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  1. Why? Most things we use voluntary contributions. Do you wonders which of your friends contribute and how much?
  2. Oh no, not another cross post!
  3. Yes, your weed spray must have been very effective!
  4. Sounds delicious, give two! Urp!
  5. Thank you Wendy for the accurate figures. I am slowly learning not to pass on speculative information, but I got caught on the video of the candidates marching, marching past the camera. Too good to be true, SNAP! and I was caught.
  6. I agree, when Brother Knorr gave the talk outlining the elder arrangement he said that there would be no need to announce the PT speaker as being an elder because everyone would know he was an elder. Something quickly forgotten. I feel the same about speakers we receive from Bethel, just announce them as visisting speaker from Bethel. I would rather not hear an announcement that we have one of the 'Governing Body with us today.' When I see one of the GB being mobbed after a RC part it gives me the squeems.
  7. According to Wikipedia (Are they ever wrong?) Jay Silverheels was born Harold John Smith. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Silverheels
  8. Thank you! One more time.... "Those were the days ...."
  9. Can't help, sorry. I too have problems with JWLibray on my Windows 10 PC. It actually works a little, very little. It boots so slow that it is faster to go get my Ipad out where I can find what I need while JWLibrary is still loading. It works eventually, but has proven to be of little value, compared to WT Library on the same PC. I assume our Brothers will fix this when they get time.
  10. I like it, but don't we already have topics for jokes, bad jokes , funny stories in "General Discussion & Everyday Chit Chat" ?
  11. Some one really needs to set this one straight, we all love good news, but from looking at the videos showing the stadium and baptizmal candidates something doesn't jibe. I would like to pass it on, but.... Anyone have the whole story, which arena, the right date, attendance, number baptized? Waiting...waiting...still waiting.
  12. Very well acted, very well written. When channel surfing and we come upon the movie regardless beginning, middle or late, we are watching it again. Excellent performance on the part of the whole cast. Oh, if you don't already know, "In the heat of the night" !!!