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Apple or Google/Android world...?

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I currently am an Apple user (iPhone and iPad).  My iPad is about 6 yrs old and getting slower and battery life is approx. half of what it was and is dying a slow death.  The majority of apps I use are non-Apple: Google Drive, MS One Drive, Outlook, Gmail, MS Notes, Google photos, etc.


I ventured into Android back in 2011 with the Galaxy S2 – was ok but so many issues: unread email count not working, Samsung bloatware, etc.


Currently I have been thinking of making the jump away from Apple completely and siding back with Google/Android.  Of course, the main concern is security since Apple seems to be more harder for hackers or virus to break than Android/Google.  Also, the cost of Apple is just insane & I cannot justify the prices they charge.  I also enjoy the flexibilty the Android world offers.


Any Google/Android users here that can relate their experience with the platform?  Have things improved for the better since the days of my Galaxy S2?  Anyone make the jump from Apple?

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I have used Android,  IPad and Windows tablet for many years (still do). My personal advice is based on Pro/Con choices. 

Price. Android costs less.

Adaptability. Android has Sd card slot, USB port, etc.

Battery. About the same usage. Some Android batteries are replaceable. 

Customization. Android allows custom icons, placement, file grouping, etc.

Speed. iPad is faster. Not a whole lot faster but it is noticeable.


For me, I use the Ipad’s Screen color inversion feature a lot. Many newer Android units can also invert colors (even Windows).

My phone is Android. My meeting tablet is IPad. My backup unit is Windows 10.


It really is more about personal choice, familiarity and comfort in using one OS over another.


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To me it a bit like Ford or GM or VW etc. They seems to get you from A to B, some turn the indicators on the left side of the steering wheel, some on the right. Any good features or ideas seem to pop up on every device, even though they claim (even sue) they do not copy...

The S2 is an oldie. The S4 Tab with stylus, keyboard and Dex attachment is a far cry from the S2 tablet. The apple suite connects easier with other apple devices, so if you have a Mac stay with iPad.

Pricewise, Android can give you more options, but not all options are worthwhile. Having a SD card slot is good, Dex is fancy, but may not be worth it...

These 2 platforms (Google Android and Apple ios) are the top 2 to pick from...



{still waiting for the 'Wiser'}





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9 hours ago, Cheeks said:

Of course, the main concern is security since Apple seems to be more harder for hackers or virus to break than Android/Google


I find it amazing that Apple seems to be able to convince people that ANY OS but theirs is "vulnerable" and that Apple is "hack proof" :nope:


I have used Android for several years now and my daughters have been using them even longer and NONE OF US HAS EVER BEEN HACKED! :bouncing:


Actually, at many of the Electronic Conventions/Shows they hold competitions to see who can "hack/break/invade/infect" (whatever word you want to use) the fastest. The hackers are able to hack ALL the operating systems - Apple, Windows, Android, Unix, Linux .... you name it, they can get into it :eek: 


The best way to have good security on any device is to not D/L questionable apps or visit questionable sites :yes: 

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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My friends who use android encounter issues I’ve never seen on iOS, such as unwanted ads popping up. And their apps aren’t sandboxed, which causes a lot of headache.

🎵“I have listened to Jesus in these troublesome days,

He lights up my path.

As I hear and obey.”

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I find it amazing that Apple seems to be able to convince people that ANY OS but theirs is "vulnerable" and that Apple is "hack proof" :nope:

No system is 100% “hack proof”, and if anyone says so, they are misinformed. This is what Sophos wrote:
We’ve long expected Apple’s iOS to become a bigger target for hackers. Android certainly remains the bigger target, both in terms of numbers of users and Android’s more open and adaptable platform continue to make it more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Apple’s walled garden App Store—where applications are fully vetted before being made available to customers—has prevented widespread malware infection of iOS users. As a centralized point of distribution, the App Store provides users with confidence that the apps they download have been tested and validated by Apple.

Evidence of malicious malware showing up in the App Store is anecdotal at best, as Apple does not typically volunteer such information. However, it’s safe to assume that since Apple does not make APIs available to developers, the iOS operating system has fewer vulnerabilities.

However, iOS isn’t 100% invulnerable. Recent examples, such as the iOS-based malware XCodeGhost have proven that iOS is vulnerable to malicious attacks as well.

Like Apple, Google provides a centralized market for mobile applications called Google Play. However, that is offset by the Android’s ability to install apps from third-party sources. Some are well-known and reputable such as Amazon. Others are not, and originate from malware hotspots in Russia and China. The criminal developers deconstruct and decompile popular apps like Angry Birds, and publish malicious versions and make them available for free.

The number of threats―especially on the Android platform―continues to increase. Since 2010, SophosLabs has observed more than 1.5 million samples of Android malware.


🎵“I have listened to Jesus in these troublesome days,

He lights up my path.

As I hear and obey.”

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