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Proposal to split California into three states earns spot on November ballot

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Voters in the massive state of California, touted as having an economy larger than most countries, could decide whether to support a plan calling for the Golden State to be split into three.


An initiative that would direct the governor to seek congressional approval to divide California into three states has enough valid signatures to be eligible for the Nov. 6 ballot, the secretary of state’s office said Tuesday.

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Nothing to do with it having the highest debt for any State?


Sounds more like a debt refinancing solution to me.  Make the banks smaller, make the states smaller.


Allocate bad debt into bad banks and good debt to good banks.

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I really doubt it will succeed.  Congress does not like to upset the apple cart of status quo. 


Going from 50 to 52 states would add 4 senators.  It may also affect the number of representatives. 


Guam and Puerto Rico are still colonies, Um, territories despite having statehood discussed for years. 

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58 minutes ago, Old said:

Would Monterrey still be in northern California? We had a little resentment for that living in Humboldt County. 

Oh yes, we know where Northern California is. And, for the life of me, when they come up with some of the cities, calling them Northern California. I don’t know. San Francisco in Northern California? I’m just sure. With all going on, this is sort of entertaining. 

Although my husband, (who watches and pays a lot mor attention then I do keeps saying some Russian individual is,behind it. Who knows? 


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3 minutes ago, Qapla said:

Hmmmmm .....


That would make Florida larger and/or longer than California - are they really willing to allow/admit that?

You don’t know how goofy things can get. They’ve been jumping up and down for, “Jefferson State”. I just know such exists, no details. Lots of injustice. A brother does lock smith work, (and not a lot of it) This year, that privilege, for this community will cost him $500.Fiscally it is not worth it for him.

Timber harvest plans. I’ve heard in Oregon they cost $80, vs, the $800 or more it costs here. 

We tend to escape some of the excessses because of living on a reservation, the state can’t tax us. But the county and federal government sue can! 

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30 minutes ago, Miss Bea said:

They’ve been jumping up and down for, “Jefferson State”. I just know such exists, no details

I don't have any details either but there are 'Jefferson' signs everywhere you go these days...I live in Placer County,  Nevada County is just North of us. I think we would be included into Jefferson if it ever happened. 


Idaho is looking better and better....

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