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  1. For those that may have found this thread from the title and not from the other thread .... If you wonder what this is all about - there is a Collaborative reading thread for Ps. 139 that already has a completed reading
  2. What's for dinner tonight?

    Usually beef - but, we have made it with pork or chicken I do not care for lamb but my wife and oldest daughter would love it made with lamb
  3. Helen, if you can speak with that dialect - or similar .... Please, check out this thread
  4. Perhaps, after we do one in multi-languages we could do one where only Sisters read and another where only Brothers read Think of additional ideas and post them here. We can have then in the back of our minds while we decide upon the details of a multi-language reading
  5. Just to add to the idea of this thread ... If we discuss how to do a reading, like what we are discussing now, when we decide exactly what to read, perhaps we should start a new thread for THAT reading, like the one we had for Ps 139. We can keep this thread for ongoing discussions of various readings and ideas ..... then, each time we decide on a new reading, give that reading it's own thread
  6. There are several suggestions in the Psalm thread. It was mentioned that we should start a new thread to discuss more efforts - so, unless there is another one already started - here is one Andrej already posted: count 7 languages so far. I think we can get at least double of that... @ivy hows your Indonesian? Would you like to join? @Thesauron Jonah, did you see this project? How would you feel to lend us your Sweedish? Brother @Nnaemeka , i guess you speak some African languages. How do you feel about this initiative? @campanula How do you feel about doing some reading in both Russian and Ukrainian? @Astrid Can we get a German Reading from you?? @carlos I am sure your Spanish is pretty good @Intercore Can we count on your Lithuanian as well? @Victoria If you'd like you can do Russian while sis Svetlana reads on Ukrainian @Daniela or Carlos, any of you up for Romanian? @trottigy Jerry, Vietnamese? If I'm not mistaken, I think there is Portuguese spoken We also have a couple members that are Native American, can they speak in their tribal language? Let's not count out that English spoken in US, Canada, England, Ireland and Australia are all a bit different - if they are interspersed with the others we could view them as additional languages Maybe we could count the number of participants and then find a text that has that many verses
  7. There is an Android update to Version 10.0.18563 It has the Study Bible and A section that says "Teaching Toolbox" Also, In the table of Bible books, there are now little headphones for any of the books that have the audio available
  8. Is that what the bucket is for collecting the rocks
  9. I wasn't the one who brought up flour being dead, I was only commenting. I will go now
  10. No, I am not trying to say that "life occurs out of nowhere" and I am not talking about "spontaneous generation" - I was trying to ascertain what the term "dead food" meant. Let me explain: As more than one study has shown, if I take a piece of meat that I bought at the store and bring it home still sealed in the plastic wrap, open the package and make sure that, when I place it under glass, no flies land on it or come near it - and, I leave it there until it begins to rot, magots will, in time, cover the meat. This is not because they spontaneously generated and they did not occur out of nowhere - the eggs were already in/on the meat. I did not put them there. I do not know when and how they got there - but, the birth of the magots shows they were there. So - was the meat "dead"? The same is true of the flour. If I keep the flour long enough or store it in the "right" condition, the "flour weevils" will show up. I did not put them in there and I cannot say just when the eggs got in there, I just know they must have been since the bugs hatched. So - was the flour dead? I was simply commenting on the comment about "dead food" - because, I don't know about you, I do not consider a piece of meat I bring home from the store as being "alive". I would think I would know the difference - I have helped butcher enough meat that was alive before it went from animal to meat. Sorry if I confused you .... Now, on to another comment: Congrats - you are a bit ahead of us. Our 37th was December 6th
  11. Pauline, I appreciate the kind words. Like we are told, "as far as it depends on us, be peaceable" - this is what I try to do, but it is not always easy or taken in the way a post is intended. As for the bugs in "today's" flour, one of the reason I know that it still happens, I recently had to toss out some All Purpose Walmart flour that we had unopened for a couple of years ... too many bugs to sift out
  12. I am not trying to start/engage in a controversy. If you took any of my comments as such, I apologize as it was not my intention. Let me explain: It may be the case that wheat/flour is not the same as it was 50 years ago. However, modern wheat, the stuff sold in Walmart as I type this, will grow "weevils" if stored too long or in the wrong conditions. As to them being weevils or beetles, a simple search for "flour weevils" will turn up several sites that explain that, while commonly called weevils, they are actually beetles. To tell you the truth, I was a bit surprised by this since I have always called them weevils. As to "dead" food - well, a piece of uncooked meat (pork/beef/lamb/chicken) that is left to sit will grow maggots even if it is stored in a container that does not let flies inside. I din't know about you, but the meat in my fridge is certainly not alive - so, you can see why an exception was taken about the assertion that "Dead food does not contain anything living because there is no life for them to exist on"
  13. I have seen and experienced having "flour weevils" in flour - it has not mattered if the flour was "unprocessed" or if it was the fully processed white flour found in most grocery stores. If you don't use the flour and it sits on the shelf long enough - it may hatch these bugs (they are not really weevils) "There is already a certain amount of eggs when the flour is new and most all grain items will contain a minute amount of infestation--and still meet FDA standards. Our pioneer ancestors dealt with this all the time--they just accepted some addition protein." ( https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Weevils-(Flour-Bugs) )
  14. I am not sure the term "raw/uncooked" it totally correct for the ramen noodles purchased in the US. I had a doctor and dietitian tell me that ramen noodles have been fried before packaging and are, therefore, already cooked. As to the health concerns of ramen, it turns out that, even though there have been claims that eating ramen often can cause health issues, there apparently have been no studies done to support this conclusion.

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