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  1. Precision

    Increasing hemoglobin

    Also fresh wheat grass juice has been used and well researched in India for patients with thalassemia and low hemoglobin levels.
  2. Precision

    Things You Shouldn't Say!

    Hey you guys are just in time for our weekly bible study, please come on in and sing the new song for us ! What not to say to your bible study who just partook of the emblems at the memorial !
  3. Precision

    Things You Shouldn't Say!

    Hey, you remind me of...What’s her name ? Let’s see there was Shoebootie, Packy, Meathead, and Oh yes DIngbat, from All in the family. New: What not to say to the new local Rookie police officer who just stopped you for speeding in field service.
  4. Precision

    Making Pizza

    What was his response to making a vegetarian pizza ?
  5. You mean the slide guitar ? Before coming into the truth we listened to Pink Floyd quite extensively as teenagers in the 70's. Dark side of the Moon...Such innovators in their day
  6. Precision


    Shred the Gnar Bro. during June bloom and come on over...we'll have a feast, hope you like Mexican food ? Bring some Hella Napa Valley's finest, and we'll provide the glasses.
  7. Precision


    As a Christian...All things in moderation.
  8. Precision

    The Happy Ending Thread

    The last picture says it all..."and they ran off into the night."
  9. Precision

    What if? ...

    This old Chap...starting a new trend. Maybe this should be in the beard thread !
  10. Precision

    What if? ...

    The cat is finally out of the bag ! We didn't know you were such a talented tattoo artist.

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