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  1. All that on one page per instructions. Very small type I assume.
  2. Using USPS postal calculator I come up with $1.15. Someone want to verify? https://postcalc.usps.com/
  3. Esteemed would replaces dear. Esteemed and dear are synonyms, no point saying dear esteemed, would be the same as saying Dear Dear....
  4. Actually those weren't people uploading those videos, they were our brothers and sisters. You might think misguided, over enthusiatic, but never the less part of our family.
  5. I would think that it would be easy to review the youtube version to see if it had been altered.
  6. I WANT A DINGDONG ! I don't see my Ding Dong.
  7. My question is why do we have two topics, back to back, on the same subject? which one do I reply to?
  8. To my knowledge Blackwell was not disfellowshipped, Covington was. They had worked with his drinking problem for a long time, it continued and there was no other option. He was reinstated and many good things were said about his faithful service. Eariler he had stepped down from his position on the corporation (the Society) because he did not think that one of the sheep class should be in that position. When I was fighting the draft issue he sent me a letter with his written signature. This was the envy of my fellow pioneers because their letters were stamped with his signature. Those were the days ...
  9. I wasn't too clear in my post, the book Greg found on Amazon for $10 is the source of the Covinton material. The book by Victo Blackwell is the one I was asking if anyone had read it. At $85 I will have to wait for a price break.
  10. This is what is so strange about the Royal commission focusing so much attention on JWs. In the Church it is the organization's leaders that are sick. It is institutional and pervasive. No one is surprised when such activities get noticed. It is not unkown in our organization for an appointed brother to be outed as an abuser, but it is not the norm. I wonder what the Catholic Church's record would look like if ALL their members were marched before the public eye and not just the clergy. Since abuse breeds abuse, their long history of institutional abuse must have bred generations of abusers among lay members.
  11. I came across this while searching for "O'er the Ramparts They Watched" by Victor Blake, an attorney that defended many of our Brothers in their legal battles. See an excerpt from Great American Lawyers: An Encyclopedia, Volume 1 https://books.google.com/books?id=XR1NPiqp5aQC&pg=PA134&lpg=PA134&dq=lawyer+victor+blackwell&source=bl&ots=jvMjwkrCl2&sig=kn86bncZLq0BloctaG1Bk8vF9gU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwilsJnVkeHSAhUC44MKHUZXAesQ6AEIMDAE#v=onepage&q=lawyer victor blackwell&f=false It features Hayden C. Covington as one of the great Amarican Lawyers. An interesting read, mostly about our history in the U.S. court system. Has a good picture of Covington with Muhammed Ali. I found Victor Blake's book on Amazon but the $85 price tag held me back. Anyone here on the forum read Blake's book?
  12. Since we have not had a campaign to get our Bible into the hands of the public I wonder what they were doing on the beach that they got the NWT into Simon's hands. Is it something he requested? That could be interesting. Regarding his celebrity, he is one of the more famous people in the music world. I thought he was just full of himself on the talent show, but it appears that he can speak with authority when it comes to musical talent.
  13. Really, they used a scripture? That in it's self is phenominal.
  14. Clicking on the above doesn't work, get the following. 404: Oops, Something Isn’t Right Here