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  1. Love it! Somehow, I always mess up this stitch (Chevron?) so I never attempt it. Hope you are feeling better Sister Linda. Please stop ice skating for the rest of this winter. Oops, today is first day of spring in these here parts. Waiting for another N'oreaster.
  2. Just in from P.T. and I actually  made visible progress in being able to do an exercise that is a step up from what I was doing.  I increased visits with him to twice a week,  For the first time, I am feeling a bit stronger.  I may increase to 3 times a week next month. Lots of room for progress.  

    1. Loopy


      Great news. It’s wonderful when a person sees progress in therapy. I sure hope you continue to heal.


  3. My off topic thread

    Hopefully, people will start using the word 'presently' correctly, or disuse it entirely. If so, I would offer a surprise gift, presently.
  4. My off topic thread

    Is there a sound to one hand clapping? Why yes, and yes. You can look up a youtube of one hand with fingers smacking it own palm. Also, you can wave your hand next to your ear as if clapping and you will hear that the wind moves molecules which produce sound. The wind itself is soundless, as I understand it. Y(appl)S
  5. My off topic thread

    Blood is either red or darker red. Veins appear to blue due to that visual effect, which you alluded to.
  6. One of my acute med concerns is a mass in my lower right lung (also enlarged lymph node in entirely different part of different lobe. ) 2015 CAt skin = no mass. 2017= catscan reveals mass has developed. Extra catscan 1 month later to measure mass. One guess, may be scarring from pneumonia. Curiously, i have not had a diagnosis of pneumonia in any of those years. a.) Could have overcome some walking pneumonia with perseverance; b . could be the result of chemical poisoning from exposure to environmental tortures; c.) could be something else, like lung cancer. Y (lung and winding road) S
  7. Dieting, going Low Carb

    My med team is actually sending me 10 prepared meals a week, most items from which I have to throw out. They are a bit flummoxed by my inability to absorb/retain vitamins, despite injections, supplements and infusions. Oncologists are in disagreement re: diagnosis and treatment; pulmonologist is debating about lung surgery; cardiologist believes my heart is stable for now. I have 40 items on my diagnoses list that are either unstable, stabilized, monitoring, and/ or treating. I was pre-diabetic a few years ago and eliminated all grains and am now normal as for that diagnosis. Only ate protein and got my carbs exclusively from vegs. Had a bit of fruit this morning, salad for lunch, and protein for dinner. Have been having 3 to 5 weekly doc appointments up til now, but am trying to space them out, with a goal toward aux pio for March.
  8. Dieting, going Low Carb

    More fruit, less fat than my original plan which was primarily Atkins (easiest for me).
  9. Dieting, going Low Carb

    That 2016 episode proved to be a broken (fractured) spine; I was supposed to gain ten pounds and overshot that goal. Suffered another serious fall in 12/12/2017. Can finally move enough to be back in physical therapy. Now I would like to lose again. I am counting carbs, but have some adjustments to my previous approach.
  10. My off topic thread

    my guess is that you are also just right for your size.
  11. Thank you for reminding me. I have several persons (yes, the elders know who I write to) I am writing to that need to read some of these life changing bios.
  12. I happened to be in a NY taxi and the driver was telling me his story. He had a college education and had been working for the US POst Office and was travelling hours a day and never seeing his family. He switched to taxi driver- he and his wife both working full time. They frequently ate or used take out meals b/c of their schedules. He had one of his young daughters in a distant (not local) baseball team. They made the finals and his family rented a hotel. Her team was eliminated first game. As he ran down his list of seriously non-essentials, it seemed that if he eliminated some of these cavalier activities, one of them could stay home, and they would be in a lower tax bracket. I think that is a pattern for those 'worldly' ones. Of course, some of our Christian couples need to have two incomes, but do not work extra hours to fritter away excess income.
  13. This study is about the wealth of the Catholic Church, itself, in Australia and admits it is probably falsified in view of pedofilic law suit payoffs. The PEW study is of families professing to belong to a number faiths, who responded to a survey. It also seems to be flawed, standard deviations aside.
  14. It may well be true that many of Jehovah's Witnesses have a relatively smaller income, but that is possibly because materialism is not our goal, and that we are thrifty enough to exist without needless luxuries. On the other hand, looking at this research model, it has done more than just rounding of numbers. As for the statistical sampling method, it is likely that many opted out of participating. It is noted that the statistics were recalculated to exclude non-responses. P-E-W
  15. My off topic thread

    For most of my life, I've also had very little sleep. Now, it has caught up with me.

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