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  1. We're at 38 years .... and I still don't have a 10' pole so I'm not touching this thread either πŸ˜‰
  2. Rain spotted on Saturn's moon Titan, which may be home to alien life Saturn's moon Titan, which some scientists have theorized could be the home to extraterrestrial life due to the presence of surface liquid and dust storms, is providing another surprise to researchers β€” the sight of fresh rainfall. Prior to making its death plunge into the ringed planet, NASA's Cassini spacecraft was able to capture a reflective feature near the north pole of Saturn's largest moon.... β€œIt’s like looking at a sunlit wet sidewalk,” https://www.foxnews.com/science/rain-spotted-on-saturns-moon-titan-which-may-be-home-to-alien-life.amp
  3. I have come across many "super-neat" (perhaps even fastidious) homosexual people while at the same time I also know some very spiritual, mature JW's who do not mind a "normal" amount of clutter ... ... not sure I agree with the idea that being extremely "tidy" gives you a "clean mind"
  4. If we stop using the eggs on such a regular basis ... what should we do with all of them? Chickens lay eggs everyday whether we use them or not.
  5. Qapla

    How much has changed

    I enjoy our feeding arrangement - people staying in their seats and eating a simple lunch ... instead of the time consuming process of making the meals so the friends could stand in long lines to get them ... the way we do it now is SO much better! As a side thought ... we have a Sister in our Hall that is only partially happy for the large screens. She was very excited when we first got them because she is nearly deaf and cannot hear the program even with a headset on. However, she is expert at reading lips. She tries to sit on the front row at the RC so she can see the screens with no one blocking her view. She can now see the speakers AND read their lips. She has really enjoyed that aspect of the screens. However, as things have progressed and we have gotten more videos during the program, she is not as happy with those. I never thought about it ... but, as she pointed out, during the videos, the people on them talk to each other or there is a "narration" that she cannot really hear - as opposed to the speaker facing the camera where she can read the lips. Now, if they would add "closed captions" she would probably like that
  6. Some years back there was a "famous" sandwich shop in NYC that was shut down because they found an illegal gas connection that allowed the business to use gas that was not metered. The current owner of the shop did not know anything about the illegal connection since it had, evidently, been installed over 40-50 years ago. It was discovered because a nearby building had a fire that was traced to an illegal gas connection and the Fire Dept. and Gas Co. decided to do additional inspections. Seems there were a lot of illegal gas connections installed 30-60 years ago that have gone undiscovered in NYC - and, since these are all illegal, they have never been inspected and most likely were not installed by a qualified gas technician. How many other large cities have similar situations that are illegal, leaky gas connections just waiting for a spark to ignite them.
  7. In our Hall we start the song when the Brother who announces it is finished speaking - usually, when they step back from the mic. If there is any delay, it is not noticeable ... a "few seconds" (even 6 to 10) is NOT too long for the music with lyrics to begin. This delay is highly influenced by the speed of the computer playing it.
  8. We have 3 or 4 attending the Hall ... We also just had 2 new unbaptized publishers announced in the prisons - we have 3 prisons in or territory, including "death row"
  9. Qapla

    Our heart...

    I don't click on links that are not explained, described or partially quoted ... More than just a link would be nice
  10. Qapla

    The power of water

    They have been used for some time now - they keep things cooler than cutting with a blade and are extremely accurate Actually, a standard pressure washer can put water under your skin if you are not careful ...
  11. When one door closes ... Jehovah opens another The Disaster Warehouse in Jacksonville closed so I will not be working there anymore ... however, today I received a new invite I am supposed to teach a maintenance training skill at a Hall next Saturday (Jan 19) - I am waiting for the material from LDC to know how I am supposed to do this

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