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  1. Pumpkin soup is a Mexican dish? 🤔
  2. boodles

    How much has changed

    I just love the original songs, they make the truth fun and accessible.
  3. Actually it was a great question, and I'm glad you asked it because I had no idea it could be considered offensive. The variety of answers and viewpoints are enlightening. And remember, we can't hear/get tone of voice in posts, usually no one's trying to be rude. 😎
  4. boodles

    Fowl Play or Just A Decoy

    Wow, that blows my mind. Some birds and fish have the most interesting designs/patterns!
  5. boodles

    Fowl Play or Just A Decoy

    Is that real? It looks like someone photoshopped different birds together.
  6. I think if I try to answer, I'm defending illegal immigration, which I don't want to do. But I think you are coming across as too black and white. Jehovah didn't make the borders, he knows we have to provide for our families. Sometimes it's about survival. As in the case of how many in the caravan feel. I feel this is too far of a statement, they can be considered exemplary in many ways. Service, commenting, study, fruits of the spirit, etc. I agree, but if he can't legalize he can still be blessed by Jehovah in many ways. Such as having a Bible study.
  7. Actually, the immigrant has to prove when they apply for residency that they can support themself and their family, if not, they need a sponsor. Once in the US, if the legal resident uses government aide, the sponsor can be held financially responsible to even have to pay it back, and it can affect whether the immigrant can get citizenship. There's a lot of wrong information out there, don't be quick to believe it. They are not allowed responsibilities, but they are not being disciplined. They are allowed to get baptized and give comments. My husband and I were allowed to marry in the Kingdom Hall and he was allowed to do maintenance. The US immigration system is very hard and very costly. Many people have no way to become legal. Even marrying a US citizen doesn't make it easy, although it has changed in recent years. It's better not to judge anyone by their immigration status, as most likely they are doing all they can to obey the law and provide for their families.
  8. Did someone say donuts?!? 🍩
  9. I'm sure the brothers are taking the opportunity to talk with the people in the caravan, if possible, and there are always brothers on both sides of the border crossings. Probably where the people came from they were getting a regular witness, too, if it's anything like Mexico. Jehovah's making his name known. I saw three different carts today while I was driving around.
  10. Husband's answers 1. Joseph 2. Lion 3. Manna 4. Gnats 5. Ananias and Saphira 6. Sling 7. Widow of Zarepheth having enough flour 8. Tobias 9. John the Baptist 10. Shepherd
  11. 1. Ruben 2. Leviathan 3. Manna 4. Locust 5. Adam and Eve 6. Sword 7. Water from rock 8. Sisera 9. Joseph 10. Tent maker
  12. boodles

    Things You Shouldn't Say!

    You look tired. (Even if they do.) New: What not to say to the person who hit and ran your car, and you were able to track down. (It's been quite a day!)
  13. Is the citizenship oath different than the oath to work for the US government, like during the Census?
  14. boodles


    Sounds like fun! I always like to take classes, too. I've done some free, online classes the past few years.

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