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    Married 56 years
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  • How I found the Truth
    I was adopted by JW relatives when I was seven years old. Came from a very patriotic family during WW2. Like a lot kids I found it very difficult to give up the flag salute and the holidays.
    Met my ‘new’ grandmother in Auburn WA when the JW side of the family was seeing her off to Bethel, she was accepted to play the organ for WBBR. (You can see her briefly in the video “The New World Society in Action.”) Next time I saw her was at the Cleveland International Convention in 1946. She introduced me to brothers Knorr, Franz, and Covington, of course I didn't understand who these people were, but it is a fond memory.
    After several years I started making the Truth my own which allowed me to be baptized at 14. I was appointed as a Bookstudy Conductor at 16 and entered Pioneer Service at 17. In the long run I am very grateful to Jehovah that I was adopted by JWs.

My Hobbies & Interests

  • My Interests
    I was a carpenter by trade but after a few years I advanced to Construction Superintendent, a position I kept until the building slump that followed the Word Trade Center disaster. After that I helped my Wife with her janitorial work and I enjoyed running a small engineering business.
    I have worked on a number of RBC projects including being “Superintendent fo the day” once week on the Puyallup Assembly Hall remodel. On weekends I was taking the lead in the Issaquah WA KH project. Also enjoyed a two week gig at Patterson NY, had my Wife been there I would have been glad to stay there permanently, unfortunately we had family obligations and it wasn’t to be.
    Out side of the Truth and construction my interests involve airplanes, boats and computing. I have private pilot license. We owned our own airplanes and we flew as a family over most of the western states. In later years health issues hindered flying and we switched to sailing and had many sailing adventures on Puget Sound. I have a minor knowledge of computer drafting, project scheduling and at one time had three different pages on the internet.
    Age and health issues forced my retirement in 2007. We elected to move to the Oregon coast where we enjoy a great view of the ocean and the association of a very warm congregation.
  • My favorite books
    THE BIBLE, after that who knows, I read one to two books a week. I prefer biographies, historical novels, good adventure stories.
    How about John LeCar? Can't beat The Spy That Came In From The Cold for exposing the dilemma that spy craft brings. Have you read Len Deighton? Wow the Ipcress Files or Bomber which took up both sides of the bombing raids in Germany. There are so many, from the Diary of Anne Frank to Hucklebery Finn.
    I enjoy books. I DON'T MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS! TOO DANGEROUS. I liked The Lord of The rings, upon hearing this a mature brother said "The Society cites fantasy, however it is probably not a good idea to tell very many that you read Lord of the Rings." ... I hope I didn't tell anyone I read Tobacco Road.

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  1. Everything in red is supposition, it might be, it could be, it is possible, it is still supposition. You cited Scripture as your authority, but you lack Scripture. Genesis 1:6,7 just does not provide support for your statement. Our publication often provides current thoughts on what may have happened, how it might have happened and they do not say the Genesis 1: 6,7 says what you allude to above.
  2. They are copyrighted as are all our publications. The images show up because they are on the web. This does not mean they are public domain. They may only be used within the same guidelines as any of our publications. Do you notice the warning of a possible copyright notice? Select any illustration and you will see a warning on the lower right-hand corner.
  3. Reminds me of a story about "Little America" a gas stop on Route 66. It was the only station for a hundred miles each way, very barren country. A trucker was getting a fill-up and he asked the cashier what they did for entertainment way out here? The cashier replied, "watch this", as a woman got out of her car and went into the 'two holer.' The cashier waited for a few seconds and then spoke into a microphone, "Hey lady would you mind moving over to the next hole? We're painting down here!" Fast times at Little America!
  4. I am reading Genisis 1:6,7 as I sit here and find no mention of a water canopy, or heavenly ocean. Which translation are you using? 'May have', 'possible', 'might', are suppositions, at the best a good guess. So it is a possibility that something, we are just guessing at, might be restored? As good of a supposition, or guess, as any I have heard lately, or another possibility could it be, or possibly might it be, that we don't know what we are talking about. http://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/18249-the-water-canopy-a-question-with-no-real-answer-up-for-discussion/
  5. A funny thing is happening here on the coast. The forecast for abominable traffic and super high room prices seems to have dimmed the spirits. Saturday the traffic was less than a typical summer weekend and most motels still have rooms. The locals are backing off their guess of thousands and thousands of visitors. The weather looks good this morning and the forecast for Monday looks very good. The neighboring congregation set up a cart at the Yaquina Light House and HWY 101 intersection below our house, counting on heavy traffic (vehicle). We took our guests to breakfast (Zabos) across the HWY and watched the high pedestrian traffic walk by, two people in an hour and one of them changed sides of the street to avoid the cart.
  6. I think the questions to be answered are: Is it a blood replacement? or is it blood?
  7. JW.ORG News "BREAKING NEWS | Attack in Turku, Finland We are deeply saddened to inform you that one of our dear sisters was killed in an attack that took place in Turku, Finland, on Friday, August 18, 2017. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends along with the friends and families of the other victims who were affected by this senseless act of violence. We can all take comfort from Jehovah God’s promise to rescue us from violence and to resurrect all those precious in his eyes.—Psalm 72:14"
  8. Interesting, I am no authority, so this is new to me, thank you.
  9. I believe the stem cell become cells that produce red blood cells which are then launched into the circulatory system. The stem cells themselves do not get into the circulatory system. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong. (I was wrong one time before but that a long time ..... )
  10. Not a good idea, read the story: http://kxan.com/2017/08/18/oregon-man-shares-warning-after-damaging-his-eyes-in-1962-eclipse/
  11. PLEASE, give us the URL
  12. Brother Ruben: I hope they are special to you.
  13. If my brother gets killed it is a very personal matter. That is what gives.
  14. Google "Eclipse viewing box". Many examples of viewing the eclipse with out eclipse glasses. Here is just one such page http://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-Box-Eclipse-Viewer/