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  1. I have noticed here in nearly rural UK how people's attitudes are changing. They claim to be more tolerant, yet are very intolerant of anyone with a different view to themselves. They are getting more insistent on their lifestyles, despite inconvenience or embarrasment to others. People are getting - as one local said - as if they enjoy getting angry over virtually anything, whether in real life eg -road rage/cart rage in shops or trolling on social media. Some of it may be down to being 'tired and wired'. Working long hours and staying up late, lacking sleep and good diet or having chronic aches & pains and no time to convalesce, so are tired and irritable all the time and not as alert as they should be. Then someone surprises them out of their tired stupor by cutting in front in a shop aisle or taking too long at the checkout and they snap - same in traffic over the slightest mistakes or delays. Everyone seems 'edgy' and you have to be so careful and tactful and prepared to be kind despite getting your ears blown off by some strained folk on the Ministry these days. A phrase getting more common round here after walking away from some householders is "Who rattled their cage before we got there!" Lack of Police & closed Police stations in most towns has led to open illegal activities and rural crime is really bad. Livestock is stolen so often that farmers try to put broken vehicles/large rocks at field entrances to block thieves' trucks, but to no avail. One farmer bought large expensive guard dogs, but got them stolen as well. Farm vehicles get stolen or set on fire regularly and farmers get robbed at gun-point. If farms have things stolen, but no one gets hurt - even to thousands of pounds worth gone, the farmer only gets a crime number report off Police and little chance crime investigations as it is regarded as 'victimless' and they haven't time nor resources to investigae! The latest atrocities seem to be mad gangs going into fields and slaughtering sheep or horses for no apparent reason than gory minded nastiness. This adds to the dog-fighting and badger and cat baiting for money/bets that goes on without any rural Police to stop it.Life is getting cheap as people get more callous and insensitive to suffering.
  2. A few years ago I did a thread about the Scandal 1000s of babies born in Spain in the 20th Century, in Catholic run Hospitals and the parents being told by Nuns/nurses that their babies had died and being presented with a dead baby. Then a funeral arranged by the hospital that the parents had to pay for. Then years later many of these tiny coffins exhumed and found to contain hospital waste or rocks/rubble. Documents and ex-nun accounts of presenting different post-birth women with the same dead baby kept in cold storage for this purpose. This started a whole investigation into Doctors/Priests/Nuns deciding that some families or mothers were 'unsuitable parents' - not Catholic - Communist/atheist leanings - unmarried. Also, there were Catholic Agencies for wealthy childless or wealthy Catholic families wanting children/more children around the World asking these Catholic Adoption agencies for babies, so they were taking babies by deception to sell to these families. Tv shows had women in Spain by the hundreds discovering that their babies had not died and been adopted, often to America and they were petitioning the United Nations to help them find their lost/stolen babies. Sadly, the Priests/Nuns/Doctors were burning hospital records in some hospital incinerators before authorities could seize them. Some adults whose parents admit they were bought/adopted had their DNA checked but very few have been reunited with their lost real parents. All last fortnight I listened each day to an ongoing investigation on BBC Radio 4 that has been going on in Ireland for a few years about a different topic, but has ended up exposing the same practice there as well. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06b5fzl/episodes/downloads It started with the discovery of a mass illegal grave of 800 babies and children at the site of what was once a Catholic run Mother & Baby/children's Unit in Tuam Ireland. It was supposed to be for unmarried women to go to to have their babies and leave them there for adoption. It was demolished a few years ago., but there were always rumours that many babies left there died in squalid conditions and no one seemed to know where any were buried. Claire Corless, a local lady looked into any records of the place and the records did not add up as to what happened to many of the children in there. Then workmen were dong work there and discovered the old sewer/cess-pit and it was full of up to 800 small bodies - unconsecrated illegal disposals of dead babies and children. Even so there were many more unnaccounted for that had 'died' according to the records. Aside from eye witness reports/personal experiences I heard of the mistreatment of children and mothers in these bleak Workhouses/hospitals. It transpired that mothers had gone into the place to have their babies, which were immediately removed and told the baby had died by Nuns. However, this was a ploy so that the mother had no chance of returning to reclaim their child if her circumstances improved/she married the father. This meant the baby could be sold for great profits to the Church organisations in America./Canada/Australia. The numbers of stolen babies in other Mother & Baby units/Magdalen Laundries in Ireland is growing and growing as more people come forward to testify or records/certificates are found to be falsified. This and the Paedophile scandals where some priests were just moved around to carry on committing crimes and now parishioners are asked to help pay compensation claims is changing the whole dynamic of how people of ireland regard the Catholic Church in ireland. On the one hand Clair Corless and other people revealing the scandal and victims are getting anonymous threats of violence against them, but on the other hand honest people are not just blindly going to Church without question anymore. Then there is also the issue of mothers and some fathers wondering where their children have gone and that they may not know that they have family back in Ireland that may be looking for them. Then the children finding out that their birth certificates are false and wondering who their real mothers are: https://www.irishcentral.com/news/irishvoice/adoption-machine-paul-jude-redmond https://www.amazon.com/Adoption-Machine-History-Irelands-Scandal/dp/1785371770/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1529553552&sr=1-1&keywords=the+adoption+machine https://www.rte.ie/news/ireland/2018/0612/969974-illegal-adoption-action/ https://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/dozens-of-cases-of-people-who-do-not-know-they-are-adopted-the-tip-of-the-iceberg-say-campaigners-845746.html
  3. Seems to be a fair article and the Finnish Officials seem to be acting in a fair way. they say how they recognise the severity and increase of the persecution beyond just men, but women now. Pray & Hope more of our brothers left behind are not too vicitimized. It seems that Mr Trump is not overly interested in bringing up tricky issues of persecution of JWs and other minorities in Russia, that the Human Rights groups in America hoped he would. He, as a known wealthy businessman, is more interested in schmoozing Mr Putin with business and co-operation deals - as he has done with China and N Korea - under the guise of 'making his country great' his version of and gaining Peace & Security - That may still be of interest to us as we 'keep on the watch' regarding signs of us getting anywhere nearer more fullfilments of Bible prophecies On another subject.I watched a documentary on UK TV last night and it was scary how Mr Putin enjoys motor-biking round with a large chapter of a nasty looking "Hell's Angels" type Russian biker gang and he gives them lots of money and ex-military gifts for 'projects' he approves of. The Russian public are given the impression that they are using some of the money to provide entertainment/parades/ night-club events that are all thinly disguised Pro-Nationalism; Pro-government propaganda. However, the TV narrator also hinted at the fact these Nationalistic thugs are men with records of beatings and violence who might be being used by Putin for other types of 'keeping people in order'. They looked the typical leather-clad; heavy tattooed mass of muscles, some in balaclavas/ski masks/biker face covering helmets to hide their faces from the cameras - seemed big and intimidating bullies - keen to brag about their tough lives and power they have thanks to their good friend Putin! Made me shudder !☠️☠️
  4. There's at least 6 congregations there with phone numbers on the JW.Org site to locate a congregation, so I have sent her the link to the site and hopefully she can ring one of those numbers nearest to where she has accommodation.
  5. An island off Britain was invaded and taken over by the Nazis - Jersey. There were Jehovah's Witnesses among the population. The father of our previous Co-ordinator/ Presiding Overseer was only 26 and a new JW. Before our elder went away to serve as a pioneer elder in Hong Kong, a few years ago, he told us his family's story. Under occupation by the Nazis, all families of JWs were assigned a German soldier to guard them and escort them if they left their home. Our elder's father Witnessed to the guard assigned to their family and over time this decent friendly young soldier began to respond. This led to both his father and the guard being arrested. They were both taken to the harbour and put on a ship to be sent to prison in Germany. Our elder told us that he was only 7 years old when he last saw his father being put on that ship hand-cuffed. He, as a litttle boy, kept going down to the harbour when he saw a ship coming in - just in case they had brought his father back - but he never saw his father again. The Nazis treated his mother badly. She was put to hard labour working in the fields. Jersey has very fertile farmland - even today grows the best Jersey potatoes and tomatoes. She endured this labouring in all kinds of weather and long hours for a couple of years, but the regime was difficult, worshipping openly and in groups was banned and an opportunity arose to escape by boat to UK mainland, so our elder, still a boy, left with his mother and on reaching the mainland, made their way to Bedford where brothers and sisters took them in and cared for them. Years later he wrote to where he thought his father may have been sent in Germany. He found out that his father was due to be executed by the Germans in the prison, but the prison and much of the city was bombed in raids by the British RAF and his father was killed in one of those bombing raids.
  6. If ever you take a trip to the Lake District and West Cumbria we have a BSL teacher and class in our congregation. There is only 1 actual deaf person in our congregation, but quite a few have learned the language for the MInistry and to befriend him. There are 3 sets of rows in our congregation meetings and they sit together on the right front section taking turns to sign the meeting. They have their own congregation Bible study in our 2nd school room. We are meeting at Workington Kingdom Hall at the moment because our old Hall is being sold and we are currently looking for a new site for a Hall in our home town. Some manage go to Dudley conventions for the deaf. The elder/BSL tutor and his wife are presently teaching BSL at Wigton Kingdom Hall on Sunday afternoons with more brothers and sisters who are learning it.
  7. Don't live there myself, but have been many times. People are well used to Witnesses in Edinburgh - We used to have our Regional Convention there for years, then we were relocated to Newcastle or Perth depending on where we lived. Love the Scottish city. Our congregation used to stay around the University = Pollock Halls of Residence. There Favourite things to see in Edinburgh = Royal Mile - lots of interesting tourist sites on there. Whiskey museum; tartan specialists; Royal palace of Holyrood is at one end of it and Edinburgh Castle on it's mountain overlooking the city is at the other end; Madam Tussauds waxworks is along there; but my favourite is: http://www.dynamicearth.co.uk/ There used to be Scottish Country dancing and ballroom dancing in the park on Princes Street ( where all the big shops and railway station are) on a Saturday evening in summer. Nice botanical gardens. and a National Portrait Gallery of famous artwork. On the same road as the Murryfield Stadium where we used to have conventions on Corstophine Road there is Edinburgh Zoo where China has loaned 2 Pandas that have mated. They are a big attraction for visitors. It's a city of 2 halves - Old City that is below the castle - dates back 500 years narrow streets and then the New Town = Georgian 18th Century classical designed pretty terraces Across the Firth of Forth is the big aquarium attraction and at the Port of Leith is the Queen's old ship to wander round - The Britannia. There are at least 6 congregations in that city in English: https://apps.jw.org/ui/E/meeting-search.html#/weekly-meetings/search/E/Edinburgh, UK/55.953252,-3.188267/
  8. retroHelen

    Flog It!

    Antique Roadshow is my favourite in UK. People bring things with a good story - a family treasure that because of it's story, they won't necessarily be parting with it. The people giving appraisals on there are specialists in their field, so give a fair opinion and treat the people with dignity and respect. Flog it! is OK, but tends to get the same things on each week and not such interesting stuff with interesting histories because the people brought it to the program to sell, so tends to be something they'd willingly part with. Flog it also tends to get repeated on TV over and over. One antique dealer on there died years ago, yet still appears on the programs in repeats - pointless repeating them after 10 years because trends/fashions and prices change. For instance - Troika pots - not my taste - I would be willing to sell any I had for the silly prices this odd looking 1960s/70s studio pottery makes on Flog it! Not pretty - wouldn't give it house-room myself, yet it often gets on this program What I don't like is when Antique dealers face a member of the public with an item they know nothing of, give a rubbish opinion and it is entered in a country sale auction with farm implements and junk and gets the person nothing in return. This often happens with our specialist subject - Collector's Toys. It's so annoying to see good collectable stuff wasted, wrongly described and undersold - We wished we had been there to give the person a fair price. It's very time consuming though following Flog It, as a dealer, around the country - we do know some of the dealers and discussed this with them.
  9. I don't feel 'secure in my cosy sofa' when I see my poor brothers and sisters suffering at the hands of injustice. I feel frustration at what else I can do. I speak to all who are fair-minded about what is going on and tell them what is happening. I wrote to Mr Putin. I and our congregation mention them in our prayers regularly and at the last meeting. Then we think how people in our own country are getting more unreasonable, ignorant, Nationalistic or polarized;extreme and angry on moral issues and rights and then are wanting to seek to ban/persecute/silence anyone that has a different opinion to them and we think it could suddenly be us on the end of injustice before long. Seeing how our dear brothers and sisters are living through injustice now is a lesson to the rest of us - to get us thinking what we would do if it happened to us. Keeping us 'On the Watch' to simplify our lives - share out any excess we don't need - and try not to get too attached to all our stuff and the place we are, just in case we have to give it all up to save ourselves and our faith. We pray for those suffering while praying we don't get complacent and take for granted what we have at present - it may not be there for much longer!
  10. Here it is again because it's coming up in a talk next week. - Recycling an old but good thread.
  11. This seal was discovered in 2009, so why are they reporting publicly about it now? This City of David/Ophel area has highly charged political connotations as it is on disputed land between Palestinians & Israelis, so one wonders if this has any bearing on Middle Eastern politics as to the reason why it has been reported now. https://robertcargill.com/2015/12/03/some-questions-about-the-recent-news-of-the-discovery-of-a-seal-bearing-the-name-of-king-hezekiah-in-jerusalem/ http://www.middleeasteye.net/columns/israel-cant-use-archaeology-justify-colonialism-and-dispossession-1987013836 There's also been a lot of previous attribution of bulla/seals to Biblical characters such as Jehoash and Baruch that have either been exposed as fakes (like the James Ossuary fake) or badly dated Mediaeval pilgrim souvenir badges named to Biblical characters or wrongly identified or bulla of people in Jerusalem who just happened to have the same name as a Bible character. Pictures of this seal vary and sometimes media attribute it to Hezekiah and other times it's said to be Isaiah's or a different one is depicted in different newspaper articles, so when the reporting is so vague or suspect we do well to suspend judgement. There are better things to authenticate Isaiah.
  12. If you live in the UK and you are not a wealthy person or one with special insurance with your job, then you are at the mercy of the NHS - National Health Service. They set the standard of care. It's not good, but if you question it, you could be struck off from your Doctor or told that treatment will not be available to you or treated badly. If you are a parent, your child could be made a ward of court. There was a case recently in our Daily Mail of a parent who chose to take her daughter to continental Europe as there is little proper testing and treatment for special thyroid illnesses in the UK. She was arrested at our Border Control/Customs and her child made a ward of court and poor treatment forced on her when she and her mother returned to UK after returning from some initially good testing and treatment abroad - as there can also be in USA for her specific thyroid problem. I chose not to go down the route of instantly being on medication and statins and eventually insulin because of my type 2 diabetes. I chose to diet - low carbohydrate. I was told off by the Doctor and diabetic nurse. I was told I was endangering my health as I was full blown diabetic, not even pre-diabetic and should be on the meds. I stuck by it though but obeyed the Doc and hospital in other ways. So far my blood tests and other tests and scans have been very good - in fact the diabetic clinician said they were surprisingly fantastic. It transpired that she is a type 2 diabetic, so she was asking me what I did as she hadn't come across anyone doing what I was doing and has looked it up for herself. Since then the country's Diabetic Association (Diabetic UK) has developed a low carbohydrate program 105 000 have joined and over 20 000 have lowered their medications or avoided them with positive benefits It's about making an informed choice about your treatment. Checking the Advice on the internet thoroughly as there's a lot of fake quackery out there. I learned,as this family did, that there is choice in cancer treatment. Surgery may be necessary. Certain chemotherapy may be needed, but preventative Chemotherapy or radiation treatment that is aggressive was not as necessary in their case. In fact for many cancers it has more negative impact on a person as it is so toxic and can compromise the immune system setting up for further sickness. Dr Kelly Turner wrote a book about a study she did of over 1000 patients that Doctors claimed had been terminally ill with various cancers and then went into what they termed "spontaneous remission". She interviewed them all and found out that it was not that simple. They had decided to stop 'conventional treatment' because for them the detrimental side effects were outweighing any good. Thus, the medical profession just lost touch with them and didn't monitor their outcomes except when they returned to tell them they were much better and it was not followed up, so reported as if nothing happened and they just happened to get well spontaneously! These once very poorly people had worked hard to read up and act on on good common sense protocols to support healing themselves after initial surgery and some remedial follow up therapy. Many had followed the same protocol as Christopher Wark - a stage 4 terminal bowel cancer patient. He calls his personal treatment Square One, which he has documented on Youtube if people want to inform themselves of it. Another ex- cancer patient was Dr Veronique Desalniers who also tells of how she overcame her breast cancer in a similar way. It takes commitment to a diet that is quite strict for a year or 2, but is based on science and integrative medicine - preventative lifestyle and diet along with medicine. Doctors will only give people what they have been taught and some feel that is all there is to know and don't recommend alternatives and don't credit patients with the intelligence to make their own informed choices. There is choice with cancer treatment and much new knowledge of how cancer starts and progresses in the body and how, given the right tools the body can prevent the cancer getting aggressive and be supported through whatever treatment the patient chooses to go ahead with. This is true of many other chronic auto-immune diseases as well. Life-long standard drug therapy is not the only choice. There are other things to try if you believe that the body is designed to heal or at least cope better given the right building blocks and environment. You just need the right tools to get along with until the 'big cure' comes for us all.
  13. retroHelen

    Dieting, going Low Carb

    Borrowed these books about how hybrid wheat is excacerbating inflammation in many chronic conditions from our public library: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1501121685?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creativeASIN=1501121685&linkCode=xm2&tag=towncentwell-20&inf_contact_key=e0cc981ecd74adb6bace8e42906bceb38c4622505b13b5b7093c0203da1c675e https://www.drperlmutter.com/learn/books/ Both doctors also treat people with low carb diets if they are type 2 diabetic like me.
  14. retroHelen

    Dieting, going Low Carb

    4 years on low carbohydrate diet now. Follow recipes and ideas from Ditch the Carbs website. Follow Dr Joshua Axe; Dr Mark Hyman; Dr Brian Mowll; and the British Diabetic Association's - Diabetes UK Low Carb website forum. Keeping my blood sugars as low as is sensible as I want to stay off diabetic medications for as long as possible. I have so far and the retinal bleeding resolved and after initially losing 40 lb, now keeping my weight stable and fasciitis of the feet has resolved. Don't eat anything with gluten if I can help it and little dairy - unless I know the source is grass-fed rather than grain-fed ( creates poor oxidizing fats in the meat and butter and milk rather than omega 3 fatty acids from grass). Diabetics only need to eat more carbohydrates through the day if they are on medication as the meds are so strong to get the carbs out of the blood that they could hypo if they don't carefully match drugs to carbs.Snag with this way of blood sugar management is that it does not stop the progressive damage that sugar does to eyes and nerves and weight and it stresses the kidneys more. I personally am convinced by the evidence of my glucose/blood testing, that I am carb intolerant and want to save my liver and kidneys from the stress of medications forcing any carbs I have ingested either into cells that are resisting it or stressing liver and kidneys that don't like it either. Latest science for type 2 diabetics like me, is that the pancreas has become as fatty as the liver, this caused it to shut down. Aiming for weight loss with a low carbohydrate diet to rest the pancreas, liver and kidneys for a few months - the patient might discover that having emptied these organs of fat, that the pancreas still has some function revived - not as damaged as once thought. I can tolerate a little more carbohydrate now than 4 years ago when I was first diagnosed. Testing with glucose blood strips/meter shows I am still pretty low tolerance though, so I am not going backwards into old bad habits. Another fact is that 80% of fat that clogs organs is not from the fat you eat, but triglycerides made in the liver from carbohydrate you ingest. Most of my dairy consumption is by probiotics - kefir and yoghurt. Other probiotics I like to eat, just a couple of forkfuls a day on a meal,is saurkraut. Never been brave enough to make any myself, but we have Polish people here who do it and sell it. Probiotics feed gut bacteria or add to the flora of the microbiome ( variety of gut bacteria in the large intestine/stomach but not the small intestine). All this has helped to resolve the nasty IBS I once had for years along with ulcers that have healed. https://www.ditchthecarbs.com/
  15. Aww!. Note on google maps picture above - I used to help special pioneer, the late Auntie Connie Prout,wheel her granddaughter Louise around in her pram on the ministry here years ago when I was just a little girl myself in that area. Most of the streets on Walney are named after ships built for Navies of the World or ocean liners built at the once famous shipyards at Barrow in the 19th-20th Century. BEA Systems there still builds nuclear submarines. My Dad bought a vintage car off the last lady lighthouse-keeper at Walney Island's lighthouse, which was a long walk over rough wetlands and bird habitats to get to the lighthouse where Peggy Braithwaite sold Dad her late husband's 1929 Bullnose Morris for £15. 10 shillings and sixpence - her price (pre-decimal old English money)- no haggling! The old car had large mudguards with running-boards between, where the spare canister of gas/petrol was strapped. It did not have an ignition key. Dad had a big crank handle to put in the front of the engine and turn as fast as he could to get the engine going. It would start very slowly at first and this gave kids around the neighbourhood the chance to jump on to the running boards for a cheeky lift for a few yards, which annoyed my Dad as it wasn't a safe thing to do! The car had a soft-top that lifted over and clipped to the front wind-screen and had yellow celluloid windows (early see-through plastic that had yellowed with age) and a fold out dickie seat in the back. Sold it to a museum a few years later. Fond memories of Walney! http://www.nwemail.co.uk/Walney-story-features-in-talk-and-exhibition-e228e7b5-6ccc-4183-95dc-7d1e9297815d-ds It's eye-popping what a vintage car like that is worth these days!! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C896115

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