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12 hours ago, Gregexplore said:

Truly our Father Jehovah has great love for mankind! Seeing Jehovah's personality in action, reaching out to ALL people moves me deep inside.

This is so true! Something I found especially touching is when I saw languages added for ethnic peoples who are often racially discriminated, such as various dialects of Romany for the Romani tribes. People in the world might hate a group of people and mistreat them, but Jehovah really loves them and provides for them.

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122 Languages removed:

Botswana, Ethiopian, Fiji, Flemish, Melanesian, Namibian, Suriname, Swazi, Tanzanian Sign Languages

Apma, Arabic (Algeria) (Egypt) (Jordan)(Lebanon), Arosi, Ashaninka, Atayal, Bauro, Bembe, Bukusu, Cakchiquel (Western), Chinese (Min Nan) (Shanghainese) (Sichuanese) (Yunnanese), Chiquitano, Chorote (Iyojwa'ja), Corsican, Dida (Lakota), Ditammari, Dogon (Toro So), Dutch (Belgium), Efate (North), French (Benin) (Canada), Garo (Abeng), Greenlandic (East), Guarayu, Gun (Benin), Hakka (Indonesia), Hamshen (Armenian), Hamshen (Cyrillic), Hano, Hitnu, Hmong (Green), Iaai, Ignaciano, Inuktitut (Roman), Inuktitut (Syllabics), Jamaican Creole, Jejueo, Kaingang, Karabakh, Karen (Pwo Northern), Karen (Pwo Western), Kashubian, Kele, Khmer (Northern), Korean (China), Kuria, Kuy, Liberian English, Lisu, Mankanya, Mansi, Maragoli, Mashi, Matengo, Mauritian Creole, Medan Hokkien, Moba, Mokilese, Moru, Nauruan, Nenets, Nenets (Forest), Nhengatu, Njebi, Nkoya, Olunyole, Ombamba, Ossetian (Kudar), Paiwan, Phu Thai, Popoluca (Highland), Punu, Puyuma, Romany (Chile) (Crimea) (Kalderash, Russia) (Northern Russia) (Poland) (Ukraine) (Vlax, Russia), Rukai, Sateré-Mawé, Seediq, Shan, Silesian, Spanish (Spain), Taabwa, Tairuma, Taita, Talysh (Cyrillic), Tamazight, Taroko, Teke (Congo Brazzaville), Teochew, Teochew (Indonesia), Thai (Korat), Thai (Northern), Thai (Southern), Thai Song, Tibetan, simané, Twi (Akuapem), Waama, Wanga, Yami, Yong, Yuanga, Zazaki (Northern).

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On 2/17/2018 at 7:48 AM, Guri said:

I love when I see the numbers go up and up. It encourages me so much! 

Well it has already gone up again...Now we have 942 languages. B)


Also, JW Broadcasting is now in 224 languages, and Watchtower Online Library is now in 529 languages.

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13 hours ago, humblebumblebee said:


  • Romany (Moldova) Cyrillic

Content: Publication Download Only


  • Tarahumara (Western): Mexican indigenous language

Content: Website Available



If I'm counting them properly, that's the 20th dialect of Romany they have added...


Lovari (romani)
Romany (Albania)
Romany (Argentina)
Romany (Bulgaria)
Romany (Chile)
Romany (Crimea)
Romany (E. Slovakia)
Romany (German Sinti)
Romany (Kalderash, Russia)
Romany (Macedonia)
Romany (Macedonia Cyrillic)
Romany (Moldovia)
Romany (N. Greece)
Romany (N. Russia)
Romany (Poland)
Romany (Romania)
Romany (Serbia)
Romany (S. Greece)
Romany (Ukraine)
Romany (Vlax, Russia)

Total: 20

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1 hour ago, Guri said:

I see. I thought I was missing something. :D 

I think by the end of 2018 it will be more then 1000 languages, but I might be wrong :) 

Considering how often we get a new language added, I'd say there's a very good chance we will reach the 1,000 mark before the end of the year. B)

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  • Dages changed the title to JW.ORG: 1090 languages and growing!

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