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Siege in Melbourne labelled Terrorism

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A siege situation on Monday night in the Melbourne suburb of Melbourne amounted to "terrorism", leaving 2 people dead (inc the gunman) and injuring 3 policemen.  The reason why it is labelled as a terrorist situation and not just any other violent siege is that this perpetrator uttered "For ISIS and Al-Qaeda" before being later killed by police.  He was also a suspect acquitted in a plot to blow up a Sydney army barracks in 2009.  He was not deemed as someone watch-worthy, and was therefore not on the police's radar.  IS claimed him as their "soldier", apparently.


But he had also been convicted of a number of violent knife attacks, and had just been released from jail and was on parole when this happened last night. He was already an angry violent man, and it didn't take him long to find a crusade to link up to and perpetuate his hate and violence.  



This really shows how extremely deranged these individuals are - full of violent and malevolent thoughts towards humans seemingly living a better life than them.  Or blaming the Western culture as the reason for their own personal issues.  Or just not able to live in the western way of life, disenfranchised and without their own identity in society.  Except they do have an identity with the most feared religio-politico entity around - and they love the notoriety it garners with every new terrorist attack on Western values.  They feel unified against society and feel the freedom to rage against it.


To me, Satan's great anger is evident in his tearing his own "house" apart, as he gets his kicks seeing more and more suffering however it happens on the earth.  He knows he has not much time left, and he is dragging all the world down with him.  These terrorists display truly demonic traits.  Human governments cannot begin to understand what they are seemingly fighting against. 


Every kingdom divided against itself comes to ruin, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.   In the same way, if Satan expels Satan, he has become divided against himself; how, then, will his kingdom stand?"  Mat 12:25, 26

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Yup Islam is really taking it on the chin all over the world now. Take a look at some youtube  videos on Muslim rape gangs going on  in  scandanavian countries europe and other areas now.  Jehovah has to make this end soon. 

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritadi

If all else fails --- Play Dead Possum Lodge Moto -- Red Green

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Yup Islam is really taking it on the chin all over the world now. Take a look at some youtube  videos on Muslim rape gangs going on  in  scandanavian countries europe and other areas now.  Jehovah has to make this end soon. 

Such videos are usually fake news from right wing groups wanting to blame immigrants for every bad thing. Regular muslims and others from the same areas take a lot of blame for such made-up things as well as things real terrorists do. They feel that they don't have anything in common with these idiots. Both in Manchester and London Muslim taxi drivers were quick to help people get home for free.


🎵“I have listened to Jesus in these troublesome days,

He lights up my path.

As I hear and obey.”

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I agree. The man who committed the crime in this thread was, firstly, an angry violent convicted criminal. He also happened to be a Muslim man. He was out on parole because the Parole board had not been given information about his previous charge regarding the terror plot to blow up the army barracks in Sydney. He should have remained in jail for his violent crimes, knifing attacks not even related to an extremist Islamist view. He was just basically a very bad man.


Also, and in a similar vein, the man who mowed down pedestrians with his car in Melbourne back in January this year was also a truly evil man. Also had been convicted of very violent crimes, and was out on parole. He was also high on drugs when he killed so many, boasting to police and horrified onlookers. He has shown no remorse. He is of Greek heritage, not a Muslim.


The man who instigated the Lindt Cafe Sydney siege a few years ago was also a deranged individual with his own hateful agenda. He had been going through the court system for years, murdered his first wife, committing many heinous crimes, and a was a recipient of multiple government payments, most fraudulently obtained, and he clogged up the appeals court with many complaints he was being treated unfairly, in his attempts to deceive and exploit the govt. He only became involved with IS when it suited him, right at the end. Another malevolent human.


To me, they are truly demonically possessed individuals fulfilling their deranged ruler's bidding. Whether they claim they are soldiers of IS or not, they are all in satan's army.

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