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    I was introduced to the Truth by my parents, who started studying with the Witnesses when I was just a little kid. I grew up in the Kingdom Hall. I was baptized when I was 13 and have since enjoyed the opportunity to serve Jehovah in many ways.

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    I have always had a thirst for knowledge and aside from reading through my personal theocratic library I enjoy reading books that allow me to learn new skills.

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  1. I haven’t bought GoodNotes 5 yet. Maybe I should
  2. Never heard of her. But reading about her method it’s what most people have been doing for a long while. Good for her making a living on it though.
  3. That’s for a family of three. Mostly lean meats like buffalo. I usually have a steak for lunch and then we mix up proteins for dinner. We don’t eat out often so we cook three meals a day pretty much daily.
  4. Oh no! Right now we consume about 15lbs (6.8kg) of red meat per week. My health would really suffer if I could only have red meat once a month.
  5. Brother Arellano

    For those who use Chrome

    I always wonder if at some point JW.ORG will end up on the dark web. The brothers don’t mind being on the cutting edge sometimes.
  6. Brother Arellano

    For those who use Chrome

    Chrome also offers dark mode baked in for those using macOS.
  7. It can be either. It depends on us. But then so many things can count as an addiction. How many people do you know that can’t even function before that first cup of coffee. But you’re right we need to be aware of these things.
  8. Yes. Not only is it over the top. It’s not factual. But that has been a staple of Babylon the Great. Enforcement by fear. While Jehovah uses the carrot Christendom uses the stick
  9. The internet is not bad. Technology is not inherently good or evil. But like when you walk into the world there are things try to persuade you, attract you, and distract you from doing what is right. It’s easier to say no when people are watching, but anonymity allows us to do or say things we shouldn’t with little or no immediate consequences. So we must remember to be on our guard when traveling down the information superhighway.
  10. They are certainly wrong about the antichrist, but I have to say the amount of data our electronics collect on us is staggering and potentially dangerous. This continues when you think about when you delete things from services, they are not actually deleted. They are just no longer visible. I weigh the pros vs cons before signing up for a new service.
  11. Some devices choose a resolution based on your available bandwidth. Check your ISP speed as part of the diagnostic process.
  12. Brother Arellano

    Zany food ... what do you want to try?

    Actually the carolina reaper WAS the hottest. Now it’s number 3. Pepper X and chocolate pepper X both are estimated as twice as high on the scoville scale. To be fair these were created by the same man who brought us the ever tasty reaper.
  13. Brother Arellano

    Zany food ... what do you want to try?

    I actually use the sauce made from peppers hotter than the carolina reaper. Like many things learning to appreciate spicy things is a gradual process. Carolina reaper peppers actually have a very lovely flavor and is my go to in a lot of recipes.
  14. Brother Arellano

    Zany food ... what do you want to try?

    I am a fan of the spice. When I go out I like to try a new spicy dish. Wings are a particular favorite. Personally I carry my own hot sauce. But at any level outside your comfort norm or can be an adventure.
  15. I know a lot of Brothers and Sisters who were in that craze too. But It has dropped off dramatically here. It was most popular maybe three years ago. Now you don't see many people playing that game anymore.

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