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  1. The only article I can find right now. But when I was watching on my local news it was said that he has been taken down from his position after being found guilty of child molestation and abuse, and that the church had been trying to cover it up. He has now been replaced by a new Bishop who I quote "Is ambitious and charismatic".
  2. Due to the heat the male students wanted to wear shorts as the girls could wear skirts, but they were not allowed, so they instead decided to wear skirts, but nothing has stopped them. If they were wearing shorts they would be sent home. In addition, the boys who are wearing skirts are also told that they must shave their legs as part of the uniform if they continue to wear a skirt, or else they must wear trousers. Sounds like a trans-agenda.
  3. That's not surprising. Where I live, I have to sleep in the living room because the place is damp and mold is airborne. Most of our belongings are all stacked up in the living room and boxed because it is the warmest room. I can't sleep in my room because the damp always made me ill. We had to take up all the carpets because they went black. You can smell it when you walk in through the front door. We complained to the council but they do not do anything about it, they blame "our life style", (by having curtains, which is "blocking the fresh air" and causing the mold ) but a worker told me that the truth is that they don't want to spend money. The neighbours opposite us have to have their children sleep at the one side of the room because there is water and damp on the one end. The neighbour above us is also sleeping in her living room because of the same problem as us. Been trying to move out for about... 7 years now, haven't been able to have people round to visit all this time because of it. We used to be very social and even had the field service group at ours for years, but that's all gone out the window due to the situation.
  4. Yeah, I thought of that. But I can't imagine it would be too drastic in taking up space. Perhaps you'd be a couple of toilets down, unless you expand the area as you say. As for the sinks, one per cubical would be fine I imagine since you get multiple sinks in one bathroom anyway. It's just dividing them into the separate rooms as opposed to having them in one room.
  5. I do. Though I was raised in a house of three women. So for me it's instinct, I actually find a seat left up an oddity when I see it, I have to put it back down lol.
  6. It would be easier just to use gender neutral toilets. Single cubicles as opposed to multiple units in a single room. Just have a section of the building, a corridor which has multiple single cubical rooms down it. You use the same amount of space in the building as you would with a normal public bathroom but it's more safe, better privacy and no need for gender separation as all the stalls are their own little closed off rooms. Everyone is happy.
  7. It really is ridiculous. I do not separate gender from sex . That's why they call it male or female. You either have a male body or a female body which means you are either male or female sex. Now, you may be effeminate or masculine , you may feel like inside you are the opposite sex (hence why people get sex changes, I get that). A person may be sexually inclined towards the opposite sex, same sex or both, but there is only two human gender identities because we only have two varieties of human in nature, male and female which are classifications based upon the physical bodies we have. You can't invent more genders because genders stem from sexes, gender is the internal identification of which sex you feel you are, of which only two biologically exist. The problem is that people think that if you are a feminine man, or a manly woman, you must be some kind of new gender, you are not. You are simply a masculine or feminine man/woman. *deep sigh*. It really is the stupidest movement I have ever witnessed, and this is coming from me, a person who over analyses everything and makes things needlessly complicated. I get that some do feel they are somehow both male and female at the same time and get very confused and literally cannot internally identify as either gender. This however is classified in the medical field as an "abnormality", the reason being as I said, genders are rooted in the sexes. If one cannot identify as at least one or the other, then it is an illness, nothing more. You can't just invent a third gender, it doesn't work like that. To think of the absurdity that people claim gender is a "social construct". Certain gender "roles" maybe, but not genders themselves!
  8. I actually wrote a little something on this a while back on the topic of questioning what masculinity or femininity really is as well as the topic of men and expression of emotion.
  9. Last I heard it was 7 dead, but 12 now? I know there are over 70 injured in hospital also.
  10. Yes, people get hung up on the little details as opposed to the real meat of what the message of the Bible actually is and the fact that we are actually being a people for his name. There are no other Christian denominations that are "known" for the use and glorifying of God's name.
  11. I was just making a joke about the scripture, not the picture
  12. Please, let me kill him just once, I won't do it twice!
  13. I don't really recall any rules, we all just... behaved. Hanging up my coat... never really thought about it, just did it. Never liked being untidy since I was a toddler. I even recall crying when I had chocolate on my hands or face. Wanted it gone immediately. Never played in the mud or climbed trees. Wasn't that type of kid. Taking shoes off in the house came automatically, just was something we always did without thinking about it. We all knew how mom felt about dirt and that rubbed off on us by her example. So we'd never walk in the house with shoes from our own desire to not get dirt inside the house. We never had elbows on the table rules, we never saw a need for it, though we never did according to my mother, so there was perhaps never a need to be told in the first place and that's why we never actually were ever told. The only thing I was told to do is keep my room tidy, which would often get messy because I was always getting things out, and I would come out with "I haven't put my things away because I'm still using them!". Never had any house hold chores. Yet interestingly wasn't spoiled. We wouldn't dare step out of line, since my mother's bad side was... well intimidating. But we rarely ever saw it as there was rarely never a need. The only rule was to behave really, no actual to-do list or do nots. If we ever did anything wrong, we'd know about it and never do it again.
  14. Pretty boring weather where I live. I'm in some sort of valley, so we avoid pretty much everything. They promised a thunder storm yesterday, but we never got it. Rain, heavy wind, storms and snow are my favourite weathers.