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  1. If you like dolphins this is for you: https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/pRFq7K4vCSk?rel=0
  2. That sounds about right for page 191.
  3. Not to argue the use of streaming itself, but doesn't the source of the streaming impact the issue of violating copyrights? In other words if the movie is streamed from a source licensed to distibute it through streaming that would be legal, or if the source is streaming a pirated version of the the same movie it would be outside the law. I am not sure if sreaming itself is illegal anywhere, but the content streamed might be illegal.
  4. I started with DOS and GEOS. I likes GEOS a lot, it was a simple GUI, came with it's own word processor. I ingored Windows for several years. GEOS faded away and I had to get another word processor and I went to Windows. I still have a DOS book on the shelf,but have totally forgotten the commands. Once Windows incorporated full setup for periphials I did not have much need for it. Haven't used a DOS command in years. OLD and lazy now, I do not miss using DOS, but I still own a stick shift.
  5. There is much confusion between the two libraries. JW Library will not run on a Windows XP PC. Watchtower Library will run on about any Windows PC. JWLibrary will work in Windows 10, but not XP. I have seen qiuite a few posts that were confused between the two.
  6. Got it about 3:00 today, couldn't put it down. Ipad says I am 75% done. Have a talk tomorrow morning or I would stay up and finish it. Signed my wife up with Kindle Reader and Amazon and she is about 100 pages behind me, sniffling all the way.
  7. You did not have permission to post my wifes magazine, hiding it behind 'Reality' or otherwise!
  8. As long as they don't fire cannon on a federal fort it might not go the same. California is the sixth richest economy in the world. CSA was among the poorest. "California here ! come, right back where I started from.....!"
  9. For sure, it would be the same for any movie about Lincoln, a matter of history.
  10. Not what I was thinking but since it is historical it could have been in "Pear Harbor" (A very poor movie compared to mine choice) It was a statement by Admiral Yamamoto. A local brother's grandfather was one of the seven P-38 pilots charged with the task of killing Yamamoto. His grandfather lived in Newport also.
  11. That was my thought also.