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Several Minor 'attacks' on Religion throughout the World.

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Not sure if this means anything or something about to happen...

But according to Google alerts (where I have 'ban religion' and 'religion' set as keywords to email me articles for), ever since the Gay legalization thing, dominoes of other religion 'attacks' seem to be falling.


This is a list of a few that have come up in the last few days since.


First is obviously the huge thing with them legalizing gay marriage, and the effect that has as a hit against religion.

A few others though are...


Oklahoma Removes Ten Commandments Monument



Colorado Bans Vouchers for Religious Schools



Russia Bans Yoga for being touched by Hindu Religion and to prevent 'cults'



....I noticed most of these came after not just the gay thing, but also after the Pope made that "historical never before happened" deal with Pakistan to lead to Peace. Look that one up if you can.

Other than that on the topic of 'Peace' there was also this article floating around that may have been part of it as well.


.gnihtyna yas t'nseod ti tuo dnif uoy ,syas yllautca siht tahw ezilaer uoy emit eht yB

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I think we'll see a lot of knee-jerk reaction from the news agencies posting anything they can about religion, just enough to get our hopes up... :D

CAUTION: The comments above may contain personal opinion, speculation, inaccurate information, sarcasm, wit, satire or humor, let the reader use discernment...:D


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Any attack is still an attack on religion which follows bible prophesy so yes it is significant in that way. But this is not the only attacks on religion happening now by groups think of the attacks happening in the Middle East. North Korea and many other countries including huge attacks against the Catholic Church for enumerable abuses that is why the Pope apologized the other day. And just the attitude of the people changing to no denomination anymore is really a large number compared to ten years ago.

I have always wondered if it would be a slow process happening step by step so that no one would notice. When you think of a river drying up it happens very slowly and the bible states that the river Euphrates would dry up and it is difficult to tell right now

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Prophetically, the attack on religion comes from the UN, in a swift action, which is carried out because Jehovah puts the thought into their hearts to be carried out. And all this only begins after the final sealing and the cry of peace and security.


When the real attack comes, it will be unmistakable, and complete. Somehow, I personally doubt that a handful of government officials upholding the law of the land in their own jurisdiction is the equivalent of the United Nations carrying out an act to swiftly destroy all the religions of the world.

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