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  1. St Helena gets an airport!

    Studying our yearly results, St. Helena has had the closest ratio of Witnesses per population for some years. Before that it was Guadeloupe. At that time I remember reading a letter from a brother in Guadeloupe that if you got a RV, it was already someone else's call. Such a problem. Back to St. Helena, it was the place of Napoleon Bonaparte's second exile Many think it was Elba, which was his first exile. He died in St. Helena. I remember seeing a popular picture of Napoleon Bonaparte with his hand tucked into his vest and in my imagination (I know, too active) I can picture Napoleon, if eligible for resurrection, in that same portrait position, but pulling out a Watchtower.
  2. Recap: Having broken  my spine Sept 2016 and several other broken bones due to lifetime bone and joint probs, my Med team wanted me injected with bone meds, refused by insurance company.  Eventually, I called my ins and talked to a very nice young man. Started telling him about the public ministry  of J. Witnesses and he responded that he was my spiritual brother; he checked that my meds were refused accidentally and were, in fact, included in the formulary,  and reversed the error promptly - meds were appropriately available.


    1. kejedo


      Second verse same as....... A dear sister has suffered with double nephrostomies. She paid for two sets of equipment and only one was delivered. She called her insurance and started speaking to the adjuster/rep about the WW work. The insurance rep was our sister and checked the records.  Yes, our sister was accidentally sent only one set of equipment instead of the two she paid for. In addition, our dear Sis was eligible for a free sample set. Started with one for the price of two, but ended with three for the price of two.  It is never embarrassing to talk about our hope. Our brothers and sisters will take the extra minute to check the eligibility facts for ALL .  

    2. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      I am convinced Jehovah directs our spiritual brothers and sisters to specific people and organizations at times.  I was working at a family and community support center and a woman had called in for her daughter as a result of some trauma that had been caused by extended family.  The woman discussed Jehovah and I told her, I will find a way to fit you in, we have 3 therapists, but I had seen how the other two handled cases, and I knew the 1st of the 3 was better at discussing the issues.  We were able to get her in, she qualified for 10 free counselling sessions.  Moreover, these were women from my own hall, and I assured them that I would breathe nothing of it ever to anyone who knew them and I never have.  The young lady who had been traumatized friended me on facebook later, and we spoke and she said, I understand it was you who helped me.  I told her, honey.  That had nothing to do with me, that was all Jehovah and I just had the means to be used to help you.  Still love her to bits, and I'm thankful Jehovah trusted me with such a delicate matter.

  3. Very encouraging afternoon B.Study. This person has been in and out of two hospitals this week. She was strong enough for her study this afternoon, and I got ready for it, pronto. Got a relatively-new-sister in the loop and she joined the study. B.S. expressed how much she loves her study and meeting the friends and has talked about what she's learning to a para medic and a family member. She said it has also positively changed her life and outlook in ways we can only imagine. Other sister exchanged some ultra-positive input and offered an endearing closing prayer.    Sometimes Jehovah gives us just what we need times three.  

  4. It's like Hogan's Heroes where German people spoke only American with a supposed German accent. That just about kills me in a Bob Crane sort of way.
  5. I use "booklet." Then during the conversation, I use brochure twice, once rhyming with "Fo Shure', then using it rhymed with "GRocer." Finally, I ask if they would like to read the "Leaflet."
  6. Wah gwan suh? Wattcha talkin bout, mun? Ya unnastan me, now? Ebry ting gonne be Eirie.
  7. I was raised, for much of my youth, in the Boston area. If I go home, I need re-training. Sometimes I will turn on a TV show to hear the old Boston accent. I have taught ESl and moved around a bit, developing what most refer to as a Media-Accent. Students scrutinize you, and one once asked if I knew I had a freckle on my bottom lip. Nope, can't say that I knew that, but they have also picked me up on an occasional slip into Yank-onics. There are some word/sounds that mean something very different in another language. I had to be aware of them. I also told my students that there is no need to eliminate their natural accent completely, because it is endearing. One of my students recorded his voice and played it back, completely learning idiomatic American English with no detectable accent. My flaw: I have an unconscious tendency of 'picking up' someone's accent if I have been having a one-on one-conversation. I have accidentally done this in front of a Spiritual Sis, and she said, "Perfect, now do me." Um, I was trying not to. I enjoy listening to a variety of linguistic expressions. Can't wait for the new system, but even now, we speak the pure language.
  8. I was taking the home-schoolers on a walking tour (hiking path that would lead to a historic site). There was a previously abandoned building, but obviously someone was using it presently. The whole place stunk like sour grapes and there were flies everywhere. I asked to speak to the leader of this team, and told the person about the area we intended to hike, which started behind this building. He was okay with it. He told us his group was making Manuschevitz type wine (I think) for NYC. I'm not familiar with that type of wine and never will be. The place was filthy, falling apart, broken windows, and I thought the building had been determined condemned some years back. A lot of the processing was being done outside. People were handling products without gloves on and seemed overdressed for the weather. This was taking place at the rear corner of a large building that previously housed a number of factories. One could not see from the street that some kind of business/manufacturing was taking place in this remote area. I guess there are many different ways to produce wine. Who knew?
  9. I have been sick for a couple of weeks, asthma, allergy and now a cold. Someone hugged me (with their perfume on) a few weeks ago, and I have had painful and itchy hives without let up. Taking  oral and topical meds around the clock. Can last from anywhere from a few weeks to months from one exposure (Medically verified in a clinical setting and have documentation.)  My PT  said I have less strength when these conditions are present.  I am re-writing my call book and lost both of them. NOw that I have found them, I can start my new territory. I intend to write to the 'posteds.' 

    1. bagwell1987


      Do you take Benedryll? Perhaps something you did but are beyond. I have and do so on occasion when someone wears Jasmine or other particular based perfumes. Allergies are so debilitating, makes me so mad. Stops me from doing what I want to do. I ate some wheat, in a moment of weakness, last night. I had to fast for 12 hours before I could eat again. I felt like I was breathing through a straw. Should have taken Benedryll. But I fasted instead. Cannot wait till I can be normal.

    2. kejedo


      Hi Cheryl, and thanks. I do take BEnadryl day and night when I have the hives. And a number of topical meds like Caladryl. I carry two epipens, because I can go into anaphylaxes if I had a longer exposure to the chemicals in perfume. I keep liquid BEnadryl on hand and if my eyes and throat start to close, I drink it from the bottle and can head off a hospital visit.  Our crazy world is ruining Jehovah's earth. Things will be better in the future.

  10. Th nations are conspiring; the kings of the earth are gathering in opposition to Jehovah and his Kingdom by Jesus Christ.
  11. Glad you mentioned this. I forgot about that subject and have been working on a Rail-Trail -Canal-history-math-day. It will cover distance problems, walking the rails, map reading, historic designations; definitions like berme, iron horse, towpath; directions (NE, SW for example) why waters run in opposing directions, and how travel modes were inspired, i.e. in this area, the financially driven desire to deliver anthracite coal was a significant factor. Meet me at the next stop- Petticoat Junction.
  12. Does anyone remember mentioning a Computer Science (primarily online) course. And, do you know if it is acceptable as a Science course in NY?
  13. Voila! I have found the secret to overcoming depression: Pray for others, send cards, texts, or small gifts to others. Persevere in prayer. This is not meant to overcome clinical depression as your own med team needs to help with this decision.

    I did not mention Bible research, because it is one of my hobbies, and not necessarily an emotional antidote for me, but I certainly would not leave it out.  

    1. ChocoBro


      Like you said, prayer is powerful, but sometimes when the depression is no longer only a spiritual or mental one, but has a physical source, medication can be very helpful. I had a day like that a few days ago, I was so distraught and plagued by panic attacks I couldn't sleep, I was so distressed that I wasn't able to bring out a coherent sentence in prayer. I decided to pop half a Xanax and a half hour later, I was fine.

    2. kejedo


      Sorry you had to endure a depression a few days ago. I'm glad you had the right treatment on hand.  Certainly, anybody should discuss this with hes/her doctor. The way the world is, I'm surprised everyone isn't depressed.


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