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  1. If it rains enough to put out the fires - watch out for mud/debris slides
  2. Qapla

    My off topic thread

    I have never had a problem cleaning the dose cup out that comes with NyQuil (or the generic equivalent) - but then, I use very hot water
  3. Qapla


    BTW - the dough turned out quite nice
  4. Qapla

    Witness memes

    OK - where is the "cute" reaction emoji?
  5. So, I guess they believe that no one who isn't born a Hindu should become one? Seems funny they accept converts
  6. Qapla

    Private firefighters

    Yeah - I read about this and wondered where do they get the water from? Do they take what is needed for "public use" and use it on the private fire?
  7. Qapla

    My off topic thread

    We don't have Daylight Saving here in Florida at least, not now that fall is here we have returned to Standard Time
  8. If you sent it in to the News for publication there is not much you can do ... you gave the rights away when you sent it to the News
  9. Quite a number of years back a friend of mine was on a plane to South America - his family has worked in different areas of South America since he attended Gilead and was unable to accept an assignment. Anyway, he was sitting there minding his own business when a man approached him and asked if he would trade seats with the woman the other man was traveling with. He agreed and they swapped seats. Turns out, the woman was one of the political leaders of the countries in Central or South America (I can't remember exactly which country he said) and, when the plane landed she came personally to him and thanked him for trading seats. He told her it was not a problem - then he asked if she could do something for him ... he explained that her country (yes, he had recognized her) was having a vote coming up that could have a detrimental impact on JW's and our preaching work. He asked her to vote in favor of the JW's. She smiled and said she would see what she could do. He can't say it was due to him, but, when the vote came up, she voted in our favor and the JW's were not impacted in a negative way. You just never know ... BTW - I have never been on a plane. I do not fly. Can't take heights In fact, I took the train to NY when I worked at Warwick
  10. With two threads with the same title and on the same topic I am getting a little
  11. It was bitterly cold here last night and stayed extremely cold cool all day. It is supposed to be horribly cold again tonight but it may warm up a bit tomorrow. Since I live in Florida I started out describing today's weather like a local - but, in view of the weather they are having a bit further north ... I decided to edit my description
  12. Qapla


    Not sure it fits the category but I am doing a 48 hour cold ferment dough for NY style pizza
  13. Qapla

    California Fires

    Back during the "Firestorm of 1998" when a vast area of Florida was on fire we managed to not have to evacuate - but, the fires came within 5 miles of our house
  14. Qapla

    California Fires

    Back in the late 1970's we had a family move into the congregation. They had moved from Michigan to Kentucky to serve where the need was greater. They experienced a flash flood. Almost no warning and they barely escaped with only one of their vehicles. They had to choose vehicles - and chose his work van so he would have his tools. They lost everything! When they moved here, all they had was his work van and the clothes they were wearing. Having been close friends with that couple, I really feel for those who are losing all they have in the various disasters that have occured recently

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