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  1. kejedo

    A good joke

    The great Oscar has removed all the original cards. I usually spot these ype "card tricks" at first glance. I wonder if a retired, elderly math teacher would get caught counting cards in Vegas.
  2. kejedo

    A good joke

    Vodka may not help much, either, But it's worth a shot.
  3. New CO and wife at tonight's meeting. Looking for an amazing rest-of-the-week.


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    2. Good-O


      Ours is new too.  We are so happy to have them.  He announced all his talks to be presented; gave the name of the public talk, looked around and said 'your cong is mature, in age, but I only see one, maybe two young ones.  But you know what?  I am gonna give the talk anyway because those are my instructions'.  Of course, we all enjoyed that comment among others he made. He said 'it is a public talk but you can come too.'  I especially enjoyed his opening comment 'for the next three years my wife and I are here to serve you.  Not for you to serve us, but for us to serve you.  We will try hard to do that.'  He made it a point to meet everyone BEFORE the meeting.  He especially thanked those who were listening in on the telephone and he assured them that 'yes! you are at the meeting and we are counting you.'  Am looking forward to this week.  

    3. Loopy


      We have a new one coming in November....of all months. ☺️☺️☺️


      As I missed our Assembly last month I didn’t get to see/hear him speak. ☹️☹️☹️ 


      Cant wait. I just hope the weather is decent. 

    4. Tortuga


      We have a new CO, Stanley and Linda Landers, does anyone know them?

  4. I had a part time U.S. gov job while pioneering. Another Sis was already working with this supervisor, who said "Oh, I don't need to do this part. I know about your beliefs."
  5. # 16 posted incorrectly, sorry. Anyone with authority is welcome to remove it. Hatcheckgirl - Post has been adjusted, so now you won't see it anymore
  6. I used a number of tactics when teaching school to avoid flag salute participation. First year teaching public school, I did not have a home room - was in the copy room standing behind the head of Dept, (later supt of schools,) when the 'pledge' came over the loudspeaker. I expected the head teacher to stop and assume position. He never skipped a beat with his paper- copying, and paid no attention to the message. Other times, I managed to reserve my seat and come in late for graduations, or get out of graduation attendance by doing other volunteer assignments during the school year. Many of the schools in which I taught did not include this ritual. There are a number of articles in the opening post showing that folks do not have a united opinion on this subject and are certainly not aware of pertinent laws. Pine Bush NY is a stone's throw from me, and I never heard a word about this news story. Looked it up- seems that it happened 3 years ago, and caused a brief uproar. Many of the ESL students I taught became US citizens. Memorizing some rhetoric did not seem to have any impact on them, except as an opportunity to get more family members out of a country with supposedly less economic advantages. We had a useful article about emigrating/immigrating some time ago. The fact that dual or multi-citizenship exists may indicate that pledging ones allegiance to a specific country is not necessarily a definable position. So sorry to hear that some of our Brothers or Sisters may already be affected by this situation. So glad that we, as Witnesses of Jehovah, do not worship a political emblem.
  7. Tomorrow - First day of cart-ology.


    1. Stormswift
    2. Sheep


      In my first day of cart-ology a couple of years ago, I placed three books and a magazine. The angels get all excited when you try something new!

  8. kejedo

    My off topic thread

    I generally keep a table cloth on and previously had a glass table. If I picked up the cloth and looked down at my small dog, underneath, she would look up with a shocked expression.👀 Change tables. It couldn't be looking at me that left her traumatized. 😮
  9. Also trying to go to bed on an empty stomach, because my bionic-eared dog will hear if I open the fridge and come out begging. I just got her majesty settled in for the night.
  10. A dear Pioneer sister in our local cong jut got her (lives with) niece graduated with self designed curriculum. She has two more teenagers at home and is buying a curriculum this year for both (Distance learning vs Home schooling). Congrats to all who are now in a new school year and a new service year.
  11. We have a beautiful new couple that have been assigned to our cong. for one year. I thought their original language was German and tried a little Deutschen  with them, but was told by the Sis that Dutch is their native tongue. I will try to learn some Dutch language this year.  Exciting times; we can pray to our Almighty God in any language. 

    1. Tortuga


      Are they SKE graduates?

    2. NW2018


      If you know low german then you should be able to pick up on the dutch with some ease as they have similarities. 

      Good words to know are stroopwafel and bitterballen :eat: and Yes... we can pray in any language! :heart: 

    3. kejedo


      I believe they are Bethelites.


  12. Just got back from a 5 day, 4 night trip to New England(Actually two days were primarily travel days. ) to visit relatives and the first KH I ever attended in the 80s. Saw some old friends and the brother who gave the public talk at my first meeting. The WTCH that day was 'Fully accomplish your ministry.' 12/15/84 - Still trying. 


  13. kejedo

    A good joke

    Well, you changed your hair style, mustache, and what's with the green sweater and pink collar? Most of us can't recognize you without getting spinal injections. p.s. Your eyes look a little puffy. Allergies?
  14. One tectonic plate to another: "It's your fault, not mine."

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Until we meet again!

    3. Tortuga


      One of those plates looked a little shifty, I think it's his fault...

    4. Vinnie


      I like it. cute :)


  15. I just read about a man named Alex Lewis, UK, who caught a cold a few years ago and it resulted in Strep A, which infiltrated his body. He lost all four limbs and parts of his face. He was fitted with prosthetic lips, but his son was afraid to kiss him. I read that there was a plan to tattoo over his lip prosthesis for a more realistic appearance. Hope it works.

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