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  1. I apologize, feel free to ignore my overzealous obsession with trying to use the newest advancements in technology. I often speak without understanding and neglect older resources more than I should. I had seen that KM article, but assumed it was kind of outdated since it was made before JW Library was released in Oct 2013. Then came JW Broadcasting and Christian Life & Ministry. However, the current Life & Ministry still references that same article.
  2. I definitely don't recommend downloading it from YouTube if there is any possibility to get the DVD, hence I put it as a last resort. I don't like people uploading the society's videos, it doesn't make for a very good witness. Granted, it is one of the better videos in my opinion, and most topics on scientific facts have been moved to the Was It Designed? articles.
  3. My bad indeed.. upon closer inspection of the DVD list, it should be in the "The Bible—A Book of Fact and Prophecy—On DVD (© 1992, 1993, 1996)" collection.
  4. It's only on DVD from 2009, you should try to get it from your kingdom hall if possible. Otherwise you might have to buy it second hand. Someone uploaded it on YouTube as well.
  5. It's a 23 year old VHS cassette tape. If you can still order it from your kingdom hall, that would be the best place. Some people are selling it on Amazon... ugh. You'd need a VCR, VHS to PC adapter. and a PC... or you can Google it and use another shady website to rip the video off of Vimeo. All not technically legal aside from possibly personal use or fair use commentary and parody... It may be good for personal study, but I don't recommend using it with students, it's likely not been made digital for a reason. There are newer videos that are much simpler and better reach the heart. The faithful and discreet slave provides spiritual food at the proper time.
  6. Now all we need is an orbital elevator... a watchtower.
  7. I'm pretty sure that's what I did for my tablet, but I can't remember exactly now. I think I may have had some trouble restoring backups from Helium after moving the backups off the device and wiping? Helium makes standard android backups that allows you to use ADB restore commands on them, if you have any issues you may have to resort to that. Minimal ADB PC drivers: ADB Backup/Restore guide: I really prefer MyPhoneExplorer now for non-rooted backups, it's free and clean of ads/bloat. It's meant to work with your PC and has a much better user interface. It allows you to make full or custom backups of anything and everything on your android device. Titanium and TWRP are still best if you have a custom recovery/rooted device, but that's a lot more complicated to set up. Granted you may want to consider that if you are resetting your phone anyway.
  8. Watched it, pretty enjoyable documentary. Some great explanations regarding the names and quite a few references to Witnesses, thanks for sharing!
  9. All I can see are poor lighting and pixelization. Please don't hate me if I sometimes find animated kitties to be even cuter than the real ones.
  10. Then I guess the people where I am don't know how to set it up.
  11. Our hall recently changed the passwords. For the past couple of years, someone had been calling in, not muting their phone, making a ton of noise in the background and swearing.. it was distracting to say the least. Some funny stories too. Many years back, an older brother and his wife were listening from home without the mute on. He said something funny that I can't recall, his wife scolds him, to which he replies: 'Bah, they can't hear me anyway.'
  12. 'To those listening in from home, please remember to mute your phones.'
  13. Cats are Myew's muse, obviously. Here's some people with cats:
  14. Protip - Transferring highlights on Android: I use an app like Helium or MyPhoneExplorer or ADB backup to backup and restore my highlights in JW Library. You still need to back up publications/media manually. It's much easier to transfer data on an unlocked & rooted device with Titanium, but if you know how to root your device you don't need me to tell you that. Some ROMs like Cyanogen come with root built in. Runs fine on Fire, many people use it since those tablets were only ~$25 shortly ago.
  15. The link to is broken. Nice to see an actual holy day for once.