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  1. I wonder why the US cover will be different
  2. I remember those days when we had 8 minute - 3 scripture presentation in the KM .... and we were instructed NOT to put our foot in the door to hold it open .... and you know, we were told that because many some were doing that very thing.
  3. The Convention Release Tab just showed up on my PC and Android Tablet just now - they were not there earlier ... even 5 minutes ago they were not there
  4. He did reference several times that a megatsunami happened before because there is "evidence" of it - he dates the evidence prior to the flood of Noah's day. He gives no credit that this "evidence" could be the result of the Flood. He does make some interesting points - but, I get the impression he is just looking for recognition with a "sensational" report on this event.
  5. Qapla

    Home page

    I have a picture of the sign that used to be at Warwick when it was being built. Not only is it a nice picture, it is one I took so it is special to me. (BTW, I use the same picture on my tablet and phone) I keep the desk icons hidden so I have a clean desktop. I have the programs/apps I use most in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Works for me ....
  6. Qapla

    The Royal Wedding

    Well, since it was more about the people, their "station" (you know - royal ... after all, they are just people), the fancy building used for false worship and the pomp and ceremony and not about Jehovah's institution of marriage ..... not so sure it was all that beautiful .... at least, not for me.
  7. Back when I was about 20 and a Regular Pioneer - I received a cashier's check/bank draft in the mail. Since it was a this sort of check - it does not say who sent it .... it just comes from the bank. I never did find out who gave it to me but, just like you, it came at just at the right time to let me continue in my pioneer service and make the Convention. Yes, even if you "think" you know who it is from - let them have their happiness of giving and their anonymity and thank Jehovah for their love
  8. Qapla


    I started out with brown eyes. However, as I have gotten older they are more green/brown. My Sister had very dark brown eyes. My Wife has brown eyes. Her Mom had brown very dark brown eyes but her Dad and both her Brothers had blue eyes - very distinctive blue Two of our daughters have the same blue eyes my Wife's Dad has. The other two have dark brown eyes.
  9. So far it looks like air travel has not been affected by the eruption. They are not sure but they hope this eruption marks the end of this level of activity. Just saw that on The Weather Channel
  10. Is it too soon to start wondering/speculating/talking about the June Broadcast I guess it should be here ?? https://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=MP4&langwritten=e&pub=jwb&issue=201806
  11. I have not heard of that. Our does not have that problem. Have you checked to make sure that the computer does not have the LAN and WIFI turned on and active? You do not need two connections to the Internet. It is possible for them to both be enabled and it can cause conflicts. If possible, LAN is the best connection for the Hall computer. Faster and more secure.
  12. Qapla

    BC Flooding

    Did I misread that one sign - did it say the "Vomiting Place was moved to the Catholic Church"?

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