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    Brought up in the truth.
    Dad and Mum were the first to get the truth.
    Never looked back. The best life,

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    Love meeting Brothers and sisters from around the world.
    Love that no matter where you go, We have unity.
    Love the Ocean, body boarding, Fishing, & just chilling out to the sound of the waves.
    Beach Boys, Bee Gees Shadows, Macggyver

    Preaching & preaching on the Internet is Great.
    MY goal is to Regular Pioneer
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    Cooing Books.
    Bible., Shadows
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    Beach Boys, Venturers. Jan & Dean, Shadows,
    Bee Gees
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    How can we be alone when we have the Whole Universe.
    Nother day a nother whole possibilities.
    Lifes to short to live. So live It.

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  1. surfergirl

    Managing Diabetes

    Great idea. thanks
  2. surfergirl

    My ancestry DNA results!

    One day I may get to do a blood test. but I do love family history. My Grandfather traced his family back to the First Fleet when he was alive. Owen Cavanough was my Many Greats back. He discovered The Cavanoughs had fled persecution From France. They were the Heugonauts..So this is my Mums side. then from France to England. then in 1788 Owen Cavanough he as a Royal Able Seaman who married a convict. But was in charge of looking after Governor Phillip aboard the Sirius. till It reached Australian shores. I recently discovered His daughter was Grace married a Turnbull. So I am related to the present Prime Minister. So guess you could say he is my distant cousin. Then my Nana on my Mums side she was also from France. then My Dad's side His Dad was from Scottland, My Nana's family her dad was German came straight out after the war to start a new life. Changed his name. He married an Irish girl. So I am a good mixture.
  3. surfergirl

    Managing Diabetes

    Thanks friends.. Thanks Lucy thats great to know about Medicare.. My Nana had diabetes. Then with all 4 babies I had the gestational... I used to have a lot of lollies & sweet stuff when I was younger but backed of a lot. once a week now I might have a coke. But not so much these days. I may buy a whole carton but it can last me many months. I changed a heep of stuff, But still have ended up with it.Guess it explains why I have been passing out for a while. Its funny with all the run around I do like stair cleaning & to & from school pick ups etc. I just can't shift the weight. It must the 40's era. Thanks Tim. Yes Dr put me on depression pills. too. I never wanted to go on them. I had a complete melt down a couple months back. Lifes not easy your right. Thanks for the advice Pauline. I have just started doing that lemon drink Greg. I like it. I've been including green teas in my days more. many hugs friends
  4. So this weeks been quite a week. I haven't been 100% for a while. So this week I found out Have to take insulin tablets. So i know its a common problem for the world... So how have any friends here been able to manage it. Mine is curtosy of my genes lol like everything is high pressure. Also dealing with a bit of depression. so there it is. thanks friends
  5. There are quite a few Aldis in my area. Great for buying beautiful affordable bunches of flowers. Need to display a ticket on your car for parking. I see a lot of pensioners there. & Boy do you see some crazy older drivers trying to speed their way out of the car park. Sometimes they have great deals. But still don't have everything. You have to pack your own bags. Which is ok if ya not in a hurry. They sell a great gluten free Selfraising flour
  6. Please take it easy on the wet roads friends. Its nice to see the much needed rain.
    This afternoon I thought I had my life just about over. I sitting waiting for the lights to change & this guy. I bet his happy he stopped in time to. FIshtailed & nearly did a 360. Then mounted the medium strip. My son was in the back as wel as my 2 daughters. I think Jehovah stood there. I swear it sure was way too close. Thank you for not hitting me whoever you are.     I haven't told my folks. I will one day. I don't mean to be a drama Queen. But its just man the thoughts that could have been.

    1. hatcheckgirl


      Oh Wow!  Glad you weren't hit Gabe!

    2. NSSewer


      Our old DO said that of the millions of angels available, perhaps Jehovah God will assign one to each and everyone of us. I'm so so glad you and your wee ones are okay Gabe! We need you here. 

      I am still shaken up over a lady dying on the highway just yesterday, in a truly freakish accident on GA 400. A truck's tire flew off and killed her. I was walking my dog when I heard the sirens and the helicopters flying over head. It's sad because you get in your car and drive and don't think about NOT going home later but some don't make it. This has really got me feeling blue.

      And then there was Weeki and her car accident. Someone hit her from behind. She then tried to exit the car. She said a big fella appeared and told her not to move and gently placed her back in the car and placed his hands on the back of her head and the front of her neck and kept the pressure of his hands there until the ambulance arrived and she said he just disappeared after that. 

      Please, tell your Mum and Pappy about what happened and they will hug you and give you many kisses that you are still here with us. 

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      We were on the road yesterday

      That white foamy stuff? Residue from the summers oil left on the highway? I came across a car that had skid on a straight downslope. In the brush. Young people. His  Dad was a cop. I took them home. It was that white stuff. It stuck with me! Beware! We eased on home last night. 

      I’m so thankful you did not get hit. Good reminder, sis!

  7. surfergirl

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    Sorry for our Dear Sisters who have lost their lives. I read the shooters girlfriend had returned after coming back from Aussie. The last Masacare to my knowlege was in the 1990s..Port Arthur in Tassie. It was the most terrible thing I ever heard of. Pretty much soon after our Gov recalled all the guns. It illegal here... I often wonder why the US... Gov doesnt do something similar.... But this încident in Vegas. tops that.
  8. surfergirl

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    Very sad. Its awful. Horrifying. People are getting more obsurb I don't know if he taken any drugs. I read somewhere he was a wealthy guy. Owned 2 plans etc. please be safe friénds
  9. surfergirl

    London gets it again

    Its so sad. These people can never see the beauty in a place. They have to ruin & destroy.. Sorry for those injured. May Jah be with our Brothers & Sisters. xx
  10. Good night friends.

    stay safe Jah be with Y'all.


    1. hatcheckgirl


      You too Gabe! 

  11. My kids have lego. A lot has to do with the online games. So many kids go for the tablet & prefer the robotic games.
  12. A friend on FB. her son is in Florida. His roof needs replacing.(Also A Brother) It must be really scary def praying for dear friends. Agape.
  13. surfergirl

    There is a nip in the air

    Yeah I am I don't like either, Its been a very cold winter here. We went rural preaching about 4 hrs passed my place. Other side of Canberra. Stayed in our pop up caravan it was freezing. Thank goodness for heaters. Its spring here now. Still taking its time to warm up. Seasons are not what they used to be.

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