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  1. Monday January 1, a day of rest. We had a sitdown dinner for the visiting speaker yesterday. A total of 24 guests and only two with TV Trays. My wife is so tired today that just looking at her totally exhausts me. :)

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    2. Old


      That was our Field Service Group hosting the speaker. All were present to hear his talk. Two varieties of soup, kettle of chili, french bread and tossed green salad and way too much dessert.

    3. bagwell1987


      Yum, sounds great. Wish our service groups got together to host lunch. Astoria does, MD loves it.

      Soo, leftovers for supper then?

    4. Gregexplore


      I had 12 last time for dinner :) ...planning BBQ for 20.

      So you still hold the record LOL :D

      Well done!

  2. If you need help on your bail, give me a call.
  3. Did you request 2016 version from Musky? Per Brother John three posts up, that is the easiest and best way to get up dates. Mine is updated through this weeks study magazine.
  4. Instructions are: ... elders should make arrangements to play Kingdom songs over the sound system before and after congregation meetings. ...
  5. OW, that hurts my neck! So strange, we are over here on the coast in a storm free zone at the present 50 miles from here every one is getting hit with serious snow. We're not even getting any amount of rain.
  6. The same can be said for many of the Kingdom Halls and a few Assembly Halls that have been sold due to lack of real need. They were our beautiful places of worship. Good night 124 Columbia HGTS.
  7. You Canadians are behind times. Here in the States "Large" is never good enough, "Make that SuperSize please!" Same can be said for our waist bands.
  8. Oh, woe is me!

    High winds heavy rain, absolutely miserable weather here on the Oregon Coast. But then I around the state and I find our miserable weather is the mildest weather in the whole state of Oregon. I need to be more thankfull for small blessings.:(

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    2. Tortuga


      I think that high winds and heavy rain look better through the bottom of a wine glass..>:D<

    3. Adelin
    4. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      We are together, brother. One week, no electricity or internet. We came home to PG& E here. Huge trucks. Tore the place up in ways I don't want to know. Those big trucks don't move on snow laden hilly dirt roads. Now we have a big mess of slop out there. From snow to slop. But, hip-hip hooray. We have lights. Now a bigger storm is moving in. 

      Our gate was locked. How they came through it, we do not know. Yet. I did not know if my car would make it up the hill. I told myself it is a Subaru. Sally forth, through slop,Bea. Success. 

      I've made up my mind I do not complain about weather as long as I can get to the meetings. Which I have not been able to for a week. No phone service. Sort of really isolated. Stay warm and dry my dear beother and sister! 

  9. At the present time it is limited to US Branch territories: "Therefore, all congregations in the U.S. branch territory will be invited to attend either the live broadcast or a rebroadcast of the program during the weekend of October 7-8, 2017."
  10. Good view of your KH on Google earth street veiw.
  11. I have heard it was listed. That was over a year ago. It was an article in a New Jersy paper. Can anybody cinfirm?
  12. One mans weeds are another mans herbs. The Nettle is supposed to be good for tea , walking through nettles with bare legs , not so good. That is why long skirts were invented. Which came first, the weed or the sin? I vote for weed (weeds).