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  1. Tomorrow is my long service day, so I watched a few meteorologists, trying to prepare for it. Here's what I concluded: Weather changes starting either when it is dark or light out on Wednesday, due to an approaching front. Temps lower than freezing and possibly higher than freezing. Precipitation most likely in the form of something wet. Accumulation, if any, will range from a dusting, coating, a few inches, or maybe even a few feet. Expect the storm to end when nothing is falling from the sky. Could be dry, cold, and sunny, but a word to the wise: "Bring an umbrella, for just in case." Well, that's actually seven words, but everything else is accurate, generally. .
  2. kejedo

    Who's Ya Daddy?

    I had a recovering monk working with me as a substance abuse counselor. He said that, at the monastery, he always had access to a car, booze, and being a monk was a chick magnet . Then he got another monk hired (the monastery was in Peterborough NH, I think). This person was always late for work b/c he said he couldn't remember that if work started at 8:30, you had to get up before that. He had been accustomed to having ready alcohol, auto use, and it took him 5 minutes to get anywhere. He gave a talk (not through our agency) about sexuality. Then after a very short stint, he moved back into the monastery. The one who stayed working with the drug treatment center invited, what I thought was the staff, for a meal at his house. There was a big bible opened on a wooden stand. Then I realized I was the only one invited and he was hitting on me. I got an immediate headache and left pronto. He also ran for public office and lost. (This was before I came into the truth), and he caused a great deal of problems for the counseling center. I was impressionable and this all left a negative impression. Y (Having Nun of It) S
  3. kejedo

    Who's Ya Daddy?

    Sad, but true. If you read the story, Nuns also parented children. My grandfather was a painter of monasteries and convents. When I was young I expressed a desire to become a Nun. My grandfather never spoke directly to us, except to say things like, "You make a better door than a window." This time he took me aside and spoke to me, "No, you don't want to be a Nun, They've all had problems with men, and you don't know what I've seen."
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/the-vaticans-secret-rules-for-priests-who-have-children/ar-BBTM7Ef?ocid=spartandhp
  5. kejedo

    Hey You Guys!

    What a revolting development.
  6. kejedo

    Hey You Guys!

    Thanks, Doug. The word "girl" in the 1300s referred to either a male or female child. https://www.etymonline.com/word/girl Then it came to specifically refer to a female child. For years in American English, unless it was a boat, the pronoun 'he' was used. Women objected and many works were rewritten to use he and she (and their cognates) By the 1970s, grown up females objected to being referred to as 'girls.' and 'women' became the preferred pronoun. Now it has circled the drain again and people in American use "guys" for collective groups. I have not heard any one refer to a single woman as a 'guy" The history of "guy" guy - Wiktionary https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/guy Dec 19, 2018 · Etymology 1 . Named from Guy Fawkes (1570–1606), an English Catholic hanged for his role in the Gunpowder Plot. Noun . guy ... The usage of the plural guys in the phrase “some guys chased them away” would generally be assumed to mean men rather than women. My stepson Guy is so Fly He's a lad that makes me glad. Would I say he is dope? Nope. (Guy's Bonus MOM) YS
  7. I got a call Wednesday night to be a substitute on Thurs. - Last demo, point nine; Using Visual Aid. I employed the help of the person originally assigned as assistant. Knowing she was a bit nervous, I made it easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Since all assignments were initial calls, as soon as I got to the Hall, I checked in with the brother who was assigned to "stage" to request having chairs set up, as well b/c, my setting was outdoors @ a bus stop. I also called ahead to the brother who is in charge of sound and asked if I could have my visual aid on the screens; It was page one of "Listen to God and Live forever." The assistant did mess up a little, but we plan for that and are able to recover just like at the door. It went okay, I think. All three parts had a different approach to the initial call. I noticed that the new TEACHING book does not have 'timing' as a counsel point. Of course, we still want to be mindful of our time. I wanted to share some ways the brothers are there to help us with our talk set up. What things have you noticed and enjoyed about our new "Teaching" book for midweek meeting?
  8. On an earlier thread, I mentioned that I was doing some research on my (unbelieving) husb's (and my sons' ) African lines through maternal grandmother (who was one of our spiritual sisters.) On the front page of an info pack, I made a spread sheet to do a straight line search through to their African lines (9 generations). My husb's nephew came to visit, and the first thing I told him was that I had researched these lines b/c his great grandmother was one of Jehovah's Witnesses, like myself. This nephew said he learned more about his family in a few hours, than in his entire life. Then, husb asked me to make a genealogy pack for his cousin's grandchildren. This cousin was once a P.O. but had become inactive over the years. I wrote in a memo on the spread sheet that said, "To whomever is reading this, I became interested in Grandma ____________'s family line, because like myself, she was one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and I hope to see her in the future. John 5:28,29." I did not know if husb's cousins' grandchildren were in the truth or not. Husb's cousin called me today and said he loved the stuff and is just getting to read through it. He has shared it with other non-witness cousins, who would like to speak with me b/c I have some info that no one else ever found. He is making copies. Some he is sending out. His two grandchildren ARE pioneers and attending foreign language conventions this summer. When he came here before, he did not attend meetings; when we were in his home cong, a few months ago, he also did not attend meetings. He told me today that when his relatives are in a foreign language convention (France, I think), he will come and visit and WILL definitely attend meetings. I'm glad I put that memo on the front page and that he is sharing it with others. P.S. My husb went to last Thursday's meeting as well as Sunday's meeting. He has quit smoking after 62 years and has restarted his study. He hadn't told me that, but an elder mentioned it to me (not realizing I am the last to know anything.) He also answered at the Watchtower meeting and told me he is already preparing his answer for next Watchtower meeting.
  9. kejedo

    Hey You Guys!

    Was at a hosp earlier this week, and they had a display board that you couldn't miss with a number of standard size colored paper, each with a single message. The last one (my favorite) stated: "Please do not use perfumes or fragrance. These things severely damage the health of our patients." The very fist one had this legend: "Please check in with the girls at the front desk." All of those 'girls' appeared to be over 30 y/o. That's all folks, and by folks, I mean all y'all guys. Y (pondering pluperfect participles)S P.S. by now I would have been
  10. I'm generally not annoyed by, like, you know, over use of repetitive and hackneyed phrases. But, I've been looking at some you-tubes for those of us who self style our own hair. Watched one that started out with 'Hey, you guys.' Now, I'm not offended when folks use the generic 'guys' for all genders, but I wanted to get through to the cut/color/style part. Almost every other sentence used the phrases "You guys' or 'all you guys.' She eventually concluded with, "I'd like all you guyses' opinion on this vid." I don't give feedback on you-tube, so I'm expressing my small opinion, here. I'm glad we are encouraged to use respectful speech. "You know wha'm sayin?" Y (self-cutting)S
  11. I've had plenty of mud seasons in Maine. It is now mud season in NY. Did I bring it with?
  12. Met a nice lady from Albania this morning. We traded a few Eastern European greetings. She works with a sister we know and is familiar with some other friends. It was very conversational. I only shared one scripture. Coupla studies this pm. Weds is usually my long day, but got home by dark. Thursday is my recovery day.  I am making good progress on my territory and may have it completed in time. Woo Hoo. 

  13. kejedo

    Your Favourite Saying

    Online videos of (medical) tv shows, guaranteed to kill your appetite. Your English seems very good. YOu can look them up online and just view the video. As for the steroid part, they increase one's appetite, but that's just a side effect. They also are intended to prevent a person from dying, due to severe allergies of next substance that they are going to insert intravenously. Anaphylaxis can also be triggered by things that are inhaled or ingested.
  14. kejedo

    Income Taxes

    I'm surprising myself by hanging tough. Thanks Sister Lucy!

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