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This bro. Matza is in my cong. We got to see first hand how news editors  can alter what was exactly said.  When asked if he felt lucky the crane just missed him, Matza said no because  Ecc. 3  tell us that "time and unforseen occurrence befalls us all." That was cut and they printed that he thanked his lucky stars.  There was video footage of him the day this happened, but I couldn't find any  today.  :confused:




"Mike Matza was driving a Porco Energy Truck with 270 barbecue tanks - some of which were filled - when the crane crashed onto the bridge from a new construction just alongside it, halting traffic in both directions, NBC reported..

Five people were injured, but the father of three said the situation could have been a lot worse if he hadn't slammed on the breaks in time, NBC reported."


"He told NBC there were two cars in front of him that managed to slow down in time, and he counted his lucky stars that he was able to react quickly."

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Lucky stars?  Bad luck?  Good luck? Luck of the draw? Beginner's luck?  No wonder many people are enslaved, i.e. "faint out of fear."  This superstitious mentality permeates throughout the world and the media continues to propogate this falsehood.  :pinch: No surprise considering who rules rhis world.


Are we not glad that Jehovah's Word frees us from such superstition? 



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On 7/21/2016 at 11:58 AM, Tortuga said:

How many lucky stars do people have?

Why would he stop to count them when there is an accident?

Why was he counting stars instead of keeping his eyes on the road?


This world is so confusing....



So, maybe he hammered the brakes,  smacking his head against the windscreen and he was lucky to still be able to count the resultant stars?....

I dunno, that's all I got---<_<

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