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    Married 56 years
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  • How I found the Truth
    I was adopted by JW relatives when I was seven years old. Came from a very patriotic family during WW2. Like a lot kids I found it very difficult to give up the flag salute and the holidays.
    Met my ‘new’ grandmother in Auburn WA when the JW side of the family was seeing her off to Bethel, she was accepted to play the organ for WBBR. (You can see her briefly in the video “The New World Society in Action.”) Next time I saw her was at the Cleveland International Convention in 1946. She introduced me to brothers Knorr, Franz, and Covington, of course I didn't understand who these people were, but it is a fond memory.
    After several years I started making the Truth my own which allowed me to be baptized at 14. I was appointed as a Bookstudy Conductor at 16 and entered Pioneer Service at 17. In the long run I am very grateful to Jehovah that I was adopted by JWs.

My Hobbies & Interests

  • My Interests
    I was a carpenter by trade but after a few years I advanced to Construction Superintendent, a position I kept until the building slump that followed the Word Trade Center disaster. After that I helped my Wife with her janitorial work and I enjoyed running a small engineering business.
    I have worked on a number of RBC projects including being “Superintendent fo the day” once week on the Puyallup Assembly Hall remodel. On weekends I was taking the lead in the Issaquah WA KH project. Also enjoyed a two week gig at Patterson NY, had my Wife been there I would have been glad to stay there permanently, unfortunately we had family obligations and it wasn’t to be.
    Out side of the Truth and construction my interests involve airplanes, boats and computing. I have private pilot license. We owned our own airplanes and we flew as a family over most of the western states. In later years health issues hindered flying and we switched to sailing and had many sailing adventures on Puget Sound. I have a minor knowledge of computer drafting, project scheduling and at one time had three different pages on the internet.
    Age and health issues forced my retirement in 2007. We elected to move to the Oregon coast where we enjoy a great view of the ocean and the association of a very warm congregation.
  • My favorite books
    THE BIBLE, after that who knows, I read one to two books a week. I prefer biographies, historical novels, good adventure stories.
    How about John LeCar? Can't beat The Spy That Came In From The Cold for exposing the dilemma that spy craft brings. Have you read Len Deighton? Wow the Ipcress Files or Bomber which took up both sides of the bombing raids in Germany. There are so many, from the Diary of Anne Frank to Hucklebery Finn.
    I enjoy books. I DON'T MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS! TOO DANGEROUS. I liked The Lord of The rings, upon hearing this a mature brother said "The Society cites fantasy, however it is probably not a good idea to tell very many that you read Lord of the Rings." ... I hope I didn't tell anyone I read Tobacco Road.

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  1. Bay Area on Fire

    It is very difficult to set green shrubbery on fire. In a clean landscaped area there would be little or no burning fuel under the tree to dry it out, just as Qapla stated. The buildings ignite when hot embers blow into contact with the walls and roofs. Wood or plastic siding ignite easily and provides enough heat to spread the flames. Houses with shake roofs are very susceptible to ignition from embers. Cedar or redwood siding materials are an open invitation for ignition. Likewise torchdown or built-up roofing with parapets, hundreds of embers get blown next to a parapet such as at the Kmart and even if the building is sprinkled it will still burn down. Imagine burning embers collection on roofs like leaves in the fall. Mailboxes tend to be free standing in areas of little flammable material, the fire passes them by. Some cars parked on the street did not burn, being further away from the heat source and for whatever reasons the embers did not pile up under the cars or tires. In some municipalities shake roof are no longer allowed because of there susceptibility to catching fire from embers.
  2. Probably this is a guy thing, absolutely mind-boggling robots at work. Will we be high tech?
  3. Correct, Rohnert Park, I had forgotten the name. The brother who had the photo daughter is from Rohnert Park.
  4. I do know that one Kingdom Hall survived when all the houses around it were totally destroyed. A brother showed me the picture his daughter sent to him. I don't know about watering the area down to protect the Hall, but that is what his picture seemed to show.
  5. We used to see a lot of that when boating in Puget Sound. Flush the head (Toilet to land lubbers) and all these tiny starbursts would go sparkling down the drain.
  6. Interesting, our Sunday PM included the part. Everybody laughed.
  7. A flashlight app for your smartphone can prove very handy.
  8. What letter Sister Judy? Are You referring to the October 7 letter, addressed "To all congregations"?
  9. Bay Area on Fire

    Something of interest to those who are not familiar with California's border crossings. You will be stopped and questioned when coming into the state. If they don't like your answers you car will be inspected (searched). You can cross Europe with out being stopped, not so when entering California. The state line is an agricultural border, with inspection procedure.
  10. Yes, I am sure it brings a smile to her face, like in "Say Cheese..."
  11. Do you wipe it off between uses? Does the plate show signs of wear??
  12. Maybe instead of a thumbs down or disagree, which I often do with an IMHOP, we could have an "On the other hand..." On second thought the KISS principle would indicate we have enough ways to express our opinions. That is my opinion!
  13. At least 'the friends' don't get excited over language, or do they? One of our 'friends' from NZ thinks Americans have a funny accent to our English? Au contraire, Impossible, ridiculous, we haven't spoken English for years. "Onya brothers and sisters!" That is pleasing to my ears, but I don't know what it means. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8zhp699FXg
  14. How about 7 days? Worked for a couple here, both had unsuccessful marriages in the past. I think they know they have to work harder on their marriage than they did previously. The husband qualified as an ms two years later, something he had not accomplished in his previous 30 years.

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