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    Just a humble slave girl
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    married a long time!!
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    Pacific Coast USA
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    March 1987

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    My childrens babysitter, I was a tough sell but she was tougher! Thank-you Jehovah!

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    Garden, cooking, canning, love embroidery but can't hold the needle anymore, it'll wait for the new system, mowing/hedge trimming/brush burning, my garden is truly the love of my life - my place of peace and rest, teaching my grand daughter something new every day she's here.
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    Of course the theocratic is top but I love Clive Cussler.
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    Light Jazz- Rippingtons, Nora Jones or blues
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    Theocratic- Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
    Non- Theocratic- We're burn' daylight, get a move on!

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  1. Great meeting this morning, great nap afterward. Then went in the garden to plant, the soil is so smooth and flows freely through my fingers. Was so warm from the sun. Done now, sitting on the stoop in the afternoon sun, listening to my smooth jazz watching the Robin's as they raid the worms from my soil. One Robin isn't afraid of my presence, seems she must have a big brood to feed she's been back multiple times.

    Just read the thread about writing stories about the NS, I want more to read. What a pleasant evening.

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Ive been working in the garden. Vegetables and flowers. I’m one of those who wants pretty nails. So, gloves are a must. But, I have given it thought. I think we need connection with the earth. So, um no gloves. A good scrub brush sort of does the trick. But, it’s more important to feel that earth, then to have pretty nails. Today, anyway! 

      We planted more of a variety this year. I want to be able to grow most of my veggies! 

      Yes, I agree. A gift from Jehovah! 

    2. bagwell1987


      I agree with the opinion about the earth and it being good for us. A faithful sister asked me to look up Earthing, I thought it was kinda weird until it started to make sense to me. I don't wear gloves either so I end up with gardeners manicure for the growing season, it's ok.

      I planted green beans, beets, giant radishes, salad bowl lettuce, sunflowers and okra (gag, it's for someone at work) and a big row of peas,  I'm also getting english and pickling cucumbers going too. A few volunteer potatoes came up, I'll leave them, Lew can eat potatoes.


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