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Scottish People to sue Government over contaminated Blood Products

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This enquiry into the problem of people in Scotland suffering and dying as a result of contaminated blood products began in 2011:


The results are being considered now:


HUNDREDS of patients in Scotland who received contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s are poised to launch fresh compensation claims against the UK and Scottish governments.

Nearly 5,000 people were exposed to hepatitis C before the heat treating of blood products began in the mid-1980s to kill viruses. They were mainly haemophiliacs who were given a product to help their blood clot. Of these, more than 1,200 were also infected with HIV. About 2,000 have since died as a result.

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Wonder how many in our preaching work will bring up the blood issue in the uk this week? Not many me thinks... Terrible story and there were deliberate delays in the investigation into these cases so that it would go over the seven years limit we have in the uk that compensation can be given.

Jeremiah 10:23

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Sounds like the tainted blood scandal the Red Cross was involved in here in Canada some 15-20 years ago. As a result that organization was stripped of its' control of the blood program and a federal agency was developed to take over control.

Corrupt to the core is what the results were of that scandal. It's all about money 1st, lives somewhere after that.

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It truly is an eye opener to watch the sort of people who donate blood, the way they dress, and look. Very poor. Sad thing when you hear someone say they are going to donate blood to get grocery money.

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It truly is an eye opener to watch the sort of people who donate blood, the way they dress, and look. Very poor. Sad thing when you hear someone say they are going to donate blood to get grocery money.


Yes, it is so true that you have a lot of people needing money (many times they have bad habits of all sorts) plus they have medical conditions that most of us do not want.


I remember back around 1976 my 20-year old fleshly brother was a rear passenger in a car that crashed into a rock wall.  He suffered a ruptured spleen, broken ribs, had to have emergency surgery.  My family was on a trip and they got ahold of my grandmother (Free Will Baptist) and she gave the hospital permission to give him blood.  He survived but within a very short time had awful warts come up all over his body and he complained about the "ill effect" that the blood had on him.  He had problems for the rest of his short life, but that incident was like the "cherry on top" that put him in a spiral downward. 


So doctors are not going to tell people about the "after effects" like I saw my brother go through.  Especially when they know taking blood is wrong (then it is also mental punishment).

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How many times the British public were reassured by the government, after the possibility of AIDS in blood transfusion scares in the early 1980's, that all blood was screened for virus's etc and all donors would be too. In fact everyone got leaflets through their letter-box about AIDS and who/who could not donate blood in the 1980's. Some rude people on the Ministry would show us these statements/leaflets and say they would accept "good clean blood" in an operation! Yet all the time the government and NHS were continually buying/using contaminated unscreened blood for years after those statements and leaflets came out:


More news articles of evidence for England rather than just Scotland: 


"....The hepatitis wasn’t just a case of simple bad luck. As Mike would soon discover, he had just become the latest blameless victim of perhaps the most egregious public medical scandal in modern British history.

At its centre was contaminated blood — or, more accurately, contaminated blood products.

Between 1970 and 1991, against the recommendation of many experts, the NHS routinely imported such products from overseas.It would later emerge that many of them were supplied by drug companies that sourced blood by paying people in high-risk groups, such as prostitutes, vagrants and drug addicts, to donate it. The products were riddled with the blood-borne viruses hepatitis C and HIV....


Around 1,500 of the 7,500 confirmed hepatitis victims have also contracted HIV. Many then unwittingly passed it to their spouses. In the Eighties, when most of these transmissions occurred, Aids was a virtual death sentence. Three-quarters of them died.

More than 1,800 people have so far lost their lives from contaminated NHS blood.


Even when safer, heat-treated products were introduced in the late Eighties, NHS doctors were allowed to choose whether they wanted to use them. Many decided to use up old, contaminated supplies first. Hundreds more people died as a result.

Britain didn’t start to screen blood properly until 1991. By then, at least 16 Western countries had already acted. Again, no apology or explanation for this oversight has ever been made....


One government Department of Health memo, leaked five years ago, showed civil servants attempting to work out how to spend the money the NHS might save from the deaths of hundreds of haemophiliacs (whom they appeared to regard as a drain on resources). ‘Of course, the maintenance of the life of a haemophiliac is itself expensive,’ it began. ‘Those who are already doomed will generate savings which more than cover the cost of testing blood donations.’


Vaccines that could have prevented deaths were ruled too expensive. Paperwork was lost. Repeated calls for public inquiries were rejected on cost grounds. "


As the article says, there have been some very high profile public enquiries in Britain, yet all calls for enquiries into this medical scandal have gone unheeded. Relatives who tried to get individual investigations of their dead relatives cases looked into, found that all the records would go missing/get 'accidentally destroyed'. However, the more investigations go on  by the media, the more scandal and sickness an death is revealed - Hopefully, more people will refuse blood products and more none-blood substitutes will become available.

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We know the real reason we don't accept blood even if was so-called "safe."

Yet I shutter when I think of how people put us down for refusing blood and claim "I'll take it to save my life." Save their life? You're kidding me right? Jehovah says the soul of the person is in the blood...something like that. So that means that accepting someone else's blood is really putting their life in your body.

One of my sisters accepted blood some years ago, and more than once. She has changed mentally, emotionally and physically...for the worse. As a matter of fact, physically even her breasts are not the same negatively. While I will admit she hasn't always been the sweetest person, she has morphed into someone unrecognizable, and continues spiraling downward.

When Jehovah tells us not to do a certain whatever, it always for our benefit.

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