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  1. For a thicker Guacamole used for Flautas and Taquitos. Chop 2 medium Avocados, 1 medium tomato, 1/4 onion 1 finely minced garlic clove, 1 Jalapeno finely chopped Cilantro and lemon to taste, Sal y pimienta. For chips instead of chopping, blend everything high-speed.
  2. Will do Sandra Dee I have to bribe and sweet talk her...
  3. World's strongest Coffee
  4. Curry, Cayenne and Chipoltle, and anything spiced Caribbean style are my weaknesses, care to arm wrestle ?
  5. Sounds scrumptious...You are making us so hungry, Can we come over for dinner ?
  6. Yes Bro. Stang was serving in the Cong. at the he still there ?
  7. Hey at least the water was warm in the boiler room, could have been in the river. I will send you a PM later Gregg, have to keep on writing our letters.
  8. Beautiful area...was your baptism at the hotel Gregg ? Back then we had our assemblies at the high school auditoriums before the Puyallup Assembly hall was finished.
  9. A couple of big burly Stanwood Cong. Brothers held me under. wouldn't let me up.
  10. I have fond memories of Puyallup Assembly Hall, almost drowned there back in 1981. Do they still have the on grounds campsites available for qualified brothers ?
  11. Young green coconuts are so delicious, the finest quality, if you can find them in your area. Usually the large Asian markets have the best variety. No comparison to the mature brown coconuts, or canned coco water.
  12. After service this morning we headed over to Denny's for delicious Honey Jalapeno Bacon...
  13. The UN Security Council will discuss the latest North Korean missile launches at a closed session on Wednesday. The meeting, which is scheduled for 10am, was called by the US, Japan and South Korea. Trump's national security team is reviewing a wide range of options to counter the missile threat. But an administration official played down the prospects for any direct military action, such as pre-emptive missile strikes on North Korean launch sites or reintroducing nuclear weapons to South Korea, as highlighted in recent news reports.