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Tenn. Sisters' SUV Flipped in Head-on Crash

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I didn't sleep well last night.  :yawning: 


I kept dreaming about this ... http://wgnsradio.com/update-head-on-crash-at-the-murfreesboro-smyrna-line-on-monday-morning-kills-one-alcohol-may-be-to-blame-cms-18289


I first learned of it from another sister early in the afternoon and followed the updates until late in the evening. 

Six sisters out in service just before lunch, in an SUV.

One man choosing to pass in a no-passing zone.

His small car hits them head-on causing them to flip over, landing in a ditch.

2 or 3 LifeFlight helicopters called to scene.

All 6 sisters injured. The man didn't survive.

The sisters ages: 18, 39, 63, 64, 66, 71.

1 has a broken foot.

1 has a broken leg.

1 has a broken hip.

3 unknown but more serious.

At least 2 are at Vanderbilt Hospital.

One report said all were still hanging upside down by their seat belts when First Responders got there.

A resident said that speeding & passing are common in this stretch of road; there are wrecks all the time.


Here's another link - local tv channel report... http://www.wkrn.com/story/24744320/old-nashville-highway-collision


And a bit from a sister I know that lives near there: "but then bad news came through: Our sisters need prayers. I got a phone call around 1:30 pm...apparently an afternoon service group of four was hit head-on on a narrow road. Their car went in the ditch and flipped at least once. I don't know much by way of details, but Hubby (who spoke with one of our elders who was en route to the hospital) said three life flight helicopters were brought in. One sister..the only one from my cong. was taken to Vanderbilt Hospital. I don't know who the other two were for but I heard they all went to different hospitals.. The driver of the other car died. I know three of the sisters very well...long time friends. PLEASE pray for them."

"More info...it was SIX sisters in an SUV. In the photos (see link [above]) the car upside down by the phone pole is the one our sisters were riding in. News is trickling in (on FB). Maria has a broken foot and will be having surgery in Murfreesboro. Ruth Anne is en route from M'boro to Vanderbilt to be assessed for possible brain swelling. Debby D. is apparently now stable, but not out of danger. Debbie O...I have heard different things..my son heard she had a broken jaw and broken ribs..but I don't know. Gloria went to Summit hospital..I don't know condition. Montoya...Can't remember her condition either."

"It's a double yellow line where the crash occurred. I have heard everyone was hurt, but none are still considered critical. Hope that is correct. ; Photos of the car the sisters were is makes you wonder how ANY survived. They were trapped in the car after impact, hanging upside down by the seat belts according to a first on the scene neighbor who saw the crash."


I'm not sure why this disturbed my sleep so much. Some dreams replaced these sisters with others local to me (I'm in Wisconsin) so I'd wake suddenly with the thought of one of my sisters here being in a crash... then there were moments of real memories of my son's crash (when he was hit by a dump truck). I'm going to try calling the sisters I know in Murfreesboro for updates. I know Jehovah will look out for them, and comfort their families, but this still weighs on my heart.  :heart: 



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This is terrible! I'm so sorry for all the sisters. My husband and I drive a van full of brothers and sisters especially on the weekends, he worries about accidents, he feels so responsible for everyone. I hope the sister driving doesn't blame herself in any way, it definitely wasn't her fault!

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Yes, they did.

The driver, the youngest, after shattering her foot/ankle in this, is walking again and recently danced at her own wedding! :)

One of the older sisters must use a cane now.

But overall, all are well, healed from the physical injuries, getting to meetings and out in service now. :)

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