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Prayer answered?

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I think we often underestimate just how much Jehovah helps us. I had been across town on an RV, coming back I'm always horribly nervous getting back onto the main road,  it's not a nice junction and there's no alternative. So I'm approaching the wretched thing, worrying, lots of traffic, and asking Jehovah for help to get across. Would you believe,  the road cleared from both directions just as I got there!!

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16 hours ago, rolypoly said:

Before i can say amen (i did anyway), the phone starts ringing.  I answer and it was a big rush job.  Good payday.  Needs tp be finished by next friday.  Big deposit upfront!  Coincidence?  I like to think Jehovah heard my prayer and acted that quick!  

If that’s the way it happened..I wouldn’t question it. Just thank Jehovah! :coffee:

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15 hours ago, Ludwika said:

I think we often underestimate just how much Jehovah helps us. 

I wholeheartedly agree , with sprinkles on top !!!


I have discerned so many blessings lately that I decided to write a list.

As I thanked Jehovah for each one listed , I also thanked him for the ones I don't even know about.

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I hadn’t really thought about it. Sort of sad. I do acknowledge when I see my prayers answered. We live rural. When we leave, I always ask to get home safely, and then I thank him as I walk to the house. (Generally with those beautiful stars out). 

I even ask for my husbands safe return home. I need to think about that. When he comes in the door...I need to thank Jehovah. 

We are a people of prayer. Yes, the formal ones, but, countless prayers, throughout the day. 

Then, the ones we give serious thought to. And, those are always for other ones, and prayers of thanks. And, Jehovah’s organization. 

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If you ever feel bad about asking for things, or feel selfish, just pray for "both" yourself and others at the same time, and for Jehovah to give "everyone" with you included, what they need. That's what I always do in order not to become self centered.


Afterall, we are to love our neighbours "as ourselves", which indicates that.. we also should have a degree of self interest too. And you can't help others if you don't help yourself either, so consider it a form of investment to look after yourself, as you'll be 1.more content, which will then affect those around you as you'll be able to put more energy to giving off happiness and helping others. 2. You then won't need to rely on others to give you things you need, when they themselves may not have much or those things could go to another place.


There is a balance to maintain, as both extremes cause ourselves and others harm in some manner. Greed takes from others and corrupts the spiritual self, but not looking after one's self to the degree of being "able" and having what you need, also can take from others if one is not being humble enough to ask for help from Jehovah when they need it, and harms the self in that one loses their contentment. Jehovah doesn't have a limited supply of holy spirit, he can feed "everyone" equally. Praying for personal help does not take away from the help of others :). So, pray for both!

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