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Opinion please.

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I have been offered the night supervisory position for nursing from 1045pm till 715am.  Involves a significant pay increase of 8.00 hr. Not knowing the future, trying to figure out if this might be a better option or worse.  Keep thinking about what it might entail with our ability to work and travel in the future if that makes any sense. Sunday thru Thursday noc. No kids to think about. 



Thankful to be among friends everyday!

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Leslie, if you can adjust to the sleeping routine, I think it is fine. 
A lot better then the, “swing shift”. To me that just destroys the family circle. And theocratic activity. 
I don’t think day sleep is all that good, but, if you can do it! 

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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1 hour ago, Qapla said:

Would it have a negative impact on your meeting attendance or your ministry?


What does your husband think and how would he feel about it?

These are good questions to ask ... not just about the hours you work, but whether you will be fresh enough with 'day sleeping' to still reach your goals  theocratically.

I know I can't handle night shifts at all ... I needed more sleep than I could get during the day ... only you know your limits and the impact it would have on your life.


The movie about Ethan and his family - when he realizeed that working a bit further away and extra hours to boot, he saw that it would affect his familly - theocratically foremost he turned it down pretty quickly. So although it doesn't seem extra travel is a facor here - the extra hours are ... write a list - pros and cons and see which column is bigger.


No-one can make a decision for you or even sway you to be honest ... it's about putting all options on the table ... but only you can choose.


All the best sweetheart, I know whatever you choose you will give it your best. Much love Mandi x

<p>"Jehovah chooses to either 'reveal' or 'conceal' - cherish what he reveals and be patient with what he conceals."

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[puts on glasses...] I'm sorry Sis, I read this thread topic and thought you wanted some onions. But getting back to your inquiry.


My concern for you dear is if you're able to:

- weather the abrupt change of your body's sleep pattern; established sleep rhythm(s) may take many more months

- weathering fatigue throughout daylight hours

- being away from your family at night

- having to schedule your family worship/personal study to accommodate your sleep/fatigue patterns


These are just things to seriously ponder beforehand.  And of course, taking this matter in prayer to Jehovah is ALWAYS a good thing. :)



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I have worked basically nights for 6 years '7pm to 7am no set schedule. This schedukevwpuld be 8 hrs Sunday -Thursdsy. If and when we return to our KH MWM it will bit interfere. Being off Saturday would not interfere with Sunday meeting. I can sleep during the day usually  without a problem. Retired, unbelieving husband has no bearing on the circumstances. That was already considered before posting.  My concern was trying different scenarios about future happenings affecting all our lifes as Jehovah's people and our ability to worship, travel, work and how that could possibly effect my decision. Curfews? Would police be more likely to stop and ask to see your essential employment letter when much less traffic on road at night? Do you think they will he looking for witnesses in particular? Just my imagination running wild right now. 



Thankful to be among friends everyday!

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It seems your concerns are mainly about your job conflicting with instructions to Jehovah’s people in the future, correct?

If so, none of us know how our jobs will conflict until it happens. What we should consider now has already been mentioned. Meetings, service, personal study, family. If you can do it and make all of those things work, then go for it. 

the only other thing is that you said it was a supervisory role. It would be good to determine how much of an extra work load that entails. Will you have to fill in for others who can’t come to work?  Would that cause you to miss meetings?  Is the responsibility of the position one you can handle emotionally?

Jer 29:11-“For I well know the thoughts I am thinking toward you, declares Jehovah, thoughts of peace, and not calamity, to give you a future and a hope.”

Psalm 56:3-“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”
Romans 8:38-”For I am convinced...”

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Jehovah's spirit follows patterns so that not only do we recognize the leadings of the spirit in the Bible but also in the way Jehovah communicates with us personally.

When his spirit leads us in a different direction, it is specific, up to the minute, addressing current needs or trends to meet present or future needs.

Think of how Jehovah incrementally trained Joseph to become a supervisor so that his position benefitted the majority, not just Joseph personally.


Increases in pay, benefits, etc. are viewed a bit differently than the world. Will one be freed from enslavement to debt? Will these funds accomplish a certain future purpose alligned with Jehovah's principles?

Here to fore, friends may have foregone certain protective measures such as insurances, so that they are dependent on rescue by their brothers.  If large or multiple disaster areas occur at once, is such thinking realistic?


Jehovah wants us to be full-grown in powers of understanding. He is not coming from a place of fear but a place of love, discipline, and training. Those qualities are Infused in a situation contributing to our growth as responsible Christians, working good towards others, and carrying our own load.

Is this helpful?

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Since the position is supervisory - is there any possibility it could interfere with your Christian stand on "No Blood" ... would you have to order or authorize blood transfusions?


Three of my daughters start work around 2:30 - 3 AM and have the "essential worker" letters ... they have never been stopped and asked for any reason they were out-and-about



"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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