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  1. Oh we ain't got a barrel of money But we'll travel along singing our songs side by side.
  2. Thought I'd put up my pic from assignment ( a week or so after I got discharged from hospital.)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. hatcheckgirl


      You do look good Pauline!  Wouldn't have thought you'd been through so much! 

    3. rlyem


      I like your picture :)

    4. nanceebgd46


      I like your picture too!

  3. p.s. I forgot and posted this in the wrong place.
  4. A married couple of about (my) that certain age went for their annual physicals. The doc said "You each should start writing things down." They then went grocery shopping and put everything away. Tired, husband asks:Would you bring me some ice cream? Wife: Should I write that down. Husb: (thinks, I just helped put this stuff away,but says): Of course not, and can you add some whipped cream? Wife: Are you sure you don't want me to write it down? Husb: No need, and while you're at it, can you add a cherry? About a half hour later, wife comes back with a dish of bacon and eggs, Husb:
  5. kejedo

    My off topic thread

    At an elegant dinner party, my (then) sister-in-law asked if she would like a filet mignon. "No thanks, I hate fish" was her winched answer.
  6. kejedo

    Witness memes

    Using 'Eh" with an upward inflection, to me, turns every declarative sentence into a question. Since Alex Trebeck is from Canada, I think every Jeopardy response can correctly be a statement, ending with 'eh?' Verdad, es no verdad?
  7. kejedo

    Witness memes

    Burger backwards, regrub would also work for me.
  8. kejedo

    Daily Text Emails Will Likely Stop

    Current questions from readers makes me wonder about this. Maybe I didn't understand the complete thought expressed in our lit.
  9. My BabyGirl is a Jack Chi. Husb says she is 50 percent Jack Daniels. I want to get her pic up, but am having technical 😣 issues.
  10. kejedo

    Time pass

    Guess and check is a good strategy that I frequently use on age problems. But if you want the formula: D = daughter; D plus D = MOTHER; D plus D plus 5 = Father' D +D+D+D+D +5 = 100 5D = 95 D =19
  11. I saw a lot of skidders in Maine, a few sawmills, and a number of persons with acquired aphalangia. Sorry, I could't think of any that I would prefer to post as a picture.
  12. I am sad to read that the Bali Myna bird is endangered. People have got to stop ruining Jehovah's creations.😪
  13. kejedo

    Daily Bacon

    Some time ago, my doc insisted on statins and I stopped within the first month. Then some time later, I got the hard push for statins and agreed to the one with least "side effects." Also docs wanted me to change my diet from low carb to a "more balanced" diet. While these things did not necessarily lead to my recent hospitalization (extreme anemia, low hemo scores) I was suffering for a number of months from shortness of breath, extreme limb/muscle pains, sleeplessness, brain fog. I am now tapering myself off of the statins and reducing my carbs again. I'm adding back red yeast rice, fish oil, co-q10 and am looking at other suggestion on the "lower my cholesterol thread." Sorry if I am OT (again). A week and a half ago, the docs didn't expect me to survive the night without "blood". Not only did I survive, I was discharged much sooner than any medical folks could have predicted. My primary has me seeing a cardiologist b/c of high cholesterol. I intend to suspend appts with the heart doc. I've never had a heart attack.
  14. Joking, right. The spin of he nuclei does not seem to determine the direction of drainage vortex. Or did I miss the point of this article entirely?
  15. Just was thinking of you.  Hope all is good ❤️


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