was NOT born on Christmas DAy. It reminds me of the History Channel coverage of "Who discovered America?" Since Christopher Columbus never set foot on the contiguous ground that would later become referred to as ' North America,' and there is convincing evidence that many others were on that spec of land prior to the 1400s, the documentary summarized it something like this: "Who discovered America? Who didn't?"


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Jim Gaffigan:
"The Christmas tree...where did that tradition come from? It sounds like the behavior of a drunk man. I can picture it now: 'honey, why is there a...pine tree in our living room?' 'I like it...tomorrow...we're gonna...we're gonna decorate it...for Jesus...'"

Also by Gaffigan: "We take the tree and bring it indoors. Then we take the lights and bring them outdoors, fah Jesus."


He might have the right idea re: drunk driving during the "Holidays" http://www.telegram.com/assets/static/massmoms/newyear2010/new-year/article0009.html

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Just a bit too academic for me: http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2016/12/20/4594934.htm


The Son and the Sun: How Christmas became a Christian Feast

"The Gospels themselves leave conundrums about the year of Jesus's birth, and offer nothing of significance concerning when in that year it took place. Neither can we find any evidence for the date of Jesus's appearance for more than a century after most of the New Testament writings were composed. "

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