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Music thread!

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I know we have a video thread here but i could not seem to find a music thread. It is hard for some to find songs that are wholesome and inoffensive to listen to and at the same time find something that is really good to listen to.

I usually try to stay with songs that have no lyrics in as it is generally safer for me that way. But i love all kinds of music as long as its good. So I was wandering if we could have a thread especially for all types of music. From country music to hard rock and from classical to ambient electronic music. Don't be scared of exposing your hidden music tastes. Now that I am older I appreciate deeply what I used to label as cheese and love old classics as well as really complicated computer generated music.

It doesn't matter what style of music as long as you know it won't offend any brothers and sisters. Sometimes we will have to sift through albums and only choose certain songs as some artists songs are a bit dubious. We have quite a few musicians that are Jehovah's Witnesses like Hank Marvin and Prince and there are many more musically talented brothers who enjoy playing live gigs in there local area.

So feel free to link to a YouTube video of your favorite song as you can find almost anything on YouTube nowadays. Please be careful to be sensitive to which artist you may be posting music from ie KISS, Gary Glitter, Snoop Dogg are probably advised against. Due to obvious reasons. If you don't know why you would not promote Christians to listen to their music then feel free to message me.

I don't know how this thread will go it may be a success or it may be an epic fail. You may of tried it before i don't know. It is completely to the moderators discretion and moderators may have to delete music links if they feel they need to.

So here goes with my first contribution this is Beardyman and everything is done with his voice and an effects unit live.

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When I was in Perth last year I went to a couple of different halls that he had done talks in. I didn't go the whole hog and try to find him though :whistling:. But I did know he was an elder.

Here is in my opinion, almost, the most talented guitarist in the world :-

Always with me, Always with you - by Joe Satriani

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Ya Simon, I could of picked a million different songs by them. You'll notice I actually edited my post and inserted a different song, hehe. Thanks for the concert version post. I've seem them twice, there amazing.

Heres another song, I picked this one over 'World" by him but there both as good if you like this one guys-

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Fireflies by Owl city

Just love the way his toys come to life while he sings and isn't looking - love his other surreal videos with songs too - Vanilla Sky; Deer in the Headlights (with the Back to the Future DeLorean) Umbrella Beach (a kid plans and builds a flying machine).

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This brings great memories. Whole gang of us used to sing this on bus-trips especially the awesome orchestral bit at the end. The vinyl 45 rpm single record actually says "please turn over" not Mr Blue Sky at the end!

Websites say Jeff Lynn used to hide himself away to write and record - usually in Switzerland - well actually he used to often arrive up here and record at my sister's guitar teacher Tom Tyson's(of the Woolpackers) recording studio just out of our town in the West Lake District's countryside for ELO, Julian Lennon and other groups before going off to do stuff with the Super-Group The Travelling Wilburys.

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So this is what you get up to in Somerset Simon!

I laughed at all the corny boy band cliches in this, my favourite yoghurt's latest 2011 advert shown in the commercial break of X-Factor. Ted the owl only has a cameo part this year, he rap danced in last year's 2010 Yeo Valley hit. This one even has an extra 'Learn the Dance' on Yeotube - nuts!:

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That's quite funny! I worked for Yeo valley as an order picker for 3 years. Somerset is famous for a few reasons. One is the Apple Cider and the many cider farms we "ave ere"

Here is a local well known band who have the somerset accent and sing old folk style songs

I am a cider drinker - The Wurzels

Somerset is also famous for its cheese. Has anyone ever heard of Cheddar Cheese? Apparently its the second most popular cheese in America.

I live about 8 miles from the place Cheddar.


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I live 7 miles away from Caerphilly...South Wales UK...where they make Caerphilly Cheese :D

Traditional, farmhouse, unpasteurized, vegetarian cheese made from cow's milk. It usually has a wheel-shape with ivory-white rind dusted with fine flour. As the cheeses are aged in a moist cellar, the white and gray moulds become thicker and more leathery. This cheese is known as "the crumblies". These cheeses originate from South and West Wales. It was first made in Caerphilly in about 1830. When young, Caerphilly has a fresh taste, the texture is moist yet supple. With maturity the edges become creamy and the flavor becomes more rounded.

I couldn't find anyone well known from Caerphilly so I put Tom Jones from Pontypridd...singing with the Welsh Choir in this ballad...

Watching the White Wheat
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Loved it Sian. When it finished Youtube suggested Tom singing 'You'll Never Walk alone' - a big favourite at football matches. Then Tom singing with the Treochy Male Voice Choir "Amazing Grace" the hymn written in the 18th Century by the repentant slave trader. Like Tom said it's not easy singing awesome songs with a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye - We know that trying to sing song 111 at the Hall!

There's something about big orchestra and choirs that is quite spine tingling. Here's Andrea Bocelli singing the romantic Good Earth/Mighty Sun (Canto Della Terra) - It's a few years ago and Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson were in the audience

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