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  1. Hobbies

    Hobbies - you need time and talent. Alas I have neither but the idea is really appealing.
  2. Psalms 83.18. I was only a small child when i learnt this scripture. To me it explained why we had the truth and that was because we knew God's name.
  3. What does Cold look like?

    Snow is absolutely gorgeous to look at. However on a practical level it is very disruptive when you are trying to get about your daily business.
  4. Chocolate extinct?

    I foree a riot if this even remotely true.
  5. Coming home after a hard and difficult day at work to the peace and quiet of my home. It is like being wrapped in a feather duvet. Warm, comfortable and stress free.
  6. Healthy Eating

    I live by the rule - to eat as healthy as I can afford. My other rule is - if it comes in a tin or a packet then man has no doubt played with it and it is probably not very healthy for you.
  7. Storm Ophelia

    Very unusual weather today compliments of Ophelia. At 9.30am it went very dark and stayed that way for about an hour. It felt very surreal. By the afternoon we had beautiful sunshine. Fortunately very little rain here and not too much wind. Hope our brothers in Ireland are okay.
  8. What an illuminating post - giving an insight into how differently we all live.
  9. Black Hole

    Just makes you realise how insignificant man is in comparison to Jehovah's creation.
  10. This young sister's faith is an inspiration and I feel humbled in reading her experience. Thoughts are with her family.
  11. What a terrible tragedy. My thoughts are with her family.
  12. Yes, this works for me as well. The other thing I find helps me is to link the name to a funny picture in my head e.g. the name Shelly - I would picture a beach full of glowing shells. Often it is easier to bring a picture to mind than to try and think of a word.
  13. So difficult for our poor brothers and sisters. They have been subject to persecution for many years. Sometimes I think we take our precious freedom for granted and don't appreciate it.
  14. Sip or Slurp?

    Unfortunately, I am not Chinese.
  15. Sip or Slurp?

    In our house, mealtimes were a time to chat and voice our opinions - there was always quite a lot of noise then. However, my parents considered it good table manners not to be noisy when you ate your food - hence no slurping.

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