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So I was reminiscing the other day, and within the files of my brain I somehow pulled out a memory I told maybe one other person EVER. Not that in embarrassed by this or anything. I just never said anything after it all happened. Maybe I was just mad. So I think it's time to share this story of my desperate and very dumb attempt to convince my mom to allow me to cut my hair.

Before 2012 I had very long, curly hair. The shortest my mom would let me get it cut was just above the shoulders. One day in my freshmen year of high school I was completely fed up with my stupid long hair and I thought of a very interesting way to get my ideal hair cut. I asked a friend to stick a wad of gum in my hair. Reluctantly, she spat out her gum and meshed it in my hair as high as my ears. And I thought, "Now she HAS to cut my hair!"

So at break i called her at work. And off the top of my head I pulled out this story of how the gum got there: "I was walking to class and a group of guys was walking behind me. One tripped and bumped into me, and as they were leaving they were giggling. Then someone pointed out that there was gum in my hair". My mom replied, "Oh no! I bet it was just some nasty prank. Okay, as soon as you get home we'll take care of it."

At the time, we lived in South Carolina . . . Famous for home remedies. Mom and I get home and she says, "I talked to the ladies at work and they say if you put peanut butter on it the gum will come right out!"

My heart dropped. Not only was I NOT getting my hair cut, I'm allergic to peanut butter (I can touch it, just can't intake it). The smell alone made me want to vomit. And my mom is anything but gentle. She was ripping at my hair with the nasty peanut butter. The pain was ridiculous on top of trying not to toss my cookies. I tried for 2 days to get the smell out of my hair. It would not come out for anything.

I'm so happy now that I can cut my hair the way I want it now. Eventually had to stand up to my mom at 21 years old and say I'm going to get my hair cut the way I want.

So there's my story. I would love to hear any dumb, I mean creative, things you friends did as kids to get what you want. Or just silly things in general!

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LOL Van!  


My mom always forced me to wear my hair in ringlets a lot of the time.  Every picture day, same thing, have to sit for a few hours while she did my hair in these dumb ringlets.  


Fast forward to a picture day, where I had managed to hide the permission slip from her, I asked for pigtails and to wear my favourite dress, it was a little brown one that reminded me of Holly Hobby so it was my favorite.  So she dolls me up, I go and have my picture taken with a big wide tooth grin and my piggy tails.  Bwahahaha.  She flipped out, wanted retakes but I 'conveniently' lost that slip too.


My Mom and my Mama.  Mom used to squeeze my cheeks, and my Mama would rub my earlobes every time I visited her.  I don't know why, but I've never been the very huggy touchy type, granted I will hug or show affection when I want to, but people coming up and hugging, and touching me makes me very uncomfortable..    Anyhow, I pinched my Mom's cheeks very hard and said the usual thing she said to me, she got the hint and stopped.


My Mama wouldn't stop touching my ears though, so I asked Mom to have my ears pierced..  That solved the ear touching.  

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