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  1. I saw a lot of skidders in Maine, a few sawmills, and a number of persons with acquired aphalangia. Sorry, I could't think of any that I would prefer to post as a picture.
  2. I am sad to read that the Bali Myna bird is endangered. People have got to stop ruining Jehovah's creations.😪
  3. kejedo

    Daily Bacon

    Some time ago, my doc insisted on statins and I stopped within the first month. Then some time later, I got the hard push for statins and agreed to the one with least "side effects." Also docs wanted me to change my diet from low carb to a "more balanced" diet. While these things did not necessarily lead to my recent hospitalization (extreme anemia, low hemo scores) I was suffering for a number of months from shortness of breath, extreme limb/muscle pains, sleeplessness, brain fog. I am now tapering myself off of the statins and reducing my carbs again. I'm adding back red yeast rice, fish oil, co-q10 and am looking at other suggestion on the "lower my cholesterol thread." Sorry if I am OT (again). A week and a half ago, the docs didn't expect me to survive the night without "blood". Not only did I survive, I was discharged much sooner than any medical folks could have predicted. My primary has me seeing a cardiologist b/c of high cholesterol. I intend to suspend appts with the heart doc. I've never had a heart attack.
  4. Joking, right. The spin of he nuclei does not seem to determine the direction of drainage vortex. Or did I miss the point of this article entirely?
  5. Just was thinking of you.  Hope all is good ❤️

  6. During the Sunday Public Talk, the speaker mentioned the animals he would like to touch in the N.S. I whispered to husb? "What animal would I want?" Obviously, a dog. Nope I have found dogs that do not trigger my allergies, but in the new System I won't have to worry abut cat-allergies. Everyday will be Caturday. But I still love my canines.
  7. An online analyzer of vocabulary concluded that I come from Michigan. Even though I can bust those Motown moves, I hope I'm actually a Yooper. I seldom miss a chance of telling the friends about the sights I wish I could see in the Upper Peninsula. This one leaves me speechless.
  8. The creative viewing one reminded me of when my sons were little, they used to read a number of books for the local library every summer. A woman entered her baby and listed the books she, herself, had read to the little one. The librarian announced, we have a new category this year, 'Assisted reader,' so the mother could get recognition in the program.
  9. I always wondered how someone became a sand sculptor. There are some lessons online, and I imagine in person. It is fascinating, but I, personally, would not want to learn an art form that takes days or weeks to sculpt and is gone =poof!
  10. That's just how I roll. People prob used bidets before the tp was invented. Do't want to think too hard about that.
  11. oops, was going to show the earliest patent of the overhand roll, but it's already on this thread.
  12. I do the folded, pointed tip, too.
  13. Gilbert Stuart's 1796 unfinished portrait on Geo. Washington
  14. Had a fun afternoon in service today. We don't usually do thurs aft, but this week end is assembly. Was in the car group for a bit with a six year old home-schooler, his 27 y/o sister,and his mother. The other two were on a call, so, as usual,the 6 year old and I were embedded in deep conversations. At some point he said, "My head is exploding." I told him a trick I knew to take in information without feeling like my head was exploding. He also had an index card of thing to research.  One of the questions I posed: "is a buttload a real thing?"I also asked him if we were really related, would his sister

    be my sister, daughter, grandaughter or niece. He said, "you love her so much, she would be your real niece."The other two came back to the car, and his mother asked what he was doing. "Taking in information." Then he showed her his index card of things to research. He was laughing at the questions. Next time I'll ask him abut a fartlek. We might even do some.

    1. CyreJay



      The ages are similar to me and my sibling(s) - oh what a joy you had.  I can't wait to work with you!


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