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Fining the homeless?

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I happened to see this news story from the other side of my country... Penticton, British Columbia. It's a small town of 37,035 people, and for a town of that size it even has its own problems with homeless people. You know, they hang out in public areas of the town, among other things. So now, the mayor and the town council have a way to handle that: They passed a bylaw that threatens to fine them $100 for each trespass!





City council in Penticton, B.C., has passed a controversial amendment to its "good neighbour" bylaw that makes it an offence to either sit or lie down on certain sidewalks in the downtown core during spring and summer.

Those councilors there could learn something from Montreal. We had the same problem with the homeless, and the police started fining them! Of course, being homeless, they is no way they could ever pay the fines, and some of them owe the city thousands of dollars! Montreal had to learn the hard way that's not the way to handle the problem. Penticton has yet to learn it.


Of course, neither city knows the real solution to the problem of homelessness.—Isaiah 65.

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One of the cities near us now requires a permit if you want to stand on a corner and ask for money/help. Since many/most of the homeless do this, they need a permit. Of course, most of them can't afford one or just plain will not apply for one.


Now, what to do when they catch them violating the law?

  • Jail
  • Fine
  • Ticket

Nope, they "deport" them. They drive them to the next county and make them get out of the police car. However, they do not take them to the busy Interstate that runs right through the town, they take them to "back roads" where there is not much chance they will get an easy ride from a passer-by.


Their homeless rate has dropped considerably!

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In the UK, the homeless are fined all the time, for "being" homeless, in that they sleep in public places, streets, fields and so on, or even for begging, and get charged or even jailed for it. It's pretty disgusting and heartless.

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This is why the he Gleaning System and even the debt slave system of the Mosaic Law  was better. A person CLOULD glean their way out of abject poverty or if enslaved would have a roof over their head and food. And all debts discharged after seven years or less. Usually in a better state than at the beginning.

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