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  1. Loopy, I thought the same thing when I read that story today. LOL. A chocolate addicts worse nightmare.
  2. Jnutcurl

    Canada, Eh

    Alright Canadians, you all must hunt more. 🤣 We have bears in Kentucky too (or so they say). But, I sure would hate to walk up on a moose or a bear.
  3. Jnutcurl

    Canada, Eh

    Mountain man, can you hunt all the bear and wolf before they migrate down here. I would hate to have to learn to eat bear/wolf. LOL.
  4. Jnutcurl

    Canada, Eh

    Hey, if you are going to eat meat, you might as well get the freshest meat available. Jehovah allows humans to eat meat, so that means some animals must die. Wild animal is suppose to taste better and you don't have to worry about what all was added to it after it was processed. Now, for me, I am a vegetarian, but, I have raised two beautiful men who love to hunt. It is not cheap to hunt, you have to buy guns, ammo, permits, appropriate clothing, etc. That all adds up. So, I am glad they get fresh meat to eat while they are outside to recover some of the cost of hunting. Animals aren't made to live forever. I love that people hunt. Just think of the overloaded ecosystem if the animals were not controlled. Sorry, I just saw this was about Canada and not the United States. That doesn't change my opinion about hunting being a great resource for people that eat meat. But, I am thinking maybe Canada may have different rules and regulations. Sorry if I misunderstood anyone.
  5. Jnutcurl

    My DNA

    I had mine done with you.23andme.com. It was really good. I thought it was thorough. But, I am a little worried since I had so many different groups under my DNA. I think there were 8 different areas my family is from. They do test for carrier status of 43 different variants that I could have passed on to my boys. Overall, I was happy with finding out the results. My results were definitely different than we expected. All in all, it was fun.
  6. VIncent that is a great looking website.
  7. I just watched it last night and was amazed at the talks. It seems this one is even better than last years graduation. I was so disappointed when the video was done because it literally felt like I had just started watching it. I probably will watch it again today or tomorrow to get the points embedded in my mind better.
  8. Jnutcurl

    Looking for ideas

    That cake is beautiful. Very well made.
  9. I have never heard of a singles ball. But, I like the sounds of it. LOL.
  10. I was so excited to see this today! Great news!
  11. Jnutcurl

    2019 Calendar

    I would like a copy please. 😁
  12. I am so glad to hear that. I thought I would be the only one who didn't know. Great minds think alike, right?
  13. I really want to get started writing letters to all that are listed. Can someone show me how the address would look? The info is slightly different than we do here in the US and I don't want it to get lost. For example, the first one with an address reads like this: Vladimir Alexandrovich Alushkina, born in 1964, PKU SIZO No. 1 of the UFSIN of Russia in the Penza Region, ul. Karakozov, 30, Penza, 440039

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