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  1. When naming my children I was careful and researched baby names. I wanted them to be strong, sure, resilient.  My 31 year old son gave me a beautiful compliment tonight. He asked me what his name means and I told him virile, strong, competent. He said it totally describes him, and said I made good choices.  

    I'm grateful that age makes us change, makes us see things outside ourselves.

    The compliment has brought me to tears, and I'm not one for tears. Thank-you Jehovah for simple pleasures.


    1. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      My son's name means God's gift, and his middle Gift of God.  I didn't know their meanings until after and I thought it was very interesting they meant the same thing.  I am still praying that he becomes a Gift TO Jehovah.  My middle daughter's name means house of poor, which isn't wrong lol.  My youngest daughter's name means small, and she was also aptly named at 5'1.

    2. bagwell1987


      My daughter's name means everybody's friend, it fits her like a glove.