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    Read any good books?

    I like to read books as apposed to watching TV or movies. How about any of you guys? I just read this book. It is an excellent read. CyberStorm by Matthew Mather Supposedly it will be made into a movie.
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    "The Seekers" - Judith Durham OK?

    To the brothers and sisters in Australia, I recently came across the singing group " The Seekers" which many of you there know became famous back in the sixties with such hits as A World of My Own", "Georgie Girl", "The Carnival is Over", and many others. I was particularly impressed with Judith Durham, not only for her magnificent singing voice, but her sincerity, humility and overall life story. I understand now that last May on the Seeker's 50th anniversary tour she had a debilitizing stroke. I was wondering if any knew her present condition and whether anyone has been able to give her a really good witness. I know her husband Ron died several years back of a fatal disease and while her website says she believes in God and Christ they had for many years before his death been exploring Eastern religions. That no doubt colors her belief now with regard to her husband and his present condition, because I read in one of the blogs about her saying something like he is now progressing along the path of his spiritual journey. That statement of course evokes either the Hindu or Buddhist concept of the souls spiritual progression after death to eventually merge with nirvana. I have read about what a happy couple they were. What she really needs is the truth about what has really happened to her husband, as well as what could yet lay in store for her. Her beautiful singing voice has brought so much hap- pines to so many people, I would love to see her get the truth about what is most meaningful and important to her life. Since I understand she lives in Melbourne I thought this would be the appro- priate place to make this inquiry. GStorrs46
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    Is this Brother Morris of the Governing Body doing the dishes?
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    COREA DEL SUR, ASIA Hermanos visitantes a una asamblea internacional, encuentran en la calle un puesto de informacion
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    Who runs jw-archive.org?

    I, too, perused that site until I saw that "legitimate" JW's did not approve of it! It's great to know that loving and caring JW's are able to warn those of us less knowledgeable about these things, to stay clear. I appreciate my dear brothers and sisters who show loving concern. Please continue to stay true to your beliefs! walkr2 (Voni)
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    Well, I haven't been asked about this and I imagine it would probably be an apostate who asks, but I would initially give them the benefit of the doubt. Go with something simple like - "I am very sad to hear anytime someone is abused. I wish it never happened! I know our organization is VERY interested in the safety of our young people. Would you like to see what the Bible says will happen to people who hurt others like this? 1 Cor 6:9-11. Soon things like this will never happen - I am offering this magazine that talks about how - "Announcing Jah's Kingdom" - website on back if you want to know more. Can I return and talk more about that Kingdom? - say tomorrow - this time???????????"
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    As a former police officer and detective in a specialized unit, Ive had my share in child molestation cases and was educated and trained in Criminal Forensic Psychology. The psyche of a child molester is pityful and dangerous. It would be the same as a serial rapist or killer. If Child molestor has more than one victim, they become socialpaths and blend in very well in almost any environment where they are targeting a victim(s). They ingratiate themselves for months or years to become accepted thus being more dangerous than psychopaths. They are very manipulative and see people as objects for them to play with at thier leisure. Thier view of the world is three dimensional, me, myself and I. You can only catch them when the victim turns up and by that time, were riding their wake of disasters; they've already moved on. We also need to remember that this is a traumatic time for the victim because they must relive the ordeal to BOE(s) in charge of the case then again to the police and of course the investigators. Victims go through emotional and psychological traumas because of varying disbelief amongst family members and many times members of the community. Lets be honest. If you heard so and so did this type of crime, and he or she was a respected member, many would be in disbelief and people would start to question the victim. I'm a realist. This is Jehovah's organization and its perfect, but its run by imperfect men and Satan's know each and everyone of our flaws. Some can control it and some cant. Thats my two cents...
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    While I understand our emotional reaction to seeing Jehovah's name being dragged through the dirt, let's not forget that there was a 9-year-old girl here who suffered the unthinkable, life-altering trauma of being sexually abused. She is now 26, and she is living with the scars of that abuse. I know a lot about her scars. Neither money nor legal victories will heal them; only Jehovah's kingdom can do that. This story is a tragedy all the way around. There is no questioning that fact. But in our haste to point out the excessive and misplaced punishment, please don't forget that this woman is a victim. She has every right to demand justice from the person who did this. I just wish it had remained in that context: HE did this, NOT the brothers.
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    From what I gather, this person was not an elder or MS. He was a member of the congregation. They are saying the Congregation and thereby the organization is responsible for what one member does to another. This is like holding the Catholic church responsible if a parishioner molests a fellow parishioner, not the priest, just another church member. Or if one member kills another, is the whole organization responsible? From the article, it seems that the police were already aware of this person's past molestation, it happened before he was a member of that congregation. It seems the congregation is being held responsible for not notifying everyone of this person's past. But, that is what the national sex offenders registration is for.
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    Who runs jw-archive.org?

    Thanks for clearing that up Bob and PcCowboy, time is so precious right now, I cant be "faffing about" with other groups again as I did with the JWN years ago, but yes, your right Bob, WE are a lovely bunch here!!!
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    Who runs jw-archive.org?

    This is exactly why the FDS is forced to caution us over and over about these seemingly useful resources on the internet. Sometimes it's brothers that you wouldn't trust with a public talk running them...sometimes it's worse. I remember seeing this guy offer the WT Library and the reasoning/excuse for doing so was that brothers in lands under ban weren't able to receive it through the congregation. I tried to remind him how Samuel was running late and so King Saul took it upon himself to sidestep God's arrangement by offering the sacrifice to Jehovah himself, you know for the good of Israel, and how that worked out for him. It fell upon deaf ears.
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