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  1. What! You give the beer to slugs? Wish I had understood, would have save gallons of beer drowning my pest woes....burp!
  2. Heat processed plant juice verses regurgitated nectar, some choice, I try not to think about it. I prefer honey on my biscuits, heat processed plant juice in my ice tea.
  3. Like it better now! (When it first showed up the picture hadn't loaded, now it is there, a big inprovement.)
  4. Margaret asked for a PDF. She had a copy of #3202 in her request. I couldn't get the image in "3202 to print as PDF. It would only print as jpg whic made it too small to read on letter size paper. I opened it in Paint.net and converted it to a four page PDF. Russian Tract.pdf
  5. It is not hard not to shout when your guts have been ripped out. I wonder how long the pain lasts?
  6. I remember the movie, it starred Peter Sellers and Jean Seaberg.
  7. Sorry I did not see you were quoting Carlos, I didn't see the quotation marks. I htink you missed the point I was feebly trying to make. You repeated "We are talking that Serena vocally claimed that her God is Jehovah and yet her actions prove otherwise, " (Notice the quotes) My counterpoint was that improper behavior does not necessarily mean the individual rejects Jehovah as their God, thus the example of David. The quote implies otherwise. The quote implied that her behavior accomplished that. I never said anything about her denouncing Jehovah. I was making a general statement based on many years that wrongdoers still claim Jehovah as their God, I am sure she does. I would agree with the quote if it stated 'her actions show she is not one of Jehovah's Witnesses,' goes without saying. We have no way of knowing who she claims as her God. Semantics I guess, sorry.
  8. People often misconceive the purpose of those huge fans. It is simlar to the propeller on an airplane. Most think it is to keep the airplane flying, but IMHO, the real pupose is to keep the pilot cool. When the propeller stops, the pilot immediatly breaks out in sweat. All very logical.
  9. I think that her God is still Jehovah. Willful sin does not take that away. Think about it, was David's God still Jehovah while he was plotting the death of Uriah. I have sat through far to many judicial meetings and not once have I heard anybody denounce Jehovah, Not once, even when they were by their own words willfully unrepentant. Will she see fit to make the neccesary changes to allow her to dedicate herself to Jehovah? Remains to be seen. Does anybody on this forum personally know her? We don't judge the world, why are we judging her. Apparently she is not a baptized Witness of Jehovah. Was the privilege of being an unbaptised publisher taken away from her or did service just fade away through inactivety? Trottigy said it, "I'm just glad to not have to claim her to be a Witness for now" I can go along with that.