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  1. I received a 3...Age, maturity, spirituality and upbringing can all have a bearing. Psychologists recognize several different sub-levels of narcissism, and as being on a continuum. All of us have some forms of narcissism, causing problems when it affects relationships negatively.
  2. Interesting it's been 60 years since the first discoveries of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran Israel. Too bad that this cave was raided awhile back and no additional scrolls were found in this cave.
  3. Bobby, you probably remember when we were kids, being in awe when seeing the first small digital calculators at Radio Shack. They were at the time something like $125.00. No more Pee Chees... If you could ever afford one. Check out the prices in 1973
  5. And even Tuna fish on seaweed with peanut butter and jelly ! Disgusting !
  6. And then there is a turtle site for a peanut butter and clam pizza recipe !
  7. How about frozen chocolate milkshakes While visiting Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands a couple of years ago, they served us a sample Caribbean style Bushwacker with Cruzan Rum. You can't taste the alcohol , More like an exotic frozen ice cream... Here's the recipe...enjoy !
  8. Decadent Sandra... can you please send a slice or two this way ? Better yet, we'll just come over and bring you some 3 Leches and Tiramisu Oh by the way...with coffee. herbal tea and Hagen Daz french vanilla.
  9. Yeah...that will put a dent in your hardhat ! I never hung out with the boilermakers and pipe fitters after work...such a rowdy bunch. We mostly used the black oxide Proto open and box end spud wrenches for lining up flanges in the refineries. And jimmy bars for separating those stubborn flanges.
  10. Here is a Crain undercut saw for flush cutting out old flooring, used horizontally or vertically.
  11. Here is a recommended pump supply in Miami that has submersible well pumps and Jacuzzi style pressure booster pumps, along with miscellaneous one-way brass valves, contactors, control boxes, pump-savers etc. with good prices on E-Bay. Talk to Scott or Luis , They are highly knowledgeable. They go by the name D Pump Doctor on E-Bay. We purchased a Goulds Jacuzzi style this past summer from them and they saved us $650.dollars. Our original Goulds pump lasted 15 years. Also tractor supply has the large Black 1000 or 2500 gallon water storage tanks available locally, but they are quite expensive. You might do much better with a wholesale local pump supply for the storage and pressure tanks in Portland or Vancouver.
  12. Caution : Never use Windex or Cilantro to clean your ears...
  13. Wow...he sounds like Motown's "Blue"... from the Temptations, better known as Melvin Franklin...or even Barry White. What a voice !