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    Brought up in the truth.
    Dad and Mum were the first to get the truth.
    Never looked back. The best life,

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    Love meeting Brothers and sisters from around the world.
    Love that no matter where you go, We have unity.
    Love the Ocean, body boarding, Fishing, & just chilling out to the sound of the waves.
    Beach Boys, Bee Gees Shadows, Macggyver

    Preaching & preaching on the Internet is Great.
    MY goal is to Regular Pioneer
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    Cooing Books.
    Bible., Shadows
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    Beach Boys, Venturers. Jan & Dean, Shadows,
    Bee Gees
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    How can we be alone when we have the Whole Universe.
    Nother day a nother whole possibilities.
    Lifes to short to live. So live It.

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  1. London gets it again

    Its so sad. These people can never see the beauty in a place. They have to ruin & destroy.. Sorry for those injured. May Jah be with our Brothers & Sisters. xx
  2. Good night friends.

    stay safe Jah be with Y'all.


    1. hatcheckgirl


      You too Gabe! 

  3. maybe say good by to legos

    My kids have lego. A lot has to do with the online games. So many kids go for the tablet & prefer the robotic games.
  4. A friend on FB. her son is in Florida. His roof needs replacing.(Also A Brother) It must be really scary def praying for dear friends. Agape.
  5. There is a nip in the air

    Yeah I am I don't like either, Its been a very cold winter here. We went rural preaching about 4 hrs passed my place. Other side of Canberra. Stayed in our pop up caravan it was freezing. Thank goodness for heaters. Its spring here now. Still taking its time to warm up. Seasons are not what they used to be.
  6. Major Earthquake in Mexico

    Our news report says ... that at least 90 people so far have perished. The heart breaks seeing this news. Irma storm. the crisis in Mynma with the genocides again. long Live Jehovah's kingdom
  7. G'day Friends. Hope ya all doing ok,


    1. hatcheckgirl


      So pretty Gabe! Isn't Spring glorious!

    2. NSSewer


      Good Day Mate Gabe! Lovely scenery would like to be there.

  8. G'day friends. I have been watching what has been happening on the news. Looks very freaky. Please be safe where ever you Brothers & Sisters are. Pray that Jehovah is with you dear family. Hope it doesn't last too much longer.
  9. Gerringong Southcoast NSW
  10. http://www.latlong.net/ Hope I have done it right. Wollongong NSW Australia. by the ocean. Are you near Sherlock home's centre?

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