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Use of backup in JW Library

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I'm struggling with the tags, and the backup restore.  Is there an easy way to explain this?  Can we maybe start a thread specifically for how-to features for the app?  I've looked at the brother's explanation on the video.  It helps somewhat.  But my problem is that this week's comments for the MWM (our CLAM) has over-written last week's comments.  I use the JW windows library app, and wanted to send this week's personal study notes to my ipad for the meeting.  I backed it up and sent it to myself via email, then forgot the ipad wants to restore from the icloud, so had to send it via icloud and then restore.


Yes, it does say it will over-write the personal notes.  How, then does one keep all the cumulative personal study notes when wanting to transfer from one device to another?  I feel like I'm missing something here.....


(and apologies if this has been already discussed in this overwhelmingly looooong thread.  Can't sift through it easily to find a solution, so sorry if this is a repeated request for help).  Thanks for any help :)

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As a result of losing last week's MWM (Mid Week Meeting) notes due to the back up this week, I went back to check the past weekend's WT.  All my hightlighting, notes and tags are gone.  This is interesting, because it seems to have wiped out the highlighting as well as my notes, something that I wasn't aware was also being backed up.  I'm at a bit of a loss.....


Edit: actually 2 week's worth of highlighting and notes are gone, but the week where we studied "Give Honor to whom it is due" is still there.....

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Lucy, if you make a backup of device A and restore it on device B, it will delete all notes in B and replace them with those of A. At the moment there is no way to combine the notes of both devices.


So there are two ways you can approach this:


1.- Use only one device to make notes, then restore them on the other.


2.- Everytime you add any notes in any of the two devices, do a backup and restore to the other.

For example: You now have the same content in both your Pc and iPad. Let's say you add some notes in your iPad during the meeting. When you arrive home, copy those notes to the PC. Then Friday, when you prepare your Sunday meeting on your PC, backup and restore to your iPad, and so on.

This is a more laborious approach but it will allow you to have the same notes in both devices without losing any.

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Good thread - I also wondered about the backup feature. I prefer using paper when studying publications however I like using the app for marking scriptures and adding comments in the NWT. Now I noticed that I have to choose which translation I use - I accidentally started doing it in the reference bible and had to manually move everything to the revised NWT. That made me realise that I probably have to do the same when the study bible is being released on the app? Am I right? I was thinking whether it would make sense to gather all these notes now when I can't move them to another translation later.  Also, I might not always have an iPad. Wonder if I can move the notes to Android at one point... 

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