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What is the "Fabric" of Space?

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(JOB 37:14)
“Stop and consider carefully the wonderful works of God.”

Recently I have stopped and tried to "consider carefully" a specific wonderful work of Jehovah, the so called "fabric" of space. As I was meditating on this, I realized for the first time that if this so called fabric is 1 entity, 1 property, then this would be largest creation by Jehovah in the universe! I like the word "fabric" because it helps to understand more accurately what gravity is. Sir Issac Newton thought that gravity was the attraction between all objects. But Einstein realized that gravity is not a force that attracts, but that gravity is more geometry. If I spread out a sheet of fabric and put a heavy ball in the middle, the fabric bends, curves due to the weight of the ball and now any smaller ball that rolls on that fabric will not go straight but will turn and "orbit" the heavy ball because of the bending of the fabric by the heavier ball. Similarly, the moon orbits the heavier Earth and the planets orbit the heavier sun because the "fabric" of space is curved because of the great mass of these objects. Here are some cool images:


space-time gravity.jpg

space-time gravity 2.jpg

space-time gravity 3.jpg

space-time gravity 4.jpg


So when I look at some these images, the question comes up in my mind, so what then is actually being curved? This "fabric" is invisible so we can't see it or even feel it. When physicists discuss what "space" is made of they say that the "nothing" in space has something. a "sea" of quantum energy fluctuations, tiny energy and anti-energy "bubbles" that appear randomly, but only last for a specific period of time imposed by quantum uncertainty principles. But is that what the "fabric" of space is made of or are all of the tiny quantum energy fluctuations actually separate, sitting on top of the "fabric" of space? For example, also in the nothingness of space are various forms of gas and dust, some invisible, some visible, but gas and dust are not the fabric of space. So I wonder and ask if anyone has ever read any information that provides any good theories or explanations as to what the actual "fabric" of space is? As far as I know of, it is unknown, but there may be some good, helpful theories.


Something else interesting is that from what Einstein concluded, it is not quite accurate to say the fabric of "space" because the fabric is really "space-time". Massive objects like Black Holes can severely curve, warp, this "fabric" of space-time around it to the point that even "time" is affected!  And massive explosions in space can even cause ripples in this "fabric" that have recently been detected, a new discovery. So "space-time" acts, behaves, just like a "fabric", but the most incredible fabric in the universe!  It is awe-inspiring, the greatest minds in history have all looked up at the heavens and seen "space" but yet this fabric is beyond their comprehension. Any comments, thoughts, research is appreciated. And hopefully as we, "Stop and consider carefully (this) wonderful (fabric) of God”, we are even more amazed by the great power and wisdom of our Grand Creator. :o

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- In this manuscript we are proposing that each space particle is made of 12 singularities spinning at the speed of light, 6 are spinning CW and the other 6 are spinning ACW, forming its nucleus. The singularities (or balls of energy) are orbited by uncoupled springs of energy of both helicities creating the foam-like energy cloud which lies behind the working of the principles of locality and causality. The centrifugal force of the singularities leads to pressing the SP at their rest state geometry into the hexagon shaped structure of the fabric of space. The space particle 12 singularities are equivalent to the total number of singularities of any pair of subatomic particle ( first generation of the standard model) and its corresponding antiparticle. This may explain the speculation of the continuous appearance and annihilation of particles from nothing (the vacuum).

- In this work we are also proposing that the fabric of space is the Higgs field or the unified field that permeates the entire universe. As the vacuum space particles (VSP) get disturbed by fermion particles singularities, the motions and positions of their singularities changes leading to the creation of gauge field. The quantum fields associated with the creation of the fermion particles, the gravitational fields and the electromagnetic fields are results of such disturbances. The Higgs mechanism refers to the process by which energy is borrowed temporarily from the vacuum or the condensate.




Until I get a perfect brain, I will avoid considering this matter too carefully

and settle for just staring up at Jehovah's fabric of space in absolute awe.





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Oh yes, it is so fascinating to think upon things to do with space and Jehovah.  I too can only look up in awe.  Thanks Neil for explaining the fabric of space.  Really quite ignorant about such heavy things.  Looking forward to more comments on this thread.

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This is a question some of the greatest minds have been unable to answer.
I didn't see a mention of 'string' theory.
I cannot find any simple way to explain it. I don't know if it is even right. Mankind seems to continue to change ideas with the advance of 'time'. (But that is another thread!)
I look forward to reading the comments...

Just Older

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There is no such thing as "nothing" in the universe. At least nothing that we have yet obversered. Time and space are the same thing that makes up the universe. Space is a constant. Matter and energy interact with space. Quantum physics refers to things that are to tiny to be affected by the normal physics that affected us on a daily bases. The string theory is an attempt to try to connect quantum physics to our normal physics.

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Here are some interesting perspectives/questions/theories about what exactly the "fabric" of space-time is by some experts:

  • There is space between atoms, and between the nucleus and electrons in an atom. Is there a lower limit to the size of space that can be bent? Is space bent around an atom? 
  • Space is neither matter nor a force. Space is the volume in which matter and forces exist. It is a reference frame. Just like latitude and longitude is a reference frame for the Earth’s surface. Isn’t it insane to think longitude and latitude interact in any cause and effect way with any matter or forces on the planet? Yet physicists think the reference frame of space interacts with matter. This has to be the most insane thing ever believed by smart people. As George Orwell observed, “Some ideas are so wrong only a highly educated person could believe them.” :D
  • when astronomers talk about the "expansion of the universe," they are referring to the stretching of space between clusters of galaxies - NOT to the motion of galaxies through space.
  • The fabric of Space-Time is another state of matter, hence it has Equivalent mass. Time and space fill the universe and being massive explain the missing mass of universe, the shape of Galaxies etc. 
  • Gravity feels strongest where spacetime is most curved, and it vanishes where spacetime is flat. This is the core of Einstein's theory of general relativity, which is often summed up in words as follows: "matter tells spacetime how to curve, and curved spacetime tells matter how to move"

 "There is now evidence that space itself MAY possess some slight amount of energy of its own, of a form previously unknown. If so, space may actually have weight! Discovering the properties of space remains one of the deepest and most important problems in modern science. Mahmoud Nafousi, Theoretical Physicist

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The trouble with the description as "fabric" is that it only brings to mind a surface rather than 3 or 4 dimensions.  The picture is enlightening for one 'horizontal' slice but there are other 'slices above, below and through the section being looked at.  It is similar to attempting to describe a "slice" of green jello from inside the full bowl of the stuff.


I like it but it is limited in perspective.  God and Christ know it all from the outside looking in....😉

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Hey Brother! I see you are interested in Physics. You know Physics is my water and oxygen. If it wasn't for Jehovah and spiritual activities I would  dedicate my whole life studying Physics. But unfortunately I have dedicated my life to Jehovah so that doesn't leave any room.


What you are studying is Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. He published it in 1915. General Relativity is the theory that describes the behavior of all macroscopic objects (larger than a molecule). How they move, how do forces affect them and yes how gravity works. It is true that General Relativity proved Newton wrong about Gravity, to state it strictly, but Newton's approach to gravity wasn't far off.


One of the many things GR (General Relativity) says is that space and time aren't spearate. It is one thing called spacetime. And the different geometry spacetime has is the way Gravity works. Strictly speaking we shouldn't separate space and time at all. Both of them work together.


As far as I know, there is not a question that needs to be answered on what the fabric of spacetime is. I mean you know that the question, what is time is a question that doesn't have an answer. The question did time exist before Jehovah made Jesus was brought up on this forum before and I said that from the perspective of Physics, no. Space didn't exist before Jesus, neither did time. Since in modern physics they are one and the same.


You also brought Quantum Mechanics into the table. Quantum Mechanics is the Theory that describes the behavior of the microscopic objects (smaller than a molecule). If you noticed that GR studies everything QM doesn't and vice versa then you are right. GR and QM are the modern Physics. And Physicists for the past Century are trying to combine them so they finally produce the Theory of Everything.


Quantum Flactuations aren't the fabric of spacetime but they happening in it.


Also in your second post you mentioned that space has some energy on its own. Well that supposed energy is one hypothesis on what really drives the expansion of the Universe. Also known as Dark Energy. You know the Universe is expanding and that means that the space between galaxies increases. But we have no idea why.

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On 12/26/2018 at 4:57 PM, Beggar for the Spirit said:

Recently I have stopped and tried to "consider carefully" a specific wonderful work of Jehovah, the so called "fabric" of space.

It sounds a little like water. You swim around in it and it moves and gets displaced as it comes in contact with matter. Not exactly as water,  but along those lines. :shrugs:

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59 minutes ago, Pjdriver said:

It sounds a little like water. You swim around in it and it moves and gets displaced as it comes in contact with matter. Not exactly as water,  but along those lines. :shrugs:

Hi Burt,

Yeah I think water is another good way to illustrate empty space. (tu)

While fabric is a good comparison for how space stretches and bends, water is a good comparison also because while a piece of fabric is flat, water or an ocean of water has great depth and objects float through this substance. So empty space could also be likened to an ocean of water in which all heavenly bodies float through this cold, dark substance. Some people even believe that empty space acts more like a liquid than a vacuum or void. So who knows, maybe there will be an astonishing new understanding about "empty space" and it could be given a new description/name like, "The Oceanic Universe" or "The Fluid Ether"  :shrugs:

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