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Security camera shows how officers break in the kingdom hall and set banned books in Nezlobnaja, Russia

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Google translation from video description:


September 20, 2016, law enforcement officers in masks raided the liturgical building of Jehovah's Witnesses in Art-tse Nezlobnaya (Stavropol kr.). In the CCTV footage clearly shows the action of law enforcement officers.

Early in the morning to the building several cars drove up, from them came the people in black masks. After jumping over the fence, they broke the lock on the gate, cut special means the front door and entered the building.

On the recording of the camera shows that the employees spread out in different rooms. Several people entered the hall on the first floor and two of them in the presence of his colleagues got out from under the clothes forbidden literature, and put it on the table standing next to. Later, officers allegedly confiscate forbidden literature precisely because that part of the table, where she was planted, while others remain empty shelves.

As later explained to the chairman of the committee of a local religious organization (LRO) of Jehovah's Witnesses Paul bubble in liturgical building are regularly checked for foreign objects and forbidden literature. On the eve of a special operation carried out such checks as usual. In particular, the table is nothing, it was empty.

Among other things, the law enforcers seized audio and video equipment. When Eugene came liturgical building Wernick, representative of the owner and a member of the Committee of the MPO, law enforcement officials did not allow him to participate in the search. Wernick said, "Elder, responsible for the search, not given, did not let me get acquainted with the decision. Moreover, when I asked him to give me a copy of the decision, he rudely asked me to leave the building. And I had to do it. "

According to lawyers, these actions were carried out in violation of the law. For example, it was filed a search warrant, although people were in the building. They have not offered voluntarily open the door, but instead immediately apply special means. Also, law enforcement officials exceeded their authority that was removed from the place of the representative of the owner search.

In Nezlobnaya was also searched in the house of the chairman of the MPO Paul Puzyreva. He said: "Some employees climbed over the fence, and when they came to our house, there were about 10 people, they immediately spread out in different rooms, which is why we could not observe the search. And, for example, the first toss was made in the kitchen. " It is noteworthy that a week before these events Puzyrev was the victim of a provocation: in schools, unknown pasted leaflets false on its behalf. During the search, in addition to the banned literature he planted a stack of leaflets. As a result, his report on administrative offense was drawn up.

The faithful believe that the incident indicates the intention of the authorities to ban their local religious organization which lawfully operates in the village Nezlobnaya for 17 years.

"In the village Nezlobnaya last searches were conducted in the homes of Jehovah's Witnesses in 1985 - said Paul Puzyrev.- Then one of Jehovah's Witnesses realized that for him at any moment to come to law enforcement officers to remove the Bible and Bible literature. History repeats itself. Only now, in 2016, even if you do not have anything forbidden, you can just throw it! "

Administrative Center of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia already know at least about 60 planted and fraud. "In most cases, the faithful are forced to helplessly throw up your hands, - he said Jaroslav Sivulskii representative tsentra.- However, cases in Nezlobnaya when the toss is fixed to the camera, prove very sad truth planted commit those who themselves have to protect the law and the right! It is their conscience. It is their responsibility - before God and men. "

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2 hours ago, McLad said:

Here is a video about what happened in Nezlobnaja, Russia few weeks ago. Please watch and share although the video is on Russian language!




This should not go without attention!

We can be sure this has Jehovah's attention. :yes: :pray:

Psalms 51:6 "In the secret self...may you cause me to know sheer wisdom"

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Reading g this is soooo sickening, it makes one just want to cry! Must keep it in mind that crying is a feeling of abandonment, which is one of Satan's  tools. Jehovah can and has made us stronger than Satan's pathetic manuevers! aND proves the "time"is getting close!


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12 hours ago, Dages said:

Sometimes, I wish I was anointed to be able to smash Satan during Armaggeddon... Grrr

I know what you mean,  I feel the same at times.

One thing that helps me, I remember the article that said that any faithful act by us on the earth now is like a slap in the face to -........., that thing that I won't dignify by writing it's title.

 I am glad Jehovah has kept that name suppressed all these years.  I  take delight in knowing I can personally cause it pain and I can be a component of Jehovahs answer. ..

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I think that as we see events like this take place it helps us understand how we should be ready to see them in our own area. We need to learn from the friends that are going through this and ensure that we are prepared to respond as Christians. 

CAUTION: The comments above may contain personal opinion, speculation, inaccurate information, sarcasm, wit, satire or humor, let the reader use discernment...:D


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