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    Doubting my ability to cope with human contact... still, you're awfully cute for a human.
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    Treetop Terrace, Spider Plains of Missouri.
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    I was raised by Witness parents, knowing the Bible and loving Jehovah from infancy. However, I did not have strong active spiritual role models or goals, and had plenty of mental disorders. I developed several debilitating chronic illnesses starting around puberty, and felt stumbled due to fragrances causing me such pain. I didn't make any more spiritual progress and stopped attending meetings, but I continued to listen over the phone for about 15 years. My faith and spiritual habits steadily declined as I sank deeper into isolation and depression. (Pr 18:1) I lived a virtual life, addicted to the computer and internet for literal days at a time, and eventually hit rock bottom. I was in chronic fatigue, pain, sleep deprivation and suffered some brain damage, having no reason to live and always wishing for death. I came to realize one day, probably thanks to a witness online who sent me a talk, that I would never be happy focusing on myself. Jehovah never caused my suffering, he was still providing for my needs despite my selfish lifestyle, and he wanted to help me to come to serve him. However, I had to be willing to make changes, to show Jehovah that I wanted to come to know him better, to serve him and to trust him. I started a new routine of Bible reading and prayer, and started learning how to eat better so that I could perhaps reverse my disorders. However, I was still trapped in many addictive habits. In time, I was desperately praying for spiritual friends to replace my bad association. Jehovah sent a new Elder in the congregation to me, a former missionary and regular pioneer, probably the most zealous minister that I have ever met. Jehovah was also training him to learn patience as he spent years taking the time to write and talk with me, encouraging me and helping me to start studying again, becoming my closest friend. I started taking my health very seriously, viewing my diet and lifestyle as a way of giving my best to Jehovah, in order to become physically strong enough to worship him. Eventually, I became well enough that I was able to endure attending meetings, later followed by becoming a publisher thanks to letter writing, later still able to do a little door to door work and participate in meetings, and finally progressing to baptism after a total of some 6 years it took me to 'Return to Jehovah'. Jehovah has guided and supported me each step of the way, as long as I fully commit myself to relying on him and doing his will.

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    I am a religious Cat-holic*. (Addicted to all things feline. Thanks, Toxoplasmosis!)
    Some of my favorite pastimes include computers, technology, gaming, pixel and line art, storytelling, music, tiny homes, and the inconceivably vast cosmos.
  • My favorite books
    I'm especially partial to stories that reflect the dichotomy between tragedy and hope - Ruth is my favorite book in the scriptures. Recently I've gotten into the 'New World' novels. My favorite modern writings tend to be campy, humorous, satirical. I love comics and grew up with the best in Calvin & Hobbes. I enjoy the typical Sci-fi/Space Opera fare: Dr Who, Hitchhiker's Guide, Star Trek, Star Wars, War of the Worlds. Aside from the Bible, I don't really read physical books much, I lack focus and patience. I do enjoy audiobooks.
  • My favorite music
    Background music, scores and soundtracks, especially classic video game composers. More traditional styles I prefer are alternative, ambient, downtempo, epic orchestral, techno, and world music. Kingdom dirges & marches, Blue Man Group, John Williams, Jake Kaufman, Manami Matsumae, Hiroki Kikuta, Yoko Kanno.
  • My favorite movies
    Humor, tragedy, and science fiction. The Princess Bride, Cast Away, Jurassic Park, Star Wars.
  • My favorite quotes
    (Psalm 73:26) My body and my heart may fail, But God is the rock of my heart and my portion forever.

    (Nehemiah 8:10) He said to them: “Go, eat the choice things and drink what is sweet, and send portions of food to those who have nothing prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord, and do not feel sad, for the joy of Jehovah is your stronghold.”

    (2 Corinthians 1:3, 4) Praised be... the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our trials so that we may be able to comfort others in any sort of trial with the comfort that we receive from God.

    "You have two options. Either let this world drive you mad, or /choose/ to be insane." - Myew
    "I've got PLENTY of common sense! I just choose to ignore it. :D" - Calvin
    "I appear to be suffering from Catabolic Analysis Paralysis." - Myew
    "As Christian as possible under the circumstances." - Myew
    "As you wish." - Dwead Piwate Westley
    "Yes, I am just a little broken."

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  1. I'm thinking nowadays I'd prefer to find an all-in-one convertible device tablet/laptop in the 10-11" range (chromebook?) which is more compact with a dockable keyboard for note-taking vs a separate bluetooth keyboard with a stand or cover... but most of the cheaper variety are low spec or poor longevity. 😕
  2. My mom's 2017 Fire HD 8 is about 1 1/2 years old now. I can't speak for battery life, I don't use it often enough, but it still seems to run just fine. Edit: Oh yeah, I just recently finally bought a power bank for the assembly. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GGH7MWF/ It managed to easily recharge my tablet and phone through the assembly yesterday with plenty to spare, so I didn't have to worry about bringing and lugging around my stupid heavy laptop. There are 3? cheaper 10k mAh power banks that include USB Type C with Power Delivery and Quick Charging 3.0 which means fast charging for most devices. I wanted to make sure that I future-proofed in case I ever actually buy any USB Type C devices. Here are some guides: https://switchchargers.com/power-banks/ https://switchchargers.com/power-bank-buying-guide/
  3. Myew

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    Carnivore diet, eh? Personally I often recommend trying omnivore autoimmune protocol / low fodmaps / low histamine as needed before going pure carnivore, but there are some definite benefits to it if you have severe sensitivities which other elimination diets haven't yet helped with. If you're just trying to lose weight or reverse diabetes however, it's not necessarily the most practical, it can be more difficult to adjust back to eating plants later on. You also need to make sure you're getting a wide variety of grass fed organ meats and seafood.
  4. I hadn't heard of him, but I recognize very similar motifs in another composer's music that I enjoy. Perhaps an homage?
  5. Thank you Jehovah for this rare day when I genuinely feel happy and thankful to be alive, and may it please continue so that I can use it to praise you.

    I'm happy, today. 😺 I don't know exactly why I feel this way, I've been trying to do a lot of health tweaks lately. Maybe it's the stew I made recently, or staying up until 3 AM the past few days has made me tired enough to sleep deeper, or just being able to poop again (twice in one day, woohoo), but something inside of my body is currently functioning properly that I haven't felt in quite some time, giving me peace and positivity. Despite some lack of sleep and gut motility, I'm not in much pain at the moment. I've been able to get outside a bit in the unusually perfect weather for Missouri, it's the nicest couple of days we've had all year so far. I've been more outgoing and actually able to conversate with people somewhat, despite anxiety and some lack of focus or lucidity. Also, Bongo Cats make me smile.



    1. hatcheckgirl


      Nice to hear you are happy (meow) today 😍!



    2. Myew


      aaaaand I'm scared that I'm already losing that feeling, if it isn't already gone? I sense something in my ability to feel and think at peace is once again 'off', it may have drained into the sewer along with a bout of diarrhea. We now return you to our regularly cynical cat mascot...?

  6. Myew

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    I wouldn't say fruit is taboo, but it depends on the type of fruit itself and your macros (how strict you need to be). A big part of learning how to get into Ketosis is understanding more about the nutrient content of your food. It's typically best to restrict fructose in general if you're starting on a Keto diet or if you're insulin resistant. Low fructose berries or tart green apples (granny smith) are better choices than most other fruits, in moderation. I would have to disagree, I've never read anything to indicate that is biologically accurate. How does eating protein prevent the higher glycemic index and insulin release from carbohydrates or prevent your body from using them as the primary fuel source? What I have read is that eating proteins and fats with your carbohydrates slows down how quickly the carbs and meal are digested, processing them over a longer period of time so that your blood sugar raises and lowers more gradually so that you don't suffer chronic blood sugar / adrenal / cortisol stressors. The reason that you can remove counting fiber from your total carbohydrates for the purpose of Ketosis is that while fiber is a carbohydrate, it is not one which our guts break down into fructose or glucose that gets sent into our blood stream to be used as energy. We need it however to slow down digestion, make stool, feed some of our microbiome, and prevent blood sugar spikes. Regardless of what type of carbohydrate or sugar is in your system, your body will attempt to use it as energy before it uses Ketones. Most people can enter a mild state of Ketosis with less than 50g of Carbohydrates per day, but if you're using it for specific health, medical or weight loss reasons you typically want to keep it somewhere between ~20g for strict or 20-30g per day for general maintenance and fitness. There are some professional athletes on the other hand who can eat 150g of carbohydrates per day but still stay in Ketosis because their muscles are actually physically burning the fuel off before the insulin comes in to shuttle it out of the arteries and turn it into fat cells. You also need to raise your insulin in order to build new or grow muscle.
  7. Myew

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    One of the best things about eating Ketogenic is that it never fails to send the biological signal that you are full or satiated. I still tend to overeat, a bad leftover habit from always feeling hungry and eating until it hurt with what I used to eat. Sometimes I'll eat too quickly, or while focused on something else, or I snack because I'm bored or stressed or self soothing... but at least I don't overeat due to insulin, leptin and ghrelin issues anymore. When I do feel sick from eating too much, I can understand why it's my fault for not being mindful about what and why I'm eating, rather than my body telling me that for some reason I need more.
  8. Myew

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    So 5-6 lbs of lamb breast in an 8QT instant pot ends up making a layer of fat on top over an inch thick. 😬 Looks like a yellow pizza, gelled up nicely when chilled. I might have to try lamb more often. I cooked 1lb of kale on top for just 5 minutes and it came out unbelievably tasty and still slightly crunchy, al dente style. Refueling my glycogen stores with carrots and celery which I haven't had in a few months. I'm feeling much calmer and lucid, like I ate something I've been lacking and needing... I just have to be really careful to only eat it once a day... it's so much oil that my gall bladder is telling me to slow down or it's going to kill me and I'll be laying in a coffin with disaster pants.
  9. Myew

    My off topic thread

    Sis Luezette, you might consider looking into 'sleep hygiene' or sleep cognitive behavioral therapy along with blue light filters or glasses for your compute/phone and nightlights. This may help you to understand what habits are making it harder for you to fall and stay sleep. https://www.sleepassociation.org/about-sleep/sleep-hygiene-tips/ http://healthysleep.med.harvard.edu/healthy/getting/overcoming/tips http://www.sleepeducation.org/essentials-in-sleep/healthy-sleep-habits Changing my lifestyle was key for me to better regulate my sleeping schedule. I was unable to do it until after getting off of Seroquel however... which was painful to the say the least. I got on it in the first place because I would spend hours every night laying awake unable to sleep until I was going insane. I just wanted to sleep, and that's what my psych suggested, but after spending around 8 years on it sleeping for 16h at a time without feeling rested... along with severe side effects and being awake for up to 32h at a time... I couldn't endure that anymore either, especially when I was trying to attend meetings again. It's only after years of learning to change my diet and sleeping habits and getting past the withdrawal that I managed to attain a mostly tenable schedule. The sleeping/wakeup time fluctuates a bit but at least I get around 7-8 hours in bed each night now, after around 2 hours of preparation. I still take some liquid melatonin and l-theanine too since artificial lighting and lack of sunlight are an issue in my current living quarters. I was addicted to the computer from a young age and would stay up all night on it at times which contributed a lot to my chronic insomnia... nowadays that's becoming much more common with people using their phones in the evening. Thank goodness for Do Not Disturb and blue light filters. 😴
  10. Myew

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    It does take about 3 to 4 weeks for your body to rebuild all of the framework for efficient ketone production and usage, but that doesn't mean that you're not necessarily able to metabolize it well. Often the problem is that the body overproduces them at first, and becomes more efficient by reducing ketone production down to just what you need later on. This is why ketone pee strips only work early on, because when you stop producing a lot of unnecessary ketones, they don't get expelled along with the urine. Eating carbs does cause you to retain more water for digestion and burning up fat cells can cause you to shed water as well, so that's definitely a possibility. It sounds like you've done your research very well and already took good care of yourself nutritionally, it's entirely possible to not get the 'flu' or pains if you're not electrolyte deficient. Just make sure you keep eating enough of the right types of foods for sodium, potassium and magnesium. I've never been the type who doesn't feel hungry all day, but I can go much longer than I used to. However, I was underweight when I went Keto rather than overweight, so I've only gained weight and had none on me to burn. Just don't deny yourself if the day comes when you do become hungry again after your body tells you 'Okay, I've lost enough weight and I'm comfortable now, feed me more.' You don't need to be strict about it if it's making you feel hungry or ill. Your body will let you know sooner or later. Low fat protein is fine as long as you're still eating enough fat, the majority of your energy should be from fat to kickstart the burning of the fat you have stored in your body. It's especially preferred to eat meat with the fat on it if it's grass fed or fresh fish due to higher quality micronutrients (fat soluble vitamins), but Ketosis will still be going on regardless of the type of fat you eat if your macronutrients (carb, protein, fat) are in a good ratio for your body.
  11. Myew

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    It took me about 3 years after having switched to local raw grade A milk to give it up, I was still addicted to the gluten free oatmeal and smoothies for breakfast and hadn't been on a strict autoimmune protocol. I had been telling myself for years that I needed easy to make quick carbs in the morning since I was an ectomorph and always woke up needing food immediately. I was very hangry with unstable blood glucose, mood, energy. Yet once I understood how the biology works and was determined to give protein and fat for breakfast an honest try.. it simply worked and all of the intense cravings and pain caused by too many carbs went away over time. The better you feel, the more encouraged you will be to make even more progress. Try small changes first and see how you feel. The biggest thing for me with quitting milk was I had much less congestion and allergies. Ghee is a good alternative for the clarified fat of the milk. One fact that helps me remember why Keto can be so beneficial is that all breastfed babies enter into a state of mild Ketosis, they can even get ketones through the placenta in pregnancy. @Friends just call me Ross Those are some amazing results! 👍 If you ever notice any health issues crop up that might require some diet tweaking, don't ignore them and just ask if anyone else has had similar symptoms. There are plenty of experienced people with resources on hand. @Saffron Instant Pots are the best, I've got some lamb breast, celery, carrots, and kale to chop up and throw in mine and can't wait. I haven't been eating much stew or broth lately as I overdid it a few too many times, I find it difficult to balance my macros unless I'm always eating the same things.. but that can cause some complications with a messed up microbiome too. I'm trying to cycle more carbs back in regularly to mediate acute stress, depression and the winter season, so far so good. I'm even eating some 100% chocolate again!
  12. I'm following him on Amazon and I got an e-mail a couple of hours ago - it is out now on Kindle. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HVRQJQB/ Going to take advantage of the Kindle Unlimited free trial... again. 👍
  13. Myew

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    @ivy Knowing when and how much to hydrate is important as well. Try to drink at least 10 minutes before meals or an hour after meals. This will help prevent you from diluting your stomach acid and pH level, which is very important to start the process of breaking down food without it fermenting inside of you. A little during meals is okay, but it's best to avoid it if possible. The rule of thumb over here is to aim for at least half of your body weight (in pounds) as ounces of water. A liter is about 35 ounces. For me, 125lbs -> 62.5 ounces... about 7 cups, or 4 bottles of water. If your urine becomes very clear, then you might even be overhydrating and peeing out excessive amounts of electrolytes that need to added back in. I use Real Salt, along with occasional potassium and magnesium citrate supplementation if I'm having any constipation. The bulk of my fiber and electrolytes are from avocado, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and leafy greens. I might try psyllium, and I think I need to start on probiotics again along with some enzymes and bile. My biggest issues seem to be the dysbiosis in my gut bacteria and a slow gall bladder and liver from growing up on a refined grain/sugar low fat diet with a lot of medicines that messed up my liver. At least my gall bladder isn't hurting and I'm not bloating anymore when I eat a bunch of fat, but lately sometimes I have been getting queasy, belching, hiatal hernias and GERD... There's a pretty good synopsis here: https://robbwolf.com/2018/05/02/keto-constipation-why-it-happens-what-to-do/
  14. I didn't even notice it changed.. web-based apps are pretty much all the same to me and I rarely use them since I have multiple old addresses which stupid utility companies will not switch my address for... However, I did finally make a switch from the meh Windows 10 Mail App (which I've had plenty of issues with) to Mailspring on my PC, and it's a major improvement... though would probably be even better if I made the full switch to Linux already. I also use BlueMail on Android rather than the official Gmail app.

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