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Gale force winds and floods battering UK

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What's with these wind currents, your homeland has been hit a lot lately with these fierce storms!   Last year was the same.  I hope you, and all the brothers and their families find themselves safe or go to high ground if possible.  Saw pictures, on UK news, those waves hitting the shore and the walk ways along the beaches, wow, reminds me of South America, and Hawaii where the waves can reach up to a 4th story building.   You and all r in my prayers to Jah!

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Pic's sent in by people in UK today:


(The Telegraph UK)


It's not just the UK under siege from the storm. Right across northern Europe homes are being abandoned and transport is being disrupted. Here's part of the latest dispatch from Reuters.


quotes_1817837a.gif Hamburg airport cancelled all flights and many schools and Christmas markets were closed. Ferries to Germany's North Sea islands were kept in port and some industrial plants closed. ... An extreme weather warning was issued for the northern states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Bremen. The Oresund bridge linking southern Sweden with Denmark was shut at 1500 GMT. Some railway lines in southern Sweden were closed, with high winds expected in the south and heavy snow further north.



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Storm Xavor - What a day we have had! The sea from my kitchen window was scarey - mountainous waves as the winds hit over 100 mph. These waves engulfed the coastal  railway lines  below the cliffs I live on and cut all the coastal trains from Lancashire to Scotland off. This was a combined High Tide and storm.


I saw the forecast the night before and went out in the garden with my husband. We tied the garden gates to the car tow hook. We weighted all our bins and coal-bunker lids with bricks.


In the storm, those lids were blown off and jammed into the hedge at the bottom of the garden with their bricks. Gates held, but one length of 7 foot fence has blown down - 7 foot posts that were cemented in just snapped. There's been banging on the roof - but it was too windy to go to check if it was tiles or the chimney, and it get's dark early here in winter,so I will wait until daylight tomorrow.


We got to the meeting that night, but had to take a different route as our usual roads downhill into town were cordoned off and folk there were saying some houses on the hill were so damaged that they were dangerous to drive passed. Not many others had made it through to the meeting and they had news of floods and damage from their friends and relatives elsewhere, but their properties were OK. Our double-skinned brick houses have withstood 120 mph winds in the 1980's, just chimneys, external pipes and roof tiles and outside huts/sheds tend to suffer.


Scotland 100-140 mph winds recorded. It was 80-114 mph here. Trucks were blown over on the Motorways and trees came down on  country roads closing them off. Below is a bit of footage a local person took from near the front of our Kingdom Hall looking down onto our harbour today!! Our oldest Quay that's over 300 years old had big hewn stones bashed out by the sea and other footage shows the vans parked by the sea fisheries laboratory, below this cameraman, being swept about by the water flooding over the walls. The bigger building you see on a quay in this footage is the training rooms for sea-cadets and it's badly damaged and flooded.


Now this storm is crossing over into Germany and Belgium.


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Helen, I searched Google Earth for Whitehaven, Cumbria UK and found your home town.


The sea barriers were the first thing I saw and I was able to go down (street view) to the walkway fence where the video was taken.


I hope that everyone is OK. That was a really bad storm.


I could see the Google street view camera guys riding a bicycle along the pathway. Their bike helmets said Google on them and it looks like a bike for two.

Actually I couldn't see the bike, but I am sure they were riding one.


I "drove around" Whitehaven and found out that is a pretty town.  It is really neat to use technology to do this.



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The storm hit Denmark about 1800 local time with windspeed about 150 km an hour. I Wonder why the Brits always have to export these storms :)


It certainly has been a windy nigt. The Water level at the vest coast of Jutland has been up to 4 meters about the normal. Also on parts of the east coast will the Water level rise because the storm blow the Water into Skagerak and Kattegat. Other parts of the east coast will have low levels because the Water are blown up to Finland, but it vill get "interresting" when it returns.


I have not heard from my broters and sisters in the congregation because the storm has hit at night, but I hope they are all rigt.


Also Northern Germany has been hit almost like Denmark.


It look like this storm is not quite as bad as the one about a month ago, that was a rough one.

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The 2 bridges into the town were closed off last night, and the tidal surges broke through.  Streets along the sea front and the town centre are flooded.  Some stayed elsewhere last night, just in case, but did escape the flooding.  Waiting for next high tide, as to whether that will brake thorough or not, and if the tidal surge damaged the sea defenses, then the third one tonight.

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 I Wonder why the Brits always have to export these storms :)


Because they are full of hot air.


Really though, these storms are reminiscent of a disaster movie just about this subject- Monster storm surge coming down from Scotland & high tide overwhelming the Thames gates and flooding inland for miles.

Have seen other movies that later some parts came true - tornadoes in LA for one.  Hydrofracking causing earthquakes ( fracking in Ohio - Hi Bob - earthquakes felt in London )

Makes one seem small when dealing with the weather -which is influenced by man's greed in raping the earth. 

Got your kit ready?  Were just reminded of this last night during local needs - 1 1/2 weeks after London, ON got 28" of snow which shut city down for 1 1/2 days ( actually as of 2 days ago some side streets still only had a path cut through - most melted 2 days since then - now below freezing again ).

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It transpired that the 2 roads into our town were cut off last night, preventing us from taking that route to our meeting,  because the roof of a petrol/gas station had blown off and straddled the junction of both roads. It's been sawn up and towed away now. Our roof was OK, but the down-pipes and guttering are crooked and all over the wall on the gable-end, but that's easier to fix than the roof and chimney.


The area where we have our District convention on the East coast - Newcastle was flooded yesterday. 


Whitby on the East Coast has been badly flooded. That's where, hundreds of years ago, Captain Cook was born and he set off in his refurbished coal-ship and discovered Australia.


The sea swept away some people's houses on the lower East Coast at Norfolk. The whole thing was televised because local reporters were filming the inhabitants at a local pub trying to raise funds for sea-defences because the government says they cannot afford to do it. Then rushed out to see what the storm was doing - sadly the charity funds were too late for some as viewers of BBC 1 in UK watched these poor folks' homes wash off the cliffs into the sea!


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Lisa - Ennerdale lake/water is just outside our town, in our ministery territory of 3 towns, 19 villages and at least 5 lakes.


Previous US President Clinton proposed to Hilary here - and was refused at first! They have a house on Whitehaven Street in Washington DC.


We've had lot's of congregation picnics here. It is used as a reservoir, so not officially for swimming/boating. There are lot's of lovely walks around the lake, both at low level and on the fells above. The villagers of Ennerdale Village own their pub "The Fox and Hounds" and it is run by volunteers and is very popular with walkers and doubles up as the post office and borrowing library.


The government were proposing building a massive nuclear waste repository under here, much to the chagrin of the villagers and Cumbria County Council. The repository would be as big as a city and the local landscape could be ruined by the massive road infrastructure needed to get to it. Let's hope it never happens!

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Post-storm: A local brother who is a joiner/carpenter has been helping us replace our perimeter fencing and gate-posts. We had not realised until we tried to get our car out of the drive in our back-garden that the big gates were only standing up because they were against the back of the car and the hedging was holding the 8 foot posts up - snapped out of the concrete bases. Now we've just got the fence between us and our neighbour (which is leaning against our trees and fruit bushes) to replace now.Looking at it positively - plenty of firewood in the garden!


TV aerial/antenna snapped off in the storm and wrapped around the chimney and banged on it in the breezes every night for nearly a week since - keeping us awake, but we don't have roof ladders and it's about 35 feet up to the chimney. We booked the TV aerial/satellite-dish man -' Andy's Aerials' - to come out to it when he was free - lots of folk in similar circumstances. He's just put a new one up and checked our chimneys and straightened up some of our downpipes for the guttering too. so now we are not so sleep and TV deprived!! My husband was happy as it meant he could enjoy the X Factor UK finals as he was hoping Sam Bailey would win - which she did with her powerful voice.


Our town was the first in the UK to go over to only Digital TV signals a few years ago, but no companies would boost their transmitters through aerials/antennas, so we only get 15 channels (including 3 channels only repeating the same programs an hour later from other channels; 3 children's channels and Parliament Live - yawn!) through the aerial, so we have decided to get Freesat - which means we will have a satellite dish and recording/tuning box, but don't have to pay any monthly subscription fees and will get more channels. Andy's Aerials will hopefully (weather dependent, as we've had torrential rain and gusts up to 80 mph on some days since) return after we have been out on Ministry on Tuesday to fix us up with Freesat.


All this is minor inconvenience compared with the poor souls whose homes were flooded or swept into the sea on the East coast or even worse those in the Phillippines. 

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Thanks for the update Helen ! We have arrived safe n sound in the Philippines ! The brothers here have been asked to donate $7.00 ( 287 peso's ) quite a lot for the brothers here ! The money will be helping the brothers and sisters in the hard hit area attend their DC this week end! It had been cancelled due to the storm . This will provide food and lodging for those attending the DC ! As you can imagine they have lost everything . It's an ongoing relief effort as you can all imagine .

As you say Helen a minor inconvenience for you compared to our brothers non the less we do appreciate your reports ! Thanks for keeping us informed .

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This is video of the main two way highway to the town of Ulverston from my home-town Barrow being engulfed in the sea so you can no longer see it. Just 50 miles down the coast from where I live now.The low wall being pounded by the waves is actually the wall that used to lead to the stony beach that lead down to sand. You could stand on the beach over this wall from September onwards to view the miles of electric illuminations on the promenades and fairgrounds at the seaside towns of Blackpool and Morecambe further down the coast. 


In the distance of the picture is a white, clap-board beach house that has stood on that hill across the road from the beach for decades, but you see this storm engulf and destroy it. 


We have had more 70-90 mph winds. Thankfully our Kingdom Hall is on the leeside of a hill and has not sustained damage. After the Sunday meeting, it was blowing a gale and raining, so we decided to forget ministry.We would be just blowing householders off the door-steps and a few areas were cut off by flooding on the roads. A group of us went for a meal at our local golf-club (we aren't wealthy members, but they do a carvery - fill your plate for £8.50 for anyone on Sundays). They were open, but had lost 1/3 of their roof to wind and had straps and weights over the remaining 2/3 of the roof.


4 members of the congregation have suffered flooding, but they are OK they rescued their pets and household goods and brothers have been up digging trenches at one home to divert water away from their properties.


While the Sunday meeting was on, lots of volunteers in the town had gone to the local beach to help clear all the flotsem that had been tossed up onto the park and grassed walks behind the beach because of the danger to children and animals walking there and the refuse men were too busy helping with sandbags and street clearing of fallen trees elsewhere.




Today there are 104 flood/storm surge alerts, due to the high tide expected, up and down UK and some at life-threatening level and some coastal towns have had their seafront properties evacuated, especially in Wales.


Down South of UK in Cornwall & fields in Somerset and parts of Kent have been under water for over a week and the RSPCA (Animal charity) has been co-ordinating rescues of farm animals marooned in deluged fields. Fire brigades have been out rescuing people who have been trapped in their homes for a week and run out of food and clean water.

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Gales and floods are not over yet and we have to get to our SAD on Sunday. 80 mph winds and more driving rain expected at the weekend. This last week has been bad again. Whole sections of our sea cliffs have been washed away. We've given up trying to mend the last section of blown fence in our garden, because there have been very few days when you would not get soaked or blown over outside the house.


Ministry for the Circuit Overseer's visit was diminished by the weather. You can't expect householders to want to open their front-doors to zero temperature gales and sideways battering rain and hailstones. Jolly Irish CO Wayne Evans joke, while he hung on to a lamp-post in the wind: "What's red and invisible? - No tomatoes." (His nose under his scarf I reckoned!)


The next congregation south of us, Milliom, is having a refurbishment and brothers were asked to go down for a safety meeting first. The road was so flooded that some in smaller cars, lower to the ground could not make it and had to turn back.


The next congregation south of Millom is my old hometown of Barrow-in-Furness which is on the bottom of the County of Cumbria, a coastal peninsular with a long Island along the end of it called Walney. Walney flooded across so badly, that so far it has not recovered, and seems to be 2 Islands now.

post-571-0-72296600-1391731082.jpgWalney splits away to the south.Car opposite is stuck there if water does not recede. Army has been called out to some coastal regions to rescue stranded cars with their pontoon rafts.


post-571-0-82040300-1391731416_thumb.jpg This man headed down the main road on Walney in his canoe, it capsized and he was shocked how deep and cold the water was, as well as how fast it was flowing through to the sea, He made it to dry land eventually.


post-571-0-29103900-1391731576.jpg Another view of the main road in Walney. Notice all the sea-birds taking advantage of the feast of all the earthworms washed out of the dirt/soil in people's lawns.


This is just along our coastal area. Southern UK, has had it nastier, but I will make that a separate post as there are pictures which are even more worrying.







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Yesterday's National news showed the devastation caused by the gales and hight tides at the sea-side town of Dawlish where the main railway line from the capital London to Penzance runs. The cliffs that the railway once ran along the top of were totally washed away right under the rails; right under the 2 lane road the other side and into some poor soul's property on the sea-front:


Land has been underwater in the Somerset Levels for over 5 weeks.The RSPCA; Natural England; other charities and the army/marines are trying to help evacuate farmers and re-locate livestock. Sadly, with so many farm animals in this vast area of countryside, it has meant that whole herds of cows and their calves have had to be sent to slaughter and many farmers have been left with nothing.   Winter silage/hay feed ruined and livestock were panicking terrified as water rose up to their sides (cattle) and up to the necks of sheep and goats -and this was in the barns the poor farmers had brought them into. Terribly sad, many farmers have gone bankrupt after centuries and generations of farming the same land.

The threat to wildlife is immeasurable in these areas where it just looks like a vast sea rather than the fields and hedgerows that used to be there. Some are blaming local authorities and the government. who 'put out to tender' (to bid for) the job of caring for the water courses and the companies who took over this job were headed by 'hedge-fund type investors' paying out bonuses to shareholders and themselves from the profits gained from people's water utility bills and local Council Taxes instead of investing in the dredging of rivers and keeping riverbanks safe and putting in flood defences ready for such eventualities.


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