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  1. It is not real, but a reel I'm adrift at sea where I see a sea I know I do not see the sea, but this sea makes the sea look like a real sea It's a surreal sea, so not a real sea Not a real sea, so also not a real see But for a surreal sea, it sure does look surreal Wordplay on anxiety, in how we pay more attention to negative fantasy as opposed to reality. We know these thoughts are not real but we get stuck in fearing them as if they were.
  2. I remember the Ice Bucket challenge craze. I was going to take part in my ignorance until on the ministry one day I was informed by a few brothers that we shouldn't. Not only because it supported abortions but it was also spiritistic. A Satantic baptism as it were. There was an ancient goddess who would pour water over the heads of her worshippers and herself, pictures and statues depict her doing this from a bowl. Strangely, the worship also included infant and baby sacrifice, possibly at the same time of the baptism practice/pouring water on one's self. Don't know if anyone else heard about this though. So we have research done by the means of abortions, and pouring water over one's self in support of the research...
  3. This video is "too" 80's
  4. My post was a reply to the OP I was pointing to him supporting evolution as opposed to being shocked that he supported the big bang.
  5. Haha, forget that...
  6. Interesting thought that. If time travel is a possible reality, then that seems to introduce different dimensions. Are people really dead, are people really alive? A person dies, but then you go back, put them on a time machine to the future after they are dead, are they the same consciousness? If a person dies but are alive in the past, it means they are still technically conscious somewhere.... but.... "The dead are conscious of nothing at all" OR would the nature of time simply speed them up to their death/reverse them to their birth? So if we built a time machine going back to ancient times, would we get there? Or would we vanish/de-age inside the machine the further we got back? Or Satan on the time machine coming to the future, would he rapidly die in the time machine as soon as you got past the point in time of his placement in Gehenna? Or perhaps activating the machine to go backwards literally, we press the button, and we start walking in reverse, away from the machine, we see ourselves unpress the button, deconstruct the machine it's self, and we just keep rewinding back to the point we set in the machine, loosing our memories along the way? Or, would trying to go back in time cancel it's self out? We hit reverse, then we start going backwards, but only as far as unhitting the button which stops the whole process? They say that that the light we see from stars is ancient history, since how light travels. So if we used a light themed source of time travel, it would only be like watching a film. A delayed visual being brought to the present from the past, but nothing physical. I'd say time is only "now", the past no longer exists. It can be recorded, remembered and can visually travel in forms of light, but nothing else. The future is an interesting one for me, it makes me wonder how Jehovah sees the future and if there are "multiple" futures. I know that the current explanation of God's power of foresight is that he simply "chooses" when to use it, rather than doing it all the time. As we know he experiences joys and surprises. I wonder though if that the future is always in motion, that Jehovah can see multiple futures at once when he looks down at the universe. Our actions and free will along the way decide which one of those come true, as well as Jehovah's will of course, in that perhaps he can see multiple outcomes, and when he makes a prophecy, he guides events along the way to ensure "that" outcome. And perhaps the reading people's hearts and minds sometimes ensures Jehovah of a singular future for some people, in some cases multiple futures come up, when someone has to make a choice, where as others who are hard hearted forever do not have such multiple futures and perhaps that's how he decides how to deal with certain people or nations in the past. Of course this is a simplification of the idea, Jehovah is beyond us, but you know what I'm getting at with the multiple future/calculations/manipulations idea. Or perhaps, there is no future, but Jehovah simply tells what he will make happen at a certain time, an advanced version of " I'm going to make a sandwich for her in one hour" and along the way you prepare the materials as time goes by. Perhaps he "creates" futures when prophesying in some cases. Whilst other futures are simply the reading of the hearts, minds and plans of men during the moment, being able to strategically calculate with his superior mind whether that plan or idea the man conjured will come into reality or not.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39774675?ocid=socialflow_facebook&ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbcnews&ns_source=facebook In the news, Trump wants to make better relations with NK. He said that he would be "honoured" to meet Kim Jong, despite it's former threats and suspicious behaviours. To quote someone from the BBC news Facebook page in the comments; " He just want to alleviate the looming conflicts and create great impression of friendship only one day to order a surprising missile strikes to North Korea. I can't fully believe him." This only makes me think of 1 Thessalonians 5:3; "Whenever it is that they are saying, “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them." Perhaps Trump will be the one to spark this cry if this is the pattern he continues to follow. First Russia, now North Korea, who's next on the list for these "peaceful relations?" around the world?
  8. I have followed and studied MBTI for quite a while now deeply. It's helped me in understanding and accepting myself. I'm an ENFP (statistically rare for men) - 50/50 between Assertive and Turbulent This list is perfection for me. http://thoughtcatalog.com/heidi-priebe/2016/02/12-struggles-only-introspective-extroverts-will-understand/ If I were to be described as a fictional character, the Matt Smith Doctor Who would be the best match, after that Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka (who is debated to be either ENFP or ENTP) or Jack Sparrow from POTC, just without the drunkenness haha (Who is ENTP, the two types have many similarities). People often misunderstand MBTI however and use it as a stereotyping tool, or something to say "oh you're nice, and that person is horrible, and he will like that, and they will only like that. This person is emotional, this person is cold", but that of course is a gross misunderstanding of the system and are armature mistakes. In simple terms the letters are functions, the term "personality" test really is a bit misleading, we are all individual and we all have all the functions (MBTI letters), your MBTI type really serves to point out what your cognitive preferences and strengths are. You can have two people like the same thing, or come to the same conclusion, but the path they took to get there will be different on a cognitive level, and that's what MBTI serves to examine. Some MBTI types may be prone to certain behaviours or interests, but it should not be seen as an "end all" stereotype tool. Online tests can only get you so far, and point to what is most "likely", but if you really want to find out your type with more certainty, it requires in depth study of the cognitive functions and the entire system. MBTI is also often combined with the enneagram system. A number personality system with operates and studies a separate set of cognitive functions to MBTI. People who do not fit their MBTI "stereotype" usually are a result of an unusual or rare enneagram type for their MBTI. Me personally I do not, I have one of the stereotypical enneagrams for an ENFP, type 7, however the variant of 7 which I am is rather rare for an ENFP, being an "So" 7 (meaning social, someone who likes to have a good reputation, or form of status, though not necessarily in a haughty way), as opposed to "Sx" 7 (meaning sexual, but not to be misunderstood as referring to actual "sex", but means the person is focused on interpersonal relationships). My So variation is what gives off my ENTPish vibe that people in the MBTI community who I have spoken to often pick up. With the variants a person will have a main, then a support. There are three varients, So, Sx, Sp (Sp being Self preservation, putting life's necessities and security at the top of their lives). A person's third stacked function will take a backseat, though will still exist, but won't be in the forefront of the mind like the person's main stacks. Enneagram combines numbers for a more fleshed out typing, but generally people will just focus on the one number, their main number because it is more simple to understand. My full psychological type is ENFP A/T - 7 So/Sx (Full enneagram; 7w6 - 2w1 - 9w1 So/Sx) https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-descriptions/ https://www.qzzr.com/c/quiz/268918/enneagram-tritype-test (Most accurate Enneagram test I have found to date, have tested it more than once)
  9. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/randy-weber-marriage-equality_us_59023d75e4b05c39767d0722?utm_campaign=hp_fb_pages&utm_source=main_fb&utm_medium=facebook&ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063
  10. I am familiar. It is an atheist movement, also known as Pastafarianism. It started out originally as a parody of religions. It's "deity" is the flying spaghetti monster. It's basically a satirical religion, where they imitate apologists in supporting the existence of their spaghetti god. Making purposely bad defences in an attempt at making fun of regions who try to defend their faith in similar ways. They make fun of relegion by claiming that nobody can disprove the existence of the flying spaghetti monster, in the same way people use the argument that you cannot prove God does not exist. When a person denies it exists, they then use that as ammunition to fire back at the theist regarding "their" god. But that is only one part of it. They are the types who support the whole science/evolution vs religion. They deny intelligent design and creation. It is essentially just making a "religion" out of atheism. Where their preaching is aimed at destroying people's faith. They actively try to destroy faith and religion, in the manner that we try to preach the truth.
  11. I think it's funny how Christendom places so much empathise on the subject of cross vs stake. Personally I don't think it matters. Even though we know it was a stake and there is ample evidence, it does not change the faith in it's self. We don't bow to or wear stake necklaces in our worship, so even if Jesus 'did' die on a cross, it would not change anything, use of the cross in worship is still idolatry either way, just like using the stake in worship would be classed as such. It goes to show Babylon for what it is, in that they viciously try to defend the use of the cross in worship, when they should be avoiding all forms of any idol worship anyway. Cross or stake, the instrument of Jesus' death shouldn't even be a "thing", but the reign of false Christendom along with it's idolatrous practises has forced it into the fray. But to their detriment, since it reveals that cross worship came from ancient Babylonian religions anyway. The fact that we know it was a stake due to accurate translation and Christendom's cross usage having proven direct links to ancient pagan practices points out just how guilty Babylon is in changing God's word to promote their pagan practices. So the instrument of Christ's death in it's self is not important, yet in a paradoxical turn, it is, not because the instrument of death in it's self is important to know, but it has been important in revealing false Christendom.
  12. Meanwhile... in the Russian Orthodox school of Hogwarts, I mean, church of Christianity... http://rbth.com/arts/history/2017/04/14/holy-fire-how-orthodox-believers-are-saving-the-world-from-doomsday_742433
  13. {THIS IS FAKE AND UNFORTUNATELY HAS BEEN SPREAD AROUND A LOT. ACCORDING TO "SCAMADVISOR" IT HAS A 73% CHANCE THAT IT ORIGINATED IN GHANA IN AFRICA AND IS NOT TRUE.} https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/topic/35504-trump-warns-russia-over-jehovahs-witnesses-this-is-fake-news-beware/