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  • How I found the Truth
    I was adopted by JW relatives when I was seven years old. Came from a very patriotic family during WW2. Like a lot kids I found it very difficult to give up the flag salute and the holidays.
    Met my ‘new’ grandmother in Auburn WA when the JW side of the family was seeing her off to Bethel, she was accepted to play the organ for WBBR. (You can see her briefly in the video “The New World Society in Action.”) Next time I saw her was at the Cleveland International Convention in 1946. She introduced me to brothers Knorr, Franz, and Covington, of course I didn't understand who these people were, but it is a fond memory.
    After several years I started making the Truth my own which allowed me to be baptized at 14. I was appointed as a Bookstudy Conductor at 16 and entered Pioneer Service at 17. In the long run I am very grateful to Jehovah that I was adopted by JWs.

My Hobbies & Interests

  • My Interests
    I was a carpenter by trade but after a few years I advanced to Construction Superintendent, a position I kept until the building slump that followed the Word Trade Center disaster. After that I helped my Wife with her janitorial work and I enjoyed running a small engineering business.
    I have worked on a number of RBC projects including being “Superintendent fo the day” once week on the Puyallup Assembly Hall remodel. On weekends I was taking the lead in the Issaquah WA KH project. Also enjoyed a two week gig at Patterson NY, had my Wife been there I would have been glad to stay there permanently, unfortunately we had family obligations and it wasn’t to be.
    Out side of the Truth and construction my interests involve airplanes, boats and computing. I have private pilot license. We owned our own airplanes and we flew as a family over most of the western states. In later years health issues hindered flying and we switched to sailing and had many sailing adventures on Puget Sound. I have a minor knowledge of computer drafting, project scheduling and at one time had three different pages on the internet.
    Age and health issues forced my retirement in 2007. We elected to move to the Oregon coast where we enjoy a great view of the ocean and the association of a very warm congregation.
  • My favorite books
    THE BIBLE, after that who knows, I read one to two books a week. I prefer biographies, historical novels, good adventure stories.
    How about John LeCar? Can't beat The Spy That Came In From The Cold for exposing the dilemma that spy craft brings. Have you read Len Deighton? Wow the Ipcress Files or Bomber which took up both sides of the bombing raids in Germany. There are so many, from the Diary of Anne Frank to Hucklebery Finn.
    I enjoy books. I DON'T MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS! TOO DANGEROUS. I liked The Lord of The rings, upon hearing this a mature brother said "The Society cites fantasy, however it is probably not a good idea to tell very many that you read Lord of the Rings." ... I hope I didn't tell anyone I read Tobacco Road.

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  1. Wasn't the Tumwater Kingdom Hall set on fire about 15 years ago by an arsonist? I participated in the rebuild at that time.
  2. As I recall, the section Brother Hess is referring to, was in the one-hour outline and had already been adjusted in the 45-minute outline.
  3. "This is the TAG police, open your door!"
  4. Do you get queasy when you hear a surprise knock on your door?
  5. Me too, and quietly....
  6. It is so easy to confuse WT Library and JW library. JW Libray requires Windows 10, easy to confuse.
  7. I didn't realize we had so many kids on the forum. My first talk was "Is Science the Savor" or something similar, I too was 18, a fulltime pioneer, but it was in the summer of '57.
  8. Who loves Nutella?

    While in Budapest we saw an ice cream shop that was featuring Nutella ice cream. Having heard of Nutella but never tasted it, I ordered a dish. The episode reminded me of the words of an airport manager when he heard I took off from a taxiway. "Now that you have done it you don't need to do it again!" 'Nuff said. Once was enough even though I like hazelnuts. (Hazelnuts are one of Oregon's biggest cash crops.)
  9. Useful Apps

    Anyone know of an equivalent for Apple?
  10. Maybe we should change the title of this topic to "Answers to Questions Nobody Asks."
  11. Gertrude and I really enjoyed VICTORIA, so much so that I bought Penguin Books' "Victoria, A Life." I haven't got to read it yet. Gertrude won't let go, and she hasn't read book book for years. She says it covers everything seen in the series.
  12. Actually yes, at that time you didn't touch a switch or move a control unless given the authority to do so by the captain. The hierarchy of the cockpit dictated that the captain is not to be interrupted. It was called to his attention that the fuel was dangerously low, his response was the equivalent of 'don't bother me now!' He was the CAPTAIN! I believe it was the third officer that then kept his mouth closed, Captain knows best. Since that episode, cockpit protocol has been modified and it is now considered a team effort. Most of the old pelicans have long since been retired. For a feel of the cockpit, read "On the Beak of an Ancient Pelican" or the movie/slash book "The High and The Mighty" by Ernie Gann. While on the topic of Ernie Gann: he had a way of writing that could lend tense drama to a slightly off normal episode. My son and I were at the airport (KEUG) one morning watching the Goodyear blimp arrive. They were using a clear space off to the side of the main airport, a dirt field that I had wanted to land on, but was afraid to ask. The blimp came in low over a row of hangers, lowering itself to the ground cable crew. All was secured and the passengers got off. Plain and simple, no problem, I had seen it done before. I did not know that Ernie Ghan was one of the passengers until I read the write up in Flying magazine. I didn't see it that way, but it was apparently the most dangerous approach and landing the blimp had ever made. Winds contrary and at the limit of the blimp. (It was a calm overcast morning.) The ground crew struggled to grab the landing cables to control the blimp. All were saved and Ernie was amazed at the skill both in the cockpit and on the ground that prevented a tragedy. I wish I had realized how scary that event was. If I had I probably my 10-year-old son and I would not have walked over to our Cessna and gone flying on such a dangerous day. It is all in the telling of the story. Sorry if I over reminisce.
  13. Actually, I tried but computers are so common here everybody seems to want the latest even though the average user doesn't even come close to using 50% of the capabilities of a late model PC. I had a beautiful IBM notebook, I used it for accounting and the contribution boxes dept. at DCs. Performed flawlessly. I tried to give it away when simplifying. No takers, even though it easily handled all common tasks, and was loaded with programs. Finally, I pulled the hard drive and it went into the recycling bin. When I moved from Washington state to Oregon I junked 3 working pcs plus monitors and manage to give an HP Plotter to a brother that 'really' wanted it. 6 years later he still hasn't bothered to set it up, $600 down the drain. Why because they weren't the lastest and everybody seems to want the latest. Now when 75% of the congregation seem to be happy with tablets, a PC is very hard to give away. This unit that is sitting in the guest room easily handles the CAD programs for Kingdom Hall design. It is a little slow to deal with CAD for a 777. It may be if I lived in a big city someone would lower themselves enough to accept something that wasn't the latest. When my mother in law moved in with us I had to move out of my computer room. No place to put a size D color inkjet plotter that I had just given a $500 tune-up and repair. Tried for several months to sell it, finally gave up and got it out of the living room by saying it was free to the taker, at that price it still took a week to give it away. I am considered an expert at buying high and selling low.
  14. Augh I hate the blue screen. Had one unit that lasted thirty days after the warranty was over. Nothing I could do to bring it back to life, a very nice all in one unit. When My new computer arrived I picked up the dead unit to get at the cables and low and behold it booted up as I was unplugging it. I had checked all the connections many time previous. I now have two Windows 10 computers, one of which sits in a room nobody every uses. At one time I wanted to send it to one of our members in Africa, but shipping exceeded by my purchase price by far. Anybody PM, me if interested.

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