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Smart Drugs

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1 hour ago, rocket said:


For me your link goes to a log-in screen. 

Me too.

The Hebrew word cushi or kushi is an affectionate term generally used in the Bible to refer to a dark-skinned person of African descent.


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17 minutes ago, bobby said:

It's hard to believe Bobby, these kind of things come up occasionally and some of them are scams, some of them may help. It's almost a case of you have to try it to know if it helps. .

I  don't really trust these kind of ads, if they tell you time is running out, must act now, limited supply--they are trying to get your money. .They want you to order fast, without thinking it all the way through. 

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The link is ... I don't want to say a scam... but it's misleading.  The graphics make it look like you're on Forbes website, but you aren't.  The graphic makes it look like Stephen Hawking was on CNN and the caption during the broadcast was that we can access 100% of our brain with this drug... only that's a fake screen grab and a photoshop fake.

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I'll call ths a scam. I can't imagine any legitimate scientist claiming that we can now "access 100% of the brain!" We have always been able to access 100% of the brain. We barely use a fraction of the brain's full potential, but we are most certainly accessing 100% of the brain. 


I also note that, although there are plenty of quotes, there are no links to transcripts of interviews, or to any research papers to back their claims. The only links in the article are to the Inteligen web site.



Genius Stephen Hawkings has admitted to using Inteligen to triple his memory

Really!! Where is the link to his statement? 


I just went to Forbes.com and did a search for Inteligen and the results were zero. 


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This a laugh. Look at the header image showing "Breaking News" about Stephen Hawking. They forgot to photoshop th CNN logo onto the white space in the bottom right of the screen. Also notice the time on this "Live" report - "5:16 PM ET"


Now look at the CNN screen grab in the right sidebar - the one about Ashton Kutcher. This time it's "Business News" and look at the "Live" time stamp. 5:16 PM ET!! 


Not to mention all the typo's and poor writing style. Stephen Hawking says "you got to work it out" He also says you have to "use supplements just like body builders use, but for your brain."  :lol:

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Found this article on Forbes:




It doesn't mention Inteligen, but that's not surprising. Lots of scams like this change their name regularly, while slightly rewriting their script.

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One day two boys were walking through the woods when they saw some rabbit turds.

One of the boys said, ''What is that?'' 
''They're smart pills,'' said the other boy. ''Eat them and they'll make you smarter. 
So he ate them and said, ''These taste like poop.'' 
''See,'' said the other boy, ''you're getting smarter already.''


These are free...

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