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Funny Display of Love During These Hectic Times

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That is funny!!  But hey, what a lovely brother he still brought you the eggs. I had text mishap a while back. I was checking a text from an elder about hall cleaning, then sent a text to my cousin saying "ring me now" as she was waiting for a good time to talk. The brother rang, said hello and then there was a long silence. I finally asked him why are you ringing me? He said you sent me a text. He told me he thought it was something serious and had  taken the time to say a prayer before ringing. We laughed so much afterwards. 

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Thank you for sharing, it is very true that our International friends are always an answer to prayers. There was a time i spent a whole day looking for a video on JW.org, as soon as i asked for help on JWtalk within a few hours a sister had come to my rescue. I can not describe how i felt ( that feeling you have when you know you can count on your brothers and sisters)


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I'm glad that this experience made some laugh.  Every time I think of it I start laughing.   I'm gonna keep this in my memory bank for times I'm feeling down and need a good  laugh. :)


I talked to the wife yesterday at our zoom letter writing session.  She fell out laughing and told me they actually was out picking up their son from work.  She told her husband
"let get some eggs and take them over there". She asked...what store is opened this time of night?  Her teenage son suggested a store and they went there and bought them just to bring them to me and have a  laugh😄.  I was like "even your son" was in on it.  🤣  We had a good laugh again.  This elder and his family is really a blessing to our congregation.   During this pandemic they are out taking things to the older ones, taking things to those in need, etc.


We had just been moved to their field service group when the pandemic hit so we are just getting to know each other.  We would say hi at the meetings but we never got to meet fully as a family for field service at their home.  Zoom is the only way we are getting to know each other.


Anyway,  during our zoom session she mentioned what she was cooking for dinner.  My teen daughter said  "If I had a car I would come over to get some".  The sister didn't acknowledge she heard her.


About 8pm last night the doorbell rang and when I went to look outside no one was there.  However, a bag full of food for my teen daughter and her sister was waiting.  The girls had already eaten but they plan to eat that salmon, salad and baked sweet potato today for lunch or dinner.


Again, they are such a sweet and giving family.  I told my family Jehovah is training us to be "mini XXX's"  x= their last name.  :)



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