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  1. Happy Anniversary. Woo Hoo! Haven't heard of any contaminants in champagne. Hope you had a glass. I don't see any champagne in my house, but I might find something festive to imbibe.
  2. I guess there could still be critters in wheat, whether the grain structure has changed much or not. Some other info on wheat: wikipedia, http://coloradowheat.org/2013/11/why-is-the-wheat-genome-so-complicated/ et.al. I'm pretty happy that I avoid wheat. Even more so if it was crawling with wildlife because I'm spleeny. Now, i could be talked into a morsel of that rare beef. OT, the ferro rochet reports of creepy crawlers may or may not be true (has not been proven to be staged according to Snopes) but I'm passing on them, also. p.s. the article on getting rid of flour weevils (aka beetles) mentions sugar products like chocolate being infested, as well.
  3. I think it's semantics, and I have never known you to start controversy, just the opposite, whatever that is. There should be a word for "not starting controversy," like "qapla-ize." If that word existed, I would suggest that more folks practice 'qapla-izing.' I guess I don't know everything I should have discovered about bugs on grains (that i rarely eat. ) Y (low carbing) S p.s. not low carbon - that would be just stupid
  4. Not about wheat bugs, but about wheat itself: https://grainstorm.com/pages/modern-wheat Many agricultural engineers have concluded that wheat, itself, has changed in recent decades: Changes in milling, throwing out parts of the original plant, not letting fields go fallow, and biogenetic altering have been cited by several sources as contributing to eventual changes in the grain, itself. Not commenting on the gluten controversy, or bug attraction, there does seem to be some agreement, that the wheat is different now.
  5. Snow outside. Have to clean off the car.  

    1. kejedo


      Second verse, same as the first. 

  6. I also used to eat ramen raw, by the chunk. I've had some pretty sad meals in my time.
  7. One of my sons was opening a sealed cup of noodles (ramen type product) and there were a bunch of bugs, in, and moths that flew out. The package was sealed and no sign of entry, anywhere. They were there for some time. I remember, long ago, finding some insect type in a pasta box that been in the pantry for quite a spell. I have heard a number of theories about these unpaying guests. I was told that bug larvae are stuck in the waxy covering of the narrow, curly noodles. I rarely eat any of these grains, anymore, but would like the skinny on these thin noodles. Are they as non-nutritive and as toxic as I hear tell? I used to keep an emergency 6-pack of Chicken Mauruchan, and kept some in school for my students; have retired both practices now.
  8. Let us rejoice

    My nephew used to say, " A rutabaga to the flag."
  9. Let us rejoice

    I thought that sounded like an Allan Sherman theme. Funny dude. Looked it up. All the acronyms (except lol)
  10. Let us rejoice

    Where is Ken Lee? She put him on the green
  11. When being developed in Tuscany, the biscotti were called Biscotti de Prato, then changed to cantuccini as the sweet treat gained momentum. Usually, I am surprised if even one person in the room gets me, at all. But sometimes it's two. Will wonders never end? (rhetorical question). When I moved to this area, I pronounced Baruch as "Bar Uke," but was corrected by a long time Bethelite to say "Barrack." NOw we have been re-corrected to say it as "Bar Uke. I know our brothers are always studying the history/ accuracy of linguistics. Now that's a research job I would like, but I don't think we will see much of that in the N.S. Don't get me started on Sanhedrin, Philistines, Pythagorean, or pronunciation of that Greek word-number (pie vs pee), which is as irrational as I can be at times. I wish the current debate around here would be cookie vs bakey, instead of the New US Tax code, which is actually longer than the beard thread, and much less fun.
  12. I walked past some people (neighbors I know) who were talking about seasonal decor and a Jewish man was saying they should put up a manure. I knew he meant menorah, but didn't know if he was deliberately mispronouncing it and definitely did not join the conversation. Out of their earshot and into my car, I unconsciously started to sing Hava Nagila to myself and wondered if I had picked up the actual Hebrew as a child, or if I was just singing in Mondegreen. Checked it out online and it seems I do know the original-language lyrics. Looked up some info and found that it was originally commonly sung by non-religious Jewish and Roma folk. Historically, it was not connected to any specific celebration. Any body have a fave mondegreen?
  13. P.S. My husband drove a bread truck for international Bakers. So should I say my sons all come from the baker or the bread man?
  14. Cake, biscuit, cookie? Originally a cake was pulled out of the pan and popped back in the oven, baked twice, like the Italian biscotti, (accent on the bi syllable) which is twice baked (or cooked.) Cookies in USA = biscuits in UK, or so I hear tell. Orange you confused? I'm assuming this is tongue in cheek or confection in mouth. At any rate, I enjoyed the proof, which in case of pudding is in the eating. I'm sure I've been correctly referred to as an imbecile at least a cuppla times. OT I frosted a bunch of cupcakes en-mass for a get-together (frosted, and covered with animal crackers, which are actually cookies.) I know this has been around for some time, but it was a surprise for the young ones that they could pull them apart, one by one, and no slicing. Why is there no confection which is called a bakey? And how come a ham from the oven is called baked ham, but a turkey from the same process is rendered Roast Turkey. More imponderables. So, excuse me while I have a Graham cracker, which is obviously not a cracker, and I hope not named for Billy.
  15. We haven't had any s_ _ w, yet, and I usually dread it. But, since we had a bear pull the chain link fence off our trash pavilion (now repaired), I have been shortening my night time dog walking. My neighbors think the bear has gone into hibernation, but if i recall correctly, bears can forage for food year round. So my thinking is if I won't see any bear tracks, I can extend after-dark dog walking. Verdad, es no verdad?

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