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Spotted while in field service

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The purpose of this thread is to present (generally in pictures) interesting things we see while out in field service...

They might be odd things or out of place things, pretty things, things you've never seen before, simply nice scenery in your territory.

Like this morning Tony and I were out in the Ballandean area, making our way through some farming country that's pretty rough in places... this weir was across a creek near a crossing we were to take:


The road deteriorated shortly after this, with two forks. We opted for the left but quickly found it wasn't 'the road' but a track on the sole farm located on this road... it wasn't hard to tell once you got there:


After we went to the house we encountered a couple of blokes who were keen to get permission to fish in the weir, I guess they should have had a nice day there.

Further up the road was this rare sight:


The last place we visited had this little collection under a few trees near the drive:


That's mostly pretty old truck stuff! I'd say no later than mid-twenties, the engine is a Continental with an alloy crankcase, iron block and side valves. The wheels also date it, though the rims are wider than I'd have expected to see in the twenties, maybe modified later?

Between Tony and myself we place six magazines and another six tracts, so we weren't just sightseeing...

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This past November while working residential territory we were driving down a street that has a steep hill & a sharp turn. When the sister in the front passenger seat saw on a deer crossing the road. The brother driving wasn't going fast & the deer just kept walking like we weren't there. We came to a complete stop to allow the deer to cross. Then it ran up the hill into someone's front yard. It was pretty funny.

I have pictures but can't figure out how to attach them to my post.

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1)Hit more reply options

2) Choose file .. Choose a file you want to upload ... Make sure it is not too big of a file .. Usually avg. camera output is ok..max 64 meg

3) Attach file .... Attach file to your post

4) Post..

Then Click your heels twice .... And your done ..;) :)

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Zeph 3:17 Jehovah your God is in the midst of you. As a mighty One, he will save. He will exult over you with rejoicing. He will become silent in his love. He will be joyful over you with happy cries....... Love it....a beautiful word picture.

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Further to the file size, a 3mp camera will give approximately a 640kb pic, a 6mp camera about 1.2mb and so on...

I always encourage people to download a free program for working on their pics, that's Irfanview and you can download it best through Tucows, but you avoid the 'extras' they offer you.

If you instal Irfanview accepting basically everything offered for still pics, and allow it to become your default picture viewer, you can modify pics as quick as anything to get the right part of the pic showing, to give it more contrast or lighten or darken, sharpen and other effects. It's not Photoshop, but you can do almost everything that Photoshop does very quickly.

It's better to upload your pics in a suitable size, I generally use about 750pixels wide. But the software on this forum will actually resize pics for you. But I figure it must come at some kind of cost to the people paying for the server.

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Lovely stuff, Maureen!

But that's a very long way from Turkey!

Thank you to both Angie and Maureen for bringing this little thread back to life. We now have something from three of four quarters of the world.

any more?

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 Believe me, the more you are out in field service, more you experience and see things too. But, I haven't seen an UFO yet in field service, but it is coming, I think.

UnFriendly Objection?

CAUTION: The comments above may contain personal opinion, speculation, inaccurate information, sarcasm, wit, satire or humor, let the reader use discernment...:D


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Not unidentified, not flying, nor really an object... but I'll bet Glenn hasn't seen one of these when he's gone witnessing:


This fellow was munching on the front lawn at the hall when we came out from the group meeting. He wasn't very perplexed about our presence, either, nor camera attention.

Of course, the territory is very different from place to place and it's really amazing where some people live here. This home (in the background) is the domicile of a woman who's studying with one of the older sisters in the congregation.

But she still got a visit from some of the younger sisters today. We needed to meet up with them so waited as they emerged... one of our sisters is opening the gate here:


Of course, in country like this there's always somewhere to pull up and have a mid-morning drink and chat...


The hill behind us here is just loaded down with great granite boulders, a lot of this country has this kind of makeup.


The road isn't exactly a freeway either...


And some early wattle was right there. It's just coincidence, by the way, that both vehicles were the same make and colour.

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Wednesday saw us out in territory quite close to where I live...


This kind of road abounds in this territory. It's granite country so the roads are mostly decomposed granite, which can get slippery but is generally pretty good.


The point at which we crossed the creek was quite pretty, the road just out of picture has a low concrete bridge. Unfortunately I was working with my phone as a camera rather than a decent camera.


It was a fairly big group out, we prearranged to stop at the local rest area for our mid-morning break.


Josef and Tony had quite a chat at this place, I occupied myself waiting in the car by photographing the calves which were intent in checking me out.

We didn't meet many people but this last call was promising. The man has had a lot of illness between himself and his wife lately and it's got him thinking...

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