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Super Power - which?

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OK in another thread I posted that I wouldn't even WISH for the ability to read hearts. But if you could wish for a "super" power what would it be?

I have my top 3 and not necessarily in this order:

1. Ability to speak any and all languages

2. Ability to heal people (just the physical stuff - I think the mental stuff can only be healed by time (just my opinion) )

3. Jumping - have you seen this movie -> Jumper :omg: That would be cool and very valuable. In the movie he only "jumps" to places on earth, but the producer thought in the next movie (which I doubt will ever be filmed) he could even jump to the space station. Small jumps to things he could see until he got there. Then he could jump there at will afterwards. Perhaps even to the moon and beyond. Hey - lets go check out that new planet that is just wondering and not gravitationally bound to a star. - http://www.gizmag.com/rogue-planet-cfbdsir2149/25028/

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Okay so this is really cool. I would like to feel the scent of color. I love the way brown and pink makeme feel and I would love to enhance the ability to see into the future but not like Jehovah's of course.
It is interesting you say that as I have a theory about dogs - they say they don't see colors the same as humans. I wonder if they "see" scents. THat nose of theirs is something powerful. My little Zoey can smell a french fry laying on the ground 50 yards from where he is.

134319=7486-Zoey2.jpg Imagine if the see the stream of smell in various colors - certain ones for food they like others for poop, etc. All these streams of colors coming at them in a way. Boy I can't wait for the new world and all Jehovah has to teach us.

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For my super power I would love to be able to actually take pain and anguish away from people leaving them in peace and delight instead.

I would love to have a body made of sparkles of light in Russian Chrome Diopside green and Tanzanite Blue/purple. When I leave the room I want tiny glowing bits to trail off and dance with light until they fade away. It would be nice to have them zing like tinkling bells as they fade. :dance:

Chrome Diopside




I don't want much!:whistling:

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Great question - since we're pretending:

First: To have the power of a healing touch.... to heal those with mental, emotional, or physical pain and disabilities.

Second: To be able to know people's thoughts, so I'd know if they were honest/lying, safe/dangerous.... I'd even know why that helicopter pilot has been circling overhead for the last 15 minutes.

Third: To be able to foresee accidents and disasters ahead of time so I could help people avoid them.

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Third: To be able to foresee accidents and disasters ahead of time so I could help people avoid them.

I should have added ... which is one reason I love the Truth of the Bible and the ministry work.

Lynn, I DO like the idea of being able to go back in time and fix our mistakes... that's a GREAT one.

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It would be nice to be able to read hearts.....I could help alot of the friends with that one , I'd go on their studies and they'd get one of these >:D< or one of these (td) ....that would save alot of time.

Also super fast running ability....I wouldn't need a car to go to the meetings, or in service or to the convention....and if I had super strength I could carry someone to the convention with me.

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Some people may want the ability to create world peace. Me? The ability to eat anything I want, anytime I want, and it never turns to flab. That I could wear all my clothes in the right side of my closet and never have to venture to the left. I wish I could dance like Cherly on DWTS! That is the way I would enter the KH every week. Just somersault my way down the ailes and never miss a step!

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I have a superpower! The superpower to






But for real now, I was going to start a thread like this just now asking everybody to come up with one superpower they would like to have. A sort of psychological experiment. I like to ask friends this question because it is a means of finding out more about their innermost desires and personality.


For example, flying is a classic example for people that want to be free and unrestrained, expresses curiosity and an adventurous nature.


A person who wants to have telekinetic abilities, I would interpret as being somewhat lazy, wanting things to handle themselves and is bored easily with routine tasks, but somebody who also wants to be better able to influence things that he has no power over.


As for me, I did a lot of thinking about WHICH superpower or miracle-power I'd like to have if I had to choose one. There are so many interesting ones that the comic-book universe has exposed us to in the course of our life. The one I ended up chosing was in fact the ability to cure people and animals of disease and to heal them. Simply for the reason that I hate to see sentient beings suffer.

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