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  1. Squad

    Witness memes

    Are you referring to Hezekiah's close servant who was tortured in the movie? Yes, I crushed on him too.
  2. Which can you relate to? I don't know about the bed space part.😄
  3. Squad

    Loose weight

    Some want to lose weight, others want to gain weight.😎 I have been struggling to gain weight for the past 4years but my metabolism process won't allow me. When I am stressed out it gets worse. 😨 I fear its only child birth and old age that will do the trick but since both are far from me, I am stuck.😛
  4. Just found out I am long sighted. I pretty much have to make changes/adjustments now. The little but important things we take for granted. Hmmn.:perplexed:

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      That is so true. I’m near sighted, and my husband is long sighted. I cannot imagine being caught without glasses, and not being able to read. But, then, I’ve worn glasses most of my life. Just normal for me. He hasn’t, and gets caught. 

      Then there are the friends, “where are my glasses”. It’s funny to see the young ones wearing reading glasses. Including my son! 

      One day, teehee, no more glasses, period! 

      (I was wondering what country you are from. It finally came to me the term I’m used if is, “far-sighted”. I couldn’t think of it earlier!) the term. 

    2. Vinnie


       I have drooping corneas (keratoconus) Glasses are so much of a nuisance but the alternative is cornea transplants - not happening!  I hate it when I have an eye lash in my eye so I'm not having someone stick needles in my eyes for nothing.  I'll wait for Jehovah to fix me.



    3. Squad


      @ Miss Bea, yes the term is actually 'far sighted'. But its common where I am from to use the term 'long sighted' instead. I am from Nigeria.

      I was told I was born 'far sighted' and my youth has been compensating for this refractive error but now that I am older, it can't keep doing that.


      @Sister Vinnie, Yours is a peculiar case. Sorry that glasses doesn't help.

      One day, no more glasses.

  5. I find these amazingly beautiful. But at the same time, looking at them takes me to the past and my melancholic nature kicks in. I feel sad and shed some tears. Its that deep.
  6. Squad! 

    You did WHAT!? Shame, shame! Now everyone will know that I'm nuts.

    (Oh wait, they know that already). 

    Oh well carry on, good job!! Lol, lol. 


    But seriously, don't sweat the small stuff.  😀

  7. I touched a report button by mistake. I got carried away while reading and enjoying Sister luezette's recent status. I didn't know when my finger clicked on the report button as I was scrolling down. I am sorry Sister luezette.:praying:

    1. Good-O


      I did that once by mistake on someone but immediately I was able to 'take it off' - I think.  I have not intentionally reported anything either - this apology is just in case I did.

    2. Musky


      You'll be reported for that! 😊

    3. Stormswift


      The site is still here ... you must have only just touched it lightly - hold that button down for five minutes and different story!

  8. There are some parts in the state I reside that have water covering the door steps of some houses. People have since moved out. Where I live is on the high land so we here are fortunate not to experience this. I hope the water resides soon. The last time this happened was about 2 or 3 years ago.
  9. Hoping they get the help they need.
  10. Peculiar to US residents I guess. But speaking of trump, there is someone's pic here that reminds me of him. I don't know if its the hair or suit. I won't mention his name.😏
  11. This is true. Sometimes, we need to allow ourselves to be used by Jehovah to encourage and even help our brothers and sisters. Yes, we are encouraged to rely on Jehovah. But remember that Jehovah also uses people. If we fail to remember others in their time of need, are we genuinely Christ's disciples who ought to identified with the quality of displaying love among ourselves? In my country, the economic situation has affected so many brothers and sisters. Young ones especially. Its so overwhelming that two circuit visits from two different overseers were made consecutively, giving the same topic. I don't know if the same happened everywhere else.
  12. Oh dear, What country is that? It must be really scary for you.
  13. The word 'vintage' made me smile because of my vintage inspired dress I completed making today. 😀
  14. I did not even know he had a wife. Wonder if he had kids too. His personal life biography is vague in my memory.

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