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  1. Yeah...that will put a dent in your hardhat ! I never hung out with the boilermakers and pipe fitters after work...such a rowdy bunch. We mostly used the black oxide Proto open and box end spud wrenches for lining up flanges in the refineries. And jimmy bars for separating those stubborn flanges.
  2. Here is a Crain undercut saw for flush cutting out old flooring, used horizontally or vertically.
  3. Here is a recommended pump supply in Miami that has submersible well pumps and Jacuzzi style pressure booster pumps, along with miscellaneous one-way brass valves, contactors, control boxes, pump-savers etc. with good prices on E-Bay. Talk to Scott or Luis , They are highly knowledgeable. They go by the name D Pump Doctor on E-Bay. We purchased a Goulds Jacuzzi style this past summer from them and they saved us $650.dollars. Our original Goulds pump lasted 15 years. Also tractor supply has the large Black 1000 or 2500 gallon water storage tanks available locally, but they are quite expensive. You might do much better with a wholesale local pump supply for the storage and pressure tanks in Portland or Vancouver.
  4. Caution : Never use Windex or Cilantro to clean your ears...
  5. Wow...he sounds like Motown's "Blue"... from the Temptations, better known as Melvin Franklin...or even Barry White. What a voice !
  6. No...non in Vaticano...Tartaruga
  7. A controversial Mcdonald.s opens up in the Pio Borgo district of Rome 100 yards from Vatican City. Cardinal Elio Sgreccia called it "aberrant and a perversion". Rent for the bottom floor $30.000 per month.
  8. Carrie Fisher's sudden death is an enormously tragic loss to the future Star Wars Trilogy.
  9. The prison director, Dr. Massimo Parisi, explains that the Bollate prison was built with the aim of rehabilitating prisoners: “One of our objectives is to ensure that people regain hope, and in order to do this, we use various methods. We consider of no less importance spirituality.” For the last 13 years, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been permitted to offer free Bible studies to prisoners. Dr. Parisi describes the results: “[The] Witnesses have been cooperating with us for years and their Bible education efforts have produced positive changes in some of our prisoners. . . . So in this light, we thought it was a good idea to set aside a space for the Witnesses to use to help these inmates reach their full potential.” On two occasions within the last few months, over 100 inmates attended the Witnesses’ services. An exterior view of the prison in Bollate. Here is the link to the article...
  10. Nancee...If you have a chance, another hilarious John Candy movie. Cool Runnings Loosely based on a true story , Filmed in Jamaica and Calgary