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Any JW - Big Star Trek Fans Here?

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I have been a Trekkie since Star Trek (Now called TOS) debuted. In fact, it was not until I was watching some reruns of TOS in the 70's that I realized that, up until that time, I had never seen Star Trek in COLOR since we only had a B&W TV when the show first aired.

I have since seen ALL episodes of ALL series and ALL movies more than once (most, several times) and we have all the movies on DVD as well as most TOS and TNG on VHS (recorded from TV)

I have never been to a convention since I live too far away and would not have the funds even if it were closer.

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My Father was head of the camera dept. at Desilu as I was growing up, so I spent a lot of time as a "studio brat". I would go to work with my dad in the summer and on any school vacations and spend the day running around the sets and sound stages. I caught the Star Trek bug early watching TOS being filmed and all the on-set antics of the cast and crew. Like Bob though, my favorite series was/is TNG.

Later on, I was working for a major film lab, I got to watch several of the final episodes of Voyager be filmed at Paramount studios, so it was like going full circle!

I have every episode of every series as well as all the movies on a hard drive connected to my home network so I can watch them at any time. I had to scale down my vast Star Trek collection as the storage fees would have been expensive when I moved back to California! LOL

I have been to several conventions in many cities, but not Las Vegas, although I have been to the Star Trek "exhibit" several times before they shut it down.

So, yes, I'm kind of a fan :laugh:

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Big Star Trek fan here too! Love everything about the universe even in t.v. form. I actually saw a Tribble the other day and stared at it hoping the one would become many. Still watch the Next Generation series on the BBC and my favorite is the Inner Light episode when Picard passes out. The music from the ressikan flute he played always reminds me of the New World. Gotta admit that movie Star Trek was amazing! Can't wait for next years movie. Chuck you are right at home here on this post!

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I'm a huge Trekky fan love some of the very first eposides like when Leonard Nimoy fell in love with Gene Roddenberrys' wife it was so tragic and unusaul to have Spock totally out of control with his feelings.

As I am thousands of miles away nope I don't attend the conventions.

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Loved the original, and deep space nine, and enterprise, and next generation and the movies. I pretty much liked them ALL. The original, spock was always my favorite character, though I laugh hard now when the camera shots go to a romantic cameo of Kirk's alien love interest. BWAHAHAHA. Odo was my favorite from DSN, and though I seen most of enterprise, Bakula (the Captain) always kind of struck me as a wrong choice. Next Generation.....oh my, there's a cast I loved. Riker, Troy, Picard, Worf..... I just fell in love with all of them. Oh and 7 of 9..... :heart:

Thinking of the line from "White n' Nerdy"...... the only question I ever found hard, was "Do I like Kirk, or Picard?"

As for you guys whining about Janeway......you all hush now. She was the one character that I seen the most of myself in. If given the chance/choice to pilot a ship I'd have done it in a heart beat, and probably very close to how she captained her ship.

I've never been to a Star Trek convention, but I'd go in a heart beat. I applied for a job in Coronado actually not too long ago LOL.

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Bought a load of Trekkie stuff at auction, so have autographs from most of the series up to Enterprise and a certificate to say I'm a qualified Deck Officer signed by Capt. Kirk/Wm Shatner - pretty cool considering I can't even drive a car! Have some lovely old vinyl LP's from the old series inc. Spock sings "Watching Space Girls go by". Thought the Transporter toy was amazing - mirror tricks in the mechanism made your little figures look as if they really are transported away, but I sold mine on. Kept my tri-corder with all it's genuine sounds - had some fun at parties pointing that at folk and claiming that they are an alien life-form made of strange stuff. Franklin model USS Enterprise sits on it's stand in our lounge with it's tiny shuttle inside and the lift off top to look in on the officer's deck - bit incongruous near some cased Victorian wooden ships. Live Long and Prosper!


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My youngest daughter is a Stargate fan. She has the series on DVD and can just about tell you who is in any given episode just by hearing the title. She also likes Star Trek.

However, I am not sure if I would call her a "Big" Stargate or Star Trek fan - she is barely 95 pounds soaking wet, fully clothed holding a box of rocks.


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I love anything Star Trek or Star Gate! Never got into Star Wars, tho. Am just starting to get into Bob's fav, Dr. Who thru my daughter and granddaughter. Do you know the rhyme to that?

One, two, three, four

I declare a Time War

Five, six, seven, eight

Daleks scream "eliminate"

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve

The Doctor died and silence fell

Twelve, eleven, ten, nine

There he goes back in Time

Eight, seven, six, five

Saving everybody's lives

Four, three, two, one

Grab her hand and whisper "run"

Also a dopey one for Star Trek:

Star Trekkin', 'cross the universe

We keep on moving forward, cos we can't find "reverse" lol :borg:

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Yep...like TOS, TNG, Voyager, Enterprise, and the movies. Can't get into DS9, never made it to 3rd season. But I'm a trekker. Never been to a convention but enjoyed Roddenberry's vision and how technology has imitated science fiction. If only they could figure out the transporter! :P

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