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Long Distance Walks

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I hope this is right club, it mentions the Great Outdoors in the club name


I enjoy long distance walks, 15-20 miles a day.  Last year I enjoyed walking the coastline, starting from my hometown, along the beach and cliffs.  I did this for a 5 day holiday.  There are some great views to be had, much of the coastal area near me is part of an "Area of Outstanding Beauty", and you can only see them if you walk.  I think I enjoy the coastline more than inland walks.


Any more long distance walkers here.

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Yes, I like exploration on foot a lot!

We have wonderful walks here in Victoria Down Under


One example below:

The Great Ocean Walk stretches for just over 100 kilometers, beginning in the beautiful, fishing village of Apollo Bay and finishing at the world famous 12 Apostles. On your journey you’ll pass through majestic eucalyptus forests, traverse atop rugged cliffs with breathtaking ocean views, walk along deserted beaches, smell the salt air, enjoy the wind in your face, perhaps cross a few shallow rivers and encounter loads of fascinating fauna and flora.


Walk can be done in sections.

Check this one: https://www.thegreatoceanwalk.com/



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This sounds like an adventure I would most certainly take. Here in the Inited states we have many trails in segments . I recently did the most southerly leg of the Appalachian trail/ Florida trail. An eight mile hike through the Big Cypress preserve in south Florida. Both beautiful and challenging as it is waterlogged and slippery with an abundance of venomous snakes, Alligators, and top predators such as Black bear and the Florida Panthers. Best to take this trail in the dry season to avoid being swarmed by mosquitoes or get in to too deep waterways. My trip in late March was worthwhile but next time I plan to pack in my hammock tent and spend the night about halfway through for a more leisurely hiking experience. 

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I do a lot of long distance walking.


I at times head out west, and back east, then west and east quiet a few times. At times, I going around in circles, going up hills, walking along the side of a hill and into the valleys. I walk plenty of times during the warmer months, and not so much in the cooler months. At times, it does get boggy under foot when it's wet, other times, dusty during the dry periods.


The problem is, I seem to be following one of these.





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I am adding this to my list of stuff I want to do. When I lived in Florida I had an idea for a project to walk and document Tamiami Trail, not because it’s all particularly beautiful but because I’m interested in the history. But now this is getting me thinking about places in New England that might be nice for long distance walking adventures.

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Sadly, due to a bad hip and some other infirmities I now experience at my age ... long-walks are not something I can do.


There are a number of "rails-to-trails" in Florida where train tracks were removed, and that path made into trails. Some of these go through areas not reachable by car - and motorized vehicles are not allowed on the tails - so the only way to go there is by walking or bicycle ... both of which I would not be able to do in order to reach a trailhead or access point from another trailhead or access point.


Personally, I would have liked for them to have kept the "rails" - as I would enjoy trying this method visiting "abandoned" rails



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I live where my relatives used to live. On a reservation. That’s the way, in old times, we used to be. I used to hear of my grandmother, taking off from Crescent City, down the coast, and over Bald Hills. To home. 
I love that. To live in a way that is a part of our lives. 
We worry about transportation in the new system. Nothing better then taking a walk. 

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4 hours ago, Miss Bea said:

We worry about transportation in the new system. Nothing better then taking a walk. 


I don't worry about transportation in the New System - I think we will still be able to walk then as we do now ... and also have the same options we have now to the largest extent. We will just develop ways to make them more efficient, cleaner and safer since no one will be worried about the "bottom line".



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