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Ancient Europeans Mysteriously Vanished 4,500 Years Ago

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The researchers found that the earliest farmers in Germany were closely related to Near Eastern and Anatolian people, suggesting that the agricultural revolution did indeed bring migrations of people into Europe who replaced early hunter-gatherers.

But that initial influx isn't a major part of Europe's genetic heritage today.


Instead, about 5,000 to 4,000 years ago, the genetic profile changes radically, suggesting that some mysterious event led to a huge turnover in the population that made up Europe.


Anyone want to guess what that "MYSTERIOUS" event was that happened - ooohhh - 4,500 years ago. Say around 2370 BCE  :lol1:


You know, when I see stories like this I just want to yell - read the Bible!!! - try Genesis 6. Scholars :tsk:


ED> - I kept waiting of the article to say - and for some ODD reason these bones seemed to show a serious drowning happened to many of these people????

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I recently saw a similar Program to do with the Planet & why it has shifted the axels. etc they went to one part of Africa and found

hand paintings similar to the aborignal drawings found in the out back. like you Jerry I wait for their comments.

To do with the flood. Or to read that Jehovah promise to desolate the land if they rebeled.. Dum di da di da. Lols

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Thanks for posting, Jerry.


You almost get the impression they're thinking it but just can't bring themselves to actually say it.


These things so often remind me of Aesop's fable about the Emperor's new clothes. It'll probably take a child to finally point it out to them.

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I can't find a link at the moment but just few days ago I read in the news that archaeologists have found remains of an old city in the bottom of Lake Gennesaret. AND they are thinking that it was left under great masses of water a few thousand years back. I wonder why... :huh:  ^_^

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Why don't people (I'm not talking about scientists, peer pressure means they 'have' to stick to party line) but why don't people (readers) simply connect the dots?  I can't tell you how many articles and reports I've read about "mysterious" bottlenecking, wipeouts, floods about 4000 years ago... it's really not rocket science!

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