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  1. While it is a shame that someone died in an accident involving a self-driving vehicle, isn't it interesting that very little is mentioned in the news about the many, many that die everyday involving vehicles with actual human drivers behind the wheel?
  2. Android just updated from 10.3.21753 to 10.3.22288 "Fixed several bugs including some that were causing the app to crash"
  3. We don't have anything as exotic as kangaroos - but, native to our area are: The Eastern Diamondback - a pit viper species found in the southeastern United States. It is the heaviest though not the longest venomous snake in the Americas and the largest rattlesnake Alligator - The American alligator is the official state reptile of Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Several organizations and products from Florida have been named after the animal. "Gators" has been the nickname of the University of Florida's sports teams since 1911
  4. Google laid an Easter Egg on my phone

    There are no cats on my phone game - just the android bot and the lollipops
  5. Google laid an Easter Egg on my phone

    My phone has Android 5 (Lollipop) and I found it has some sort of "Lollipop" game.
  6. Many years ago I worked with a man named Jehovah - His last name was Godbolt .... I found it hard to call him by his name, especially since he used "bad" language and smoked marijuana His mother had taken all her children's names from the Bible - his older brother, who also worked for the same company, was named Northern - after the Norther Ten Tribes .... I forget what his sister's name was ... she was named after a river in the Bible
  7. Happy Pi Day

    Blaze Pizza priced their pizza at $3.14 for Pi Day
  8. Att has an app that uses WiFi to transfer phone data
  9. While reading through this thread I was struck with a thought that shows how this world, while they push for Political Correctness, like the current "gender neutrality", they use a double standard when it suits them. Let me explain: Some years back, before the current "gender neutral" push, there was another "gender neutral" push here in the US. Seems some were upset over terms like Men Working Mailman Stewardess Thus, there was a change to terms like Workers Mailperson Flight Attendant Another set of these words to be adjusted was Actor and Actress - it was deemed that they are all "Actors". However, they did not really embrace the gender neutrality this change should have brought. How so? When it comes to giving awards, they still include gender. Think about it ... if they were really trying to be as gender neutral as they should have been, they would not have awards for "Best Leading Man" and "Best Leading Woman" (or, as they still call them, "Best Actor and Best Actress"). They would simply have "Best Actor" and list the male and female actors together. Of course, if they did this, there would only be half as many awards given out - and they sure don't want that!
  10. My off topic thread

    Currently isn't that when you make something with currants
  11. My Android just went to version 10.3.21753 this morning
  12. We have a few sisters that drive the forklifts at the warehouse - my daughter is making room for forklift in her schedule and she should be receiving her invitation - perhaps by next week. The first thing the Elder who oversees the warehouse asks when someone inquires about working at the warehouse - Is you DC-50 current and have you included this skill on it?
  13. Too bad you didn't list the tags in the opposite order - then it might show ......
  14. On my "Unread Content" view the "Hobbies" and "Fun" tags show in the listing - but the, important for this thread, "Ametuer Radio" tag does not show
  15. I looked at the website and "ran" the demo - I was expecting a video not a "stumble around and see what you can discover" demo However, it looks interesting

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