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Hurricaine Matthew Picking Up Speed

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Hurricane Matthew is intensifying...that's the gospel, according to



Hope our brothers and sisters in Jamaica weather the storm okay.Sigh.gif

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Matthew is on the move.  

NBC nightly news reported that, contrary to early models which showed Matthew staying out at sea, the hurricane is going to make landfall in North Carolina.  Coastal residents there  are being moved 100 miles inland, because of the dangerous storm surge.

NBC also reported that it is unusual for a category 4 hurricane to remain so strong for so long.  They normally grow seeker as the days pass.  This is Matthew's fourth day, and it hasn't lost any of its strength...yet.


Hoping all our brothers and sisters will be able to ride out this deadly storm.


I'm glad the Great Lakes don't spawn hurricanes.  

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Hurricane Matthew: At least 100 people killed in Haiti devastation - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-37579399

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Brothers in Florida boarding/boarded up windows... there's request for prayers....

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20 minutes ago, thegreenjudy said:

I read that Matthew might do a loop and go over Florida twice :blink:


I hope the brothers are ok down there?

I saw on last night's news that they've changed the models...again.  And Florida is now the landfall site.:o

Weather forecasting is most definitely NOT an 'exact' science.:uhhuh:

We truly are one body...because we all feel it when one of us is hurting...or may be about to be hurt.Sigh.gif


Well, that would be weird.

After Hurricane Matthew's initial battering of the Southeast coast this week, the long-range forecast shows it looping back around toward Florida next week, potentially striking the state a second time.

"While a loop back towards Florida and the Bahamas next week is not yet a sure thing, the increasing trend of our top models in that direction is a strong indication that Matthew will be around for a very long time," said Weather Underground meteorologist Jeff Masters.


(Photo: National Hurricane Center)


Scared Run Away Run Away.gif

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We are nearly 200 miles from the shoreline in the Melbourne area and about 65 miles from the closest "as the crow flies" coast (Palm Coast/Daytona area) -  so,  depending on just where/if it hits the Florida coast, we will not get the damage the coastal areas will get.


That said, I have been living here for 50+ years and have been through other storms. Though we do not get the direct hit, we get plenty of wind and rain - along with downed trees and power outages.


Right now we are getting steady light rain.

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Some ways you can tell that people are taking this storm seriously:

  • Disney World is CLOSED
  • The Weather Channel is "LIVE" with about 20-25 on-air people covering the state
  • The UF-LSU football game has been postponed
  • The Weather Channel reporters are following the evacuation orders

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My hubby and I couldn't believe how many people, who are DIRECTLY in the storm's path, are ignoring the evacuation orders

and staying put.  Du_uh.gif


One guy was right ON the beach.  He intended to hide in a concrete pantry.  Another guy was just gonna sit in his Barcalounger 

and watch the storm on TV.  Kinda hard to do when the power is out.


And they took no note... until hurricane Matthew came and swept them all away.Sigh.gif


Couldn't believe all the price-gouging going on, either.  Thirty-some bucks for some bottled water...hotel and motel rates tripling...gas over nine bucks a gallon.  Greedy merchants!Boo thumbs down.gif



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1 hour ago, Qapla said:

The WEC is in the "target area" just north of Daytona. I have not heard if they have evacuated - but that may be the case.


They are in the "storm surge" area near the Matanzas River and only about a mile from the coast.

We just texted a sister at WEC-F and I'll post any info I get if she replies. 

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We have a friend,  a Sister,  that works for Jet Blue as a Flight Attendant.  She lives in Fort Lauderdale but is currently in New York.


The airline called her yesterday,  on her day off and told her that they were evacuating her, she had 2 hrs to get to the airport.

 She said that she didn't have much time to do anything as far as storm prep, her personal packing didn't take much time because she usually travels fast and light.


The condo she lives in had made calls and told everyone to bring in balcony stuff and cover the windows.  She wasn't able to do much.  Most of her neighbors were already gone,  she had got home late the day before and had thought that the storm was not gonna hit there...


She said  'I'll have to wait to see what I come home to. .'.... 


(Denise flew to Iowa yesterday,  she relayed this in a phone call to me)

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The eye of extremely dangerous Hurricane Matthew is over the the western end of Grand Bahama Island as of 8 pm EDT, or about 75 miles east of W. Palm Beach, Florida. Reports from a NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that maximum sustained winds are now near 130 mph (210 km/h) with higher gusts - Matthew is a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Some fluctuations in intensity are likely while the hurricane moves toward the coast of Florida. On the forecast track, the eye of Matthew should move away from Grand Bahama Island during the next few hours, and move close to or over the east coast of the Florida peninsula through Friday night.


I sure hope Nicole keeps her distance.  When Hurricanes Collide



Matthew may be a Category 4 or 5 hurricane before striking the Florida coast starting Thursday night.

This will be the strongest Florida east coast strike since Hurricane Andrew.

Matthew will bring destructive hurricane conditions to eastern Florida, the Georgia coast and coastal South Carolina.



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Currently it is approaching Daytona but it is now about 45 miles off shore - that puts the eye more than 125 miles from us.


We are having some wind gusts - but nothing damaging yet. The power has "flicked" a couple of times (enough to make the TV turn off) but it has not stayed off - yet. We are getting steady rain.

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The brother I work for part of the time lives in Jacksonville - they are getting steady, heavy rain. There is also a tornado warning in one of the areas where we work - glad we are not there today :)


He has not lost power yet - he will let me know if he does.

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