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  1. This was a news story in NH when I lived in Maine (border). A teenager was using a public outhouse and looked down to see a pair of eyes staring up at her. The police believed that this man was a peeper who hid in the waste water. As I recall, he beat the charges by saying he had dropped a ring (or was it a watch?) down and was in there looking for it. And nobody wrote a song about dropping a ring in it.
  2. Frequently we read through historical and Bilbe accounts about peoples who are no longer here in modern times. What decimated them? Some were absorbed by other cultures, relocated due to changing geography like natural catastrophes, victims of war, or other circumstances One unique disappearance of people were the Rapa Nui of the remote pacific Island known as Easter Island. We know from general knowledge that the inhabitants used up most of natural resources making those huge statues (probably religiously influenced) and pretty much died out. How did that happen? Did people just watch each other starve to death? Regardless of the various theories of where the Rapa Nui came from, they undoubtedly arrived by boat. The boat or boats evidently had rats as stowaways. It is suggested that at some point, there were maybe 15,000 RapaNui. They deforested the larger trees, perhaps to roll the pieces of their statues, during assembly. The smaller trees that thrived in their shade were threatened. Fishing for meals may have dwindled the amount of edible ocean life. Rats competed for the tree nuts. Some may have (successfully?) attempted exiting by boat. AS times became more crucial, there is evidence that the population members attacked each other, maybe separating into tribes in hopes of finding safety in groups. At the archaeological time that statues stopped being built, parts of the population became cave dwellers. Although many had genealogical ties, it seems they turned on each other for survival. In 1877 there were about 100 inhabitants on the Island. You may think of Bible accounts where people turned against one another. This seems to suggest that this does indeed happen. Just my ruminations about. "Where have all the people gone."
  3. Got about an hour of informal in doc's waiting room.  3 tracts. One lady was my former student and has been called on by two Sisters (who are also sisters) from our Local cong. Went to a couple of meetings at KH some years ago, but did not get the df arrangement. We had a long conversation and she said she really gets it now.  As it turns out, her current church is folding and she is looking for a new place to attend. 

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    2. shali


      You sound like a pro!

    3. kejedo


      We are all just trying.  I do feel better, coming home from long hospital appts, if I have used the waiting  time to speak to someone about the Bible.  Most people there are just playing solitaire on their cell phones. If that was my only  opportunity, I might ask if they win much at that game.

    4. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      Thank you for these tidbits Pauline, a coworker and I are going to start informal witnessing outside the back of our building.  It's a promenade that faces the river valley.

  4. I knew you had a good sense of humor, Brother Peter, or I would have squelched my own insanity.
  5. Another day at the hospital, (yawn squared). My transport driver was a former student of mine, who did not finish to HS graduation, but has a decent job. I heard him out, and he is quite loquacious, to say the least - very engaging as a conversationalist, and fluent in both English and Spanish. His Born again Mom did a number on his self concept. I placed a tract, gave him a card, read a scripture and mentioned how my relationship with Jehovah has healed many deficits left over from imperfect childhood. 

    1. kejedo


      He has a thirteen year old son and is concerned about his attachment to electronics. I told him about some of the age appropriate videos for early teens, on Upon departure he mentioned how much he enjoyed our conversation and hopes to pick it up again.  Should I count any of this as "time" or just the placement? Had a couple more placements at the med. center.  Also talked to the nurse about the ingredients in my infusion today.  Was able to talk about abstaining from blood and why I questioned and verified the contents of my treatment. 

    2. Alexa


      If its traffic, I would add up a hour time of transportation sis kejedo :)

    3. kejedo


      The round trip is 2.5 hours, not counting treatment. which is quite protracted.


  6. What did you do on the even years?
  7. Not up for the hike. I noticed the family made a snack of starburst fruit chews and marshmallows. Well, I have a math activity I wrote which uses Starburst fruit chews to 'discover' the Pythagorean theorem. Yah, I'll think of those blistering trails if I use that math-lab this school year. I'll do some local hiking, but this is one natural wonder I will enjoy in picture form, at least for now.
  8. More pics of this breathtaking landscape, some showing the waters around and mention of damming which may have rerouted some of the streams. I'm curious about the structural development here.
  9. Got in this evening from a med appointment. Reviewing the RC notes, one suggestion was to start conversations. I started a conversation with the young lady next to me and eventually included the third  lady in our pod of hospital lounge chairs.  Throughout the informal conversation, everyone mentioned prayer at least once. I was  captivated with their experiences. They couldn't move too far, as everyone was hooked up.  I was able to read Isaiah 33:24 and place some literature.  It seemed to flow naturally.  

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    2. kejedo


      Thanks, dear Sis Cheryl;  Our Watchtower  (study copy with additional articles) is faith strengthening and helps us speak up a bit more boldly, of which you are no slouch.  We do feel better when we have given a witness, no matter how tiny. 

    3. nanceebgd46


      P.S.  I am agreeing with Cheryl...ditto...your're   a very encouraging person.

    4. kejedo


      I get so much encouragement from you, too, Nancee. This forum is the place to find it.

  10. Bought some Timmie's DeCaf K-cup. Tomorrow morning, I will imagine I am back in Maine. Also got a new type filter for my reusable pod. I will try the filter. There is another reusable pod that I might try. My Keurig single takes all k-cups.
  11. Hemispherectomies are more effective within a specific age span. They usually leave one side weaker, as I understand it.
  12. Is your chihuahua a mix?
  13. p.s. sorry, I was looking at Sis Karina's State. No experience in TExas.
  14. I am coaching some high schoolers in NY, one of the most highly regulated states. I would have to update my research, but you can submit a typical curriculum (reconstructed) for elementary school levels with a review letter for each year (usually from a certified teacher). I believe for middle school, there needs to be testing done every other year. Is she entering grade 7 or 8? I don't know if you counted K as a year. Take a CAT as soon as you can, and submit it with your letter of intent. If the school drops her a grade b/c of a missing standardized exam for one of the middle school years, you can make it up on your own in H.S. and still graduate her at what you consider her correct year. Scrutinize those expectations for NY on HSLDA Unless you just moved to NY, your school district should have your records. KNow that you are doing the right thing and exceeding anything being offered in the school system.