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  1. analynandmichael

    Request magazines and literature

    Thank you John!
  2. Hello Brothers could any of you help me? i am trying to find the guidelines for requesting literature. S-56 . i couldn’t. Could anyone guide me how can I find it? thank you
  3. analynandmichael

    Bible Trivia

    Very nice. keep them coming please
  4. analynandmichael

    Bold print?

    I haven’t. I’ll give it a try thank you
  5. analynandmichael

    Bold print?

    Jw library app changing letter size won’t help nowhere can we see bold print
  6. analynandmichael

    Bold print?

    It is in English. Some of the friends has the same tablet yet for them it works. bold printed words are there. if we change the language it doesn’t help.
  7. analynandmichael

    Bold print?

    Hello friends! one of our elders asked me if I could help him with his android tablet that doesn’t show the bold printed words in the watchtower. like all “Read” and many other words that has to be emphasized when read. his android shows them as any other words. I tried to update the app, then the tablet, change the letter size, nothing. any ideas?? loving greetings from Denmark
  8. We have received some information from our Russian friends in Denmark. As the brothers are not allowed to preach, they still take their literature cart and walk around with it. the carts are empty. people can’t help but ask, what are you doing?? What happened to your magazines? ........ do I treasure my privilege of freely serving Jehovah....? those brothers are not just loyal and faithful but creative as well
  9. analynandmichael

    Software for group overseers?

    Just the normal things of keeping track who is in th group, responsibilities, shepherding calls details.. thanks for your respond
  10. Hi everyone! Does any of you know any software that can be a help for a group overseer? Thanks in advance! Warm Greetings from Denmark to all of you!
  11. Please someone clarify in a simple language. Do we have the outcome yet? Thanks friends
  12. Dear friends! we are serving in an English congregation in Copenhagen. Our priority groups are the native English ,African Indian ,Nepalese.. there are a lot of foreigners at our territory and we are having a hard time to identify where do they come from by name as we see them on the postboxes. does any of you knows any good app ,software that can identify nationality by surnames, first names...? it would be highly appreciated! Michael from Denmark.
  13. analynandmichael

    October Broadcast

    If you change the language to Arabic than you hear it in English the whole broadcasting.only with subtitles.
  14. analynandmichael

    Useful apps?

    Dear friends! I am looking for some useful apps, software programs, that can help our ministry beside our service time ones. Have you ever felt like that when you are out with the group,it would be nice to know where are the others, so we can get them together for Caffè..? Is there any app that can help with that. Do you know any app for group overseers? Used to be it was some.on the ministry ideaz.. Please share if you have something good!
  15. analynandmichael

    September broadcast

    Interesting topic indeed.however I also feel like that some of us are reading way too much into it.whatever numbers br Splane has talked about which was rather amazing and motivating we should also remember that our literature emphasizes more and more how close we are to the and. Words and phrases like, close very close,imminent occurs time and again.and of course and scene of this world is just insane.. My conclusion is that it is impossible that this world will last til many years or decades.

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