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Sunday, January 1

The things you heard from me . . . entrust to faithful men, who, in turn, will be adequately qualified to teach others.—2 Tim. 2:2.

Circuit overseers around the world have noted that in many congregations, more needs to be done to train brothers—younger and older—to help care for the flock. This presents a challenge. Why is that the case? If you are a Christian elder, you no doubt realize that personal training is important. You know that more brothers are needed to keep existing congregations spiritually strong and to allow new congregations to be formed. (Isa. 60:22) You also know that God’s Word urges you to “teach others.” Even so, you may find it hard to do so. After you have taken care of family needs, job requirements, congregation responsibilities, and other urgent matters, there just seems to be no time left to train others in the congregation. Yet, training is needed in order for them to share the workload. And as that is accomplished, everyone will benefit. w15 4/15 1:2, 3

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Monday, January 2

Timothy . . . is my beloved and faithful child in the Lord. He will remind you of my methods.—1 Cor. 4:17.

A newly appointed brother should not feel that as soon as he receives some responsibility in the congregation, he needs to use it to change course—to do things in a way that is completely different from the way they were done before. The need for change is determined, not by one’s desire for change, but by the needs of the congregation and the direction we receive from Jehovah’s organization. So if you are appointed, reassure your fellow believers and show respect for experienced elders by continuing to use their Bible-based methods. However, as you gain experience, you will no doubt share in applying changes that will help the congregation to stay in tune with Jehovah’s progressive organization. In fact, Jehovah may in time move all you faithful learners to do even greater works than those of your teachers.—John 14:12. w15 4/15 2:17

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Today's text is a continuation from yesterday. Timothy responded to the training he received from Paul and he became qualified in carrying out his assignments. This is likely because Paul worked with Timothy in the ministry and advised him of areas he could improve in. Timothy no doubt asked for suggestions while in the ministry. It's not solely the elders responsibility. Brothers reaching out should also take advantage of every opportunity to increase their ability, knowledge, and experience.

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Calls to mind the video of a young man who appeared in one of the organisation videos recently. Upon receiving a new assignment of assisting the field overseer, saw it fit to programme the territory maps, and to disregard the traditional way that was used. He did all that without consulting the elder involved......

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Tuesday, January 3

I will give you insight and instruct you in the way you should go. I will give you advice with my eye upon you.—Ps. 32:8.

When under severe hardship, you may feel as did Paul—that you are in or at least very near “the lion’s mouth.” (2 Tim. 4:17) These are times when trust in Jehovah is most challenging—and most essential. For example, suppose you are nursing a dear family member through a chronic illness. Perhaps you have prayed for wisdom and strength. Having done all you can in this regard, do you not find a measure of peace in knowing that Jehovah has his eye upon you and will provide what you need to endure faithfully? Circumstances might make it seem otherwise. You might receive conflicting opinions from doctors. Or relatives who you had hoped would provide comfort might instead seem to make the situation more difficult for you. Keep looking to Jehovah for strength. Keep drawing close to him. (1 Sam. 30:3, 6) When relief comes, your relationship with him will be stronger. w15 4/15 4:10, 11

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True words of encouragement and comfort we find from today's text.....When we find ourselves in similar situations, it may seem that the whole world is caving in...and we sinking deeper and deeper into oblivion....How reassuring it is then to know that Jehovah's eyes are upon us ( Psalms 32:8) to strengthen us to endure faithfully....

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Wednesday, January 4

Take your stand against [Satan].1 Pet. 5:9.

As servants of Jehovah, we are not among those who are misled into thinking that Satan does not exist. We know that the Devil is real, for it was Satan who spoke to Eve through a serpent. (Gen. 3:1-5) Satan taunted Jehovah regarding Job. (Job 1:9-12) It was Satan who tried to tempt Jesus. (Matt. 4:1-10) And after the birth of God’s Kingdom in 1914, it was Satan who began “to wage war” with the remnant of anointed ones. (Rev. 12:17) That war still rages as Satan seeks to destroy the faith of the remnant of the 144,000 and the other sheep. To win the battle, we must take our stand against Satan and remain firm in the faith. Satan is anything but humble. In fact, for a spirit creature to have the audacity to challenge Jehovah’s sovereignty and set himself up as a rival god is the epitome of pride and presumptuousness. Therefore, one way that we can take a stand against Satan is by shunning pride and cultivating humility.—1 Pet. 5:5. w15 5/15 2:3, 4

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Friday, January 6

The director of the feast tasted the water that had now been turned into wine.—John 2:9.

Jesus miraculously provided a large amount of fine wine, enough for a sizable group. (John 2:6-11) It is of interest that when the Devil tempted Jesus to turn stones into loaves of bread, Christ refused to use his miraculous power to satisfy his personal desires. (Matt. 4:2-4) But he did use his power to respond to and satisfy the needs of others. How can we imitate Jesus’ unselfish concern for others? He encouraged God’s servants to “practice giving.” (Luke 6:38) Can we show the noble quality of generosity by inviting others to our home to share a meal and a spiritual feast? Can we be generous with our time after a meeting, aiding someone in need, such as by listening to a brother practice his talk? What help might we be able to offer to those needing assistance in the ministry? We show that we have learned from Jesus by generously providing material and spiritual things to others as we are able. w15 6/15 1:3, 4, 6

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