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  1. Noah and Thomas Andrews, Jr Daniel and Marcel Bich
  2. We should also keep in mind that there could be a difference in "radiator water" amd "radiator coolant/antifreeze" I know there have been many times my radiator only contained water
  3. We have more blackberries than we can use - and we don't even have to plant them ..... they grow wild here -- so do elderberries
  4. We use a variety of methods depending on the type/size of the pallet/skid and what we need the wood for. Sometimes we just cut the boards at the runners and discard the runners - depends on if the runners are usable Other times we remove the nails by a variety of methods from both, the slats and the runners.
  5. When I use the PC, when my mouse pointer goes over the reaction icon, after a moentary pause, the entire list pops up. All I have to do is click on the one I want. If I want to click on the default "thumbsup" all I have to do is click on it - I do not have to wait for the list to appear. However, on my Android device(s), when I tap/click on the react icon, the list pops up and I have to click on the one I want. So, if I want to click on the default "thumbsup", I have to tap the thumb, then tap is again to select it. So, what only takes a single click on the PC takes two taps on Android - at least for me, it does.
  6. I gather from your description you are putting the screws in the "edge" of the lid from the sides - actually, that sounds like a good idea. Even though brass won't rust, is it possible it will "green" with corrosion in the wet environment? Stainless steel will not rust or corrode. I was thinking of "bolts" (possibly carriage bolts) or machine screws comming though from the top through the lid. Don't have any pictures. The way I was saying, the heads would show from the top when the lid is closed and the nuts would ve visible in the underside of the lid when it is open. They way you describe sounds like they are hidden. I like the idea of them not being seen. I would probably be inlcined to use ones long enough that they extend far enough into the lid that the screws are carying the weight of the lid, not just holding the edge. I would also probably use some sort of glue where the screws pass through the wood to they are not dependant on the plastic lid to keep them tight.
  7. At least living in Florida it doesn't quite get the mercury up over 110F degrees that often and we don't go quite that long without rain ......... Instead, because of the extreme high humidity, though it may not actually be 110F - it feels like it is 115F-120F and you are soaking wet by the time you get to the first door in the morning when out in service. Of course, things do cool off a bit when we get our daily dose of 1"-2" rain between 3 and 5 pm ..... except for those days when the rain comes around 1 pm and the resulting steam makes it feel like 130F. At least it is back up to 90F - 95F by bedtime so the roads will be nice and dry for the morning.
  8. When you put the screws in to hold the lids you may want to consider using Stainless and it may be best to use fender washers with the screws inside the lids so they hold the best without pulling through. I would think it may be best to use 5 fasteners. One near each corner and one in the center for full support. You could counter-sink the nuts on the ourside of the wood and they would be practically invisible. Or, you could put the screw heads on the outside and use acorn nuts inside. Perhaps still use some type of adhesive and/or caulck to help seat the lid so it cusions the lid as it is opened and closed over time.
  9. It is true - rabbits generate good fertilizer.
  10. Actually, horse poop is not really that good of a fertalizer - cow is far better and chicken is sometimes too "hot" The problem is, if you are horse and buggy - they poop on the road while pulling the buggy - not only can it bounce up and hit you, if everyone is using h&b to get around, that is a lot of poop on the roads. Now, while it is true you can put a diaper in the horse They are not that easy to use and are not always effective ... plus, it is one more piece of equipment to have to deal with and maintain. Not to mention it does nothing for when the horse pees - and horses can pee gallons!
  11. Just so you can see what the icons look like
  12. For those who think horse and buggy is a "simple, carefree" way to travel have never done. They may have had a ride in a carriage, but they have never had to train and care for the horse(s), the harness and bridles as well as the buggy itself. They are a lot of work - not to mention that, even when you are not using the them for transport - unlike a vehicle, the horse still has to be fed and cared for every day. And, I am speaking from experience!
  13. OK - for the answer to Martin's question ....
  14. Qapla

    My off topic thread

    I think they only announce their first name and no one checks to see if that is really their name ...
  15. On my PC there are several icons across the top bar of the posting/editing window. There are: four on the left ( B I U S ) for Bold, Italics, Underline and Strikethrough Next, there are seven - they are for links, quotes, code, emoji, spoiler, bullet list, numbered list the next five are increase indent, decrease indent, align left, justify, center, align right the next six are text color, background color, font size, font, remove format, preview the last one on the right looks like a blank sheet of paper with a corner missing - it is "New Page" - this is the one that clears the editor window I cannot say all these are on all editors - but, it is what is on my editor

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